SWTOR Eternity Vault Infernal Council Guide

SWTOR Eternity Vault Infernal Council Guide by Roofie and Petrus

Possible Bosses/Classes:
Alarii, Sister of Sorrow
Cyrisop, the Exiled
Fahren Jaj, the Laughing Lord
Keryha, Sister of Sorrow
Luthro the Kinslayer
Wei’val the Elder
Wei’val the Lesser

Doruk, the Uncaged
Jael, the Silencer
Serrod the Messenger
Kahesh, the Reborn
Kyyrah, Jewel of Xo

Jekhop, the Bowed Lord
R’hoteb, the Bowed Lord
Yshaar Kael, Betrayer of Adas
Yshaar the Bowed Lord
Za’heen Kaur, the Bowed Lord

Stats for 8 man:
Normal Mode HP: 28266
Normal Mode Damage: 100%
Hard Mode HP: ?
Hard Mode Damage: ?
Nightmare Mode HP: 31093
Nightmare Mode Damage: 110%

Boss Description:
In this fight, each member of your raid will face off against an elite NPC. They start off neutral, standing on a small platform until you engage. You may not help other players during this fight, either with heals or DPS. They are all force users, so their class will be either Juggernaut, Marauder, or Assassin. The Juggernaut will sunder, Marauder will apply a trauma effect on the player, reducing healing received.

Fight Information:
The elites here do very simple attacks. Each seem to have only one or two abilities. Several of them can be avoided by stepping away during the channel. If you can’t heal yourself in this fight, you won’t get heals, so make sure to minimize the damage taken to make up for it.

With a 2 minute enrage timer, this fight is all about doing the most damage you can, while still staying alive. Healers and damage dealers with low mitigation/avoidance will have the hardest time on this fight, but by playing to each individuals class strengths it is doable.

Healing anyone else, or attacking their target, is useless because of the debuff you get.

Ideally, people should be paired as below:
Healers on the Assassins
Tanks on the Marauders
DPS on the Juggernauts

The reasoning for these matchups is that healers can heal through the Assassins high dps, while taking down their relatively low hp. Marauders apply a heal debuff, so someone with a lot of HP needs to be able to take it. DPS can burn through a Juggy’s armor, and since they can’t heal should be paired with the Juggernauts relatively weak dps.


Additional Information:
The fight has an enrage timer of 2 minutes.

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