SWTOR Datacron Locations List

SWTOR Datacron Locations List by karnal



Location: 128, 81 [+2 Endurance] – Near the shuttle (when you leave the planet)

Location: 529, 64 [+2 Willpower] – Located on a plateau close to the first shuttle (first quests)

Location: -42, 582 [Red Matrix Shard] – Located inside the tomb of Tulak Hord


Location: -94, 859 [+2 Aim] – It’s on a hill that’s not directly accessible. You need find your way to a nearby pipe then jump down to it.

Location: -10, 322 [Blue Matrix Shard] – This is inside the Sewer Maintenance Tunnels. There is an elite mob there, the datacron is behind him.

Location: 650, -107 [+2 Presence] – Located on an island, just follow the pipeline that leads to the island and you’ll be able to get this one.

Dromund Kaas

Location: 855, 643 [+2 Strength] – Located in shuttle bay D-61 on top of some boxes. Drop down on the pipes from level above. Run on the pipes to the core.

Location: -795, 1451 [+2 Endurance] – There is a path that leads up behind Lord Grathan’s Estate.

Location: -189, 1737 [Yellow Matrix Shard] – There is a waterfall within The Malignant Bog, there’s a path just south that leads up to the top of the waterfall.

Location: 581, 796 [+2 Presence] – Follow the road that heads SW from the starport and you’ll surely find it.

Location: -1219, 211 [+2 Cunning] – This one is rather difficult, the datacron is located onto a rock, you need to find the highest point than jump on that rock.



Location: -33, -101 [+4 Endurance] – This Datacron is in a mountain cave. You can enter this zone via the Flesh Raider Territory at -28, 22 , you just need to kill some mobs.

Location: -93, 919 [Blue Matrix Shard] – The datacron is located south of the Forge Remnants. You’ll find a path that leads there and once you see some raiders, you’re in the right area.

Location: -642, -70 [+4 Willpower] – Go to the Ruins of Kaleth, up the stairs and to the first building on the right, climb the rubble to the left, then up the tower.

Ord Mantell

Location: 778, 134. [Red Matrix Shard] – NW of Falks Reach Speeder to the beach you’ll find a level 8 Elite guard that you need to be kill.

Location: -657, -575 [+4 Aim] – Located on Savrip Island ( W of Oradam Village). As you walk on the island you’ll see a rocky hill…the Datacron is on top of that hill. Keep in mind that the area has some wondering elite mobs.

Location: -975, 203 [+4 Presence] – Located West of the Volcano on the beach, the datacron is on the beach.


Location: -3625, 150 [+4 Endurance] – The Datacron is in the Black Sun territory near near the Sienna Sun Cantina exit. You need to jump up the crates by the digger. (there are also some mobs there, but they’re easy to kill)

Location: 2320, 1051 [+4 Presence] – Within the Old Market you’ll see two ships on the deck, you need to go west.

Location: 1020, -3969 [+4 Cunning] – Located within the Justicar Area, you need to do some pipe acrobatics just find a stack of crates to jump onto to reach the pipes. Follow the pipes and fortunately, they will lead you to the datacron.

Location: -3087, 3031 [+4 Strength] – Use the lift to get the the 2nd level, you’l see a leaning pillar (coord 3106, 2922) and a round edge (kinda). Circle the column and get down.

Location: 950, 4541 [Yellow Matrix Shard] – In the Works East of Map climb (Starting at 1177, 4419) following the pipes. It’s a fairly long run.

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