TERA Online Berserker Class FAQ

TERA Online Berserker Class FAQ

Q: With plate armor and a block skill, how do berserkers compare with warriors as tanks? Will they be able to serve as pseudo-tanks? Will berserkers be able to learn damage mitigation skills or buffs to increase survivability?

A: Berserkers are damage-dealers with a blocking defense. Their block, unlike the lancer’s, does nothing for anyone else. They are not intended to serve as tanks and your healers will hate you for trying.

Q: Is the berserker’s block skill an absolute value or percentage value? How does it differ from the lancer’s block skill?

A: It’s a “complete” block, highly dependent on the berserker’s weapon. Better axes allow the berserker to absorb greater damage from attacks, so always upgrade and select the one with the best stats. It also only protects the berserker, whereas someone hiding behind the lancer will also benefit from the protection. A priest hiding behind or standing next to a blocking berserker will take full damage from the same attack if they get hit.

Q: Are all berserker weapons the same size or do they scale per the character’s race? Will a popori berserker have the same size weapon as an amani berserker? Is there an attack range difference between the races?

A: Weapons models tend to scale with the races. Attack ranges are still being refined. Stay tuned.

Q: If you to classify the berserker, would it be a tank or damage class?

A: Damage-dealing. Berserker SMASH!

Q: How is the berserker class in terms of mobility? Will they rely on blocking and general defense or will they be required to dodge and have more tactical defense? Does the berserker class have any skills that affect its movement speed?

A: For defense, berserkers block or avoid strikes. They do not have a dodge, and tend to follow the Clausewitz plan in combat: “The best defense is a good offense.” The berserkers have skills to help them close distances quickly so that they’re not forever chasing those pesky archers.

Q: Do berserkers have any ranged skills or methods of increasing the reach of their weapon to help make sure they can land their attacks?

A: As a melee class, berserkers don’t have ranged skills. They have to land their hits the old-fashioned way-they aim them well. That said, berserkers definitely have skills to help control the flow of a battle.

Q: Does the berserker class focus on “burst” damage or constant yet even damage? Is “bursty” damage a concern for PvP balance?

A: Berserker class damage is continuously being evaluated and balanced, but they are “bursty.”

Q: Do berserker skills have a damage radius or can they only deal damage to a single target?

A: Some skills are single-target, others are larger in scope. Because of the incredible amount of damage a berserker can develop, you’ll usually find them pounding on the enemy with the most HP, taking out smaller foes with collateral damage or other party members. Slayers are far more mobile and better able to deal with groups, though the berserker is no slouch against massed attackers.

Q: Will the berserker’s slower attack speed impair its effectiveness in PvP?

A: Not necessarily. I’ll let you know when I lose a duel.

Q: Does the berserker bring anything unique to a party other than above-average damage and survivability?

A: You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Q: Do berserkers have a “go berserk” skill to that increases attack power at the cost of defense power or is it just a name?

A: They have something akin to this, but the mechanics aren’t exactly as you describe. They do have a “rage” button.

Q: How are the berserker and lancer classes different?

A: Berserkers are damage-dealers. Lancers are tanks. Berserkers take huge axes and cut down trees. Lancers carry those trees. Aside from both wearing heavy armor, they’re nothing alike.

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