PoxNora Beginner’s Guide

PoxNora Beginner’s Guide by Sardorim


This Guide is to help Beginners get a semi-working split when they start playing the game. This isn’t Meta but it isn’t anything to be snuffed at. I will be posting a PVE one, for clearing Dailies with ease, and a PVP one that actually requires a perfect 15/15 split. Later on you may find that you like a certian faction more so than the others and aim for that. However, that takes time and this will help you get settled in and have a better chance against others around your skill level until you get better.

What is your Name? Are you a Boy or a Girl?

Just Kidding! At least about the Boy or a Girl pun(Pokemon!)!

We cannot begin until you have first set yourself a unique identity that others may call you when you’re in the game! The name guest-xxxxx is so last season and you’re new so you should be sporting the latest in all things name related! But where do you Set your name, right?

To set your name you must first go to the Poxnora website and log in. Simple, right? After that scroll over the thing called “My Account” and than scroll down and click on the thing called “My Profile” there you should see something called “Set Name”. Click on that and than set the name that you would like others to know you by! Though there are rules against profain names or anything that can be seen as distasteful and hateful. So please don’t pick anything that you know will be offensive to other players!

Now you have a name and we can begin!

Gold? Station Cash? Oh My!

Gold and Station Cash, huh? Those are the two main currencies for Poxnora! Gold is something you gain from doing Dailies, beating the AI under Single Player Campaigns, or facing other players win or lose! Of course you’ll get more gold from winning so you should always try your best because Gold can get you nice things and you like nice things, don’t you? Wait! I forgot to mention that to spend gold you need to head to the Player Rewards section under the Rune Manager! It has a gold icon and is the last choice so you can’t miss it. There you will find the Gold shop and if you have the Gold you can purchase Runes in it. Remember that Gold is what you earn from playing and is free!

It is very easy to navigate the Gold Store but I will remind some that are having trouble using it for the first time! Basically there are the Runes, Packs, Campaigns, Avatars, Tokens, and Decks section! Avatars and some Packs/Campaigns cannot be obtained with Gold but you can still view them under Player Rewards. But the real reason you’re here is for runes and how to navigate through them! See that thing called “All Factions”? Click and and pick the one you wish to view. See the thing next to it? It’s named after the latest Expansion. Click that and either specify which Expansion you want to view or if you want to view them all! Finally see that thing called “All Rarities”? Click that to select which Runes of a certain Rarity you want to see!

Basically if you pick “Ironfist Stronghold” as your Faction to search and pick “All Releases” as well as “Common” as the rarity than you will be shown only Ironfirst Stronghold runes from all releases that are of the Common Rarity!

Station Cash(At a $1 to 100 point convertion rate outside sales and double/triple points events) on the other hand is what makes Poxnora go around. It’s used to buy the latest expansions, boxes, packs, Avatars, Starter Battlegroups, Theme Decks, and the such under the Marketplace section. Basically the stuff that are in High demand. You can still trade for stuff from these things with Gold Store runes but it will take you a bit longer and some Gold Store runes are quite common due to their age so are worth less than others of equal value. You should check out the going rate for runes at the Player Run Stores to get the most out of trading!

First the Basics!

Before doing anything you must learn to actually play the game! I wont go into great detail, because I don’t want to overwhelm you, but the basic goal is to destroy your opponents shrine and taking Nora Fonts(The Blue Orb things!). Now you might be asking, “Why should I care about those Fonts?” Well it’s simple! Fonts generate Nora and offer you a zone where you can deploy units. So they’re all important and the more you have the greater the benefits that you reap!

However to get Fonts fast you want to use Champions with a High Speed stat, because it Generates AP, and abilities like Initiative or Accure so you can reach those Fonts before your enemy does! Though don’t be too aggressive or you’ll be at the mercy of your enemies or worse they’ll contest your font by dropping a unit or relic on it! Knowing when to contest or take a Font or guard yours and build Nora are what separates a New player from a regular player! It takes time but you’ll get it, I know it!

Finally lets discuss stats and how to attack and use Active Abilities!


Damage – How hard your guy/girl hits! Though Defense and abilities like Tough, Scale Armor, and the such reduce the damage that you do. You can get around things such as this by having the ability Strike, Sunder, or equip an item like the Night Blade!
Speed – This generates AP – Action Points which lets you move, attack, and use Active Abilities! The more Speed the better!
Range – This is how far or how close your Champion can hit with a Basic Attack or Active Abilities that augment Basic Attacks.
Defense – This reduces incoming damage though there are ways t o increase it as well as get around it. Abilities like Tough don’t add to your defense stat but they do reduce incoming damage! So if you want a Tanky frontliner than try and find one with high Defense and the ability Tough!
Health – This is your Champions and relics life blood. Once it reaches zero your Champion dies unless they have special abilities or had a spell cast on them. Abilities such as Divine Wellspring, the Racial Savage(Exclusive to Barbarians), and spells like Escape Magic! Knowing these things will help you go a long way!

How do I attack?

To attack you must be within your champions Attack Range and have the correct amount of AP stored as indicated by the Sword icon(Not all Champions have Basic attacks thus wont have the Sword icon) which has a number beside it – The number is usually 3 unless you have abilities that change that. Once you attack if you have extra AP you can attack again or use abilities! However this comes at an increased AP cost so you have to decide whether you want to attack again or save your AP for something later!

But my Champion just died and dropped something!

Fear not! Pick up the thing it dropped and you’ll be given some nora. Some Champions can increase the Nora gained by this or get healed by them! This is a double edge sword, though. If your opponent grabs the Orb from your dead Champion than they gain the benefits instead of you! So be careful with your Champions or you’ll pay greatly for it!

Now lets get Battlegroup building started!
Burning Tree Battlegroup – You start with this one! This offers you 15 K’thir Forest Runes and 15 Underdepths Runes!
800 Gold – Do the 2 Daily Battles on the Launch Pad for your first 600 Gold! The other Gold you should easily gain from just doing Campaigns or unlocking the Free Trial Battlegroups.
2x Proctorate Starters – Each are 200 gold each!
2x Wrath Starters – Each are 200 gold each!

Battlegroup Contents
-Burning Tree-
K’thir Forest

2x Ambling Frond
2x Enraged Grizzly
2x Sapling
2x Wild Elf
2x Devolve
2x Herbal Antidote
1x Thorn Trap
2x Rejuvenation Ring

2x Redcap Twins
2x Thunderhoof
2x Murk Demon
2x Nefari Griefsinger
2x Sacrifice
2x Fire Blast
2x Night Blade
1x Temple of Brutality

Proctorate Starter x2
K’ithir Forest
2x Ailurite Brother
4x Elven Mage
2x Garu Shaman
2x Brambles
2x Reclaim
2x Oaken Mace
2x Rejuvenation Ring

Forglar Swamp
2x Boghopper Shaman
2x Boghopper Spitter
2x Firk Botanist
2x Massive Anuran
2x Backfire
2x Marsh Song
2x Monsoon
2x Poison Fumes

Ironfist Stronghold
2x Deep Miner
2x Favored Nomad
4x Northern Cross Crusaders
2x Hammerstrike
2x Impervious
2x Righteous Defense

Savage Tundra
4x Jakei Shardmasters
2x Lonx Hunt Leader
2x Yeti Druid
2x Gale Force
2x Ice Storm
2x Shield

Wrath Starter x2
Forsaken Wastes
2x Executioner
2x Utterdark Fadewisp
2x Utterdark Soulrender
2x Essence Drain
2x Hungry Dead
2x Steal Life
2x Scouring Jasper

Shattered Peaks
2x Cyclops Earthshaker
2x Hyaenid Spearthrower
2x Voil Imperialist
2x Voil Screecher
2x Avalanche
2x Vertical Push
2x Diamond Mace

Sundered Lands
4x Draksar Charger
2x Draksar Rocketeer
2x Skeezick Cannoneer
2x Firestorm
2x Sandspout
2x Scouring Jasper
2x Rage Band

2x Bok Mistress
2x Nefari Dragon
2x Pincushion
4x Fire Blast
2x Price of Victory
2x Sacrifice
Here’s how things should look!

Move your mouse cursor over each Rune to get more detailed information from them!
PVE – 7 KF/15 UD/2 ST/4 IS/2 FW/2 SL

Rune cost average: 54.2
Champions Spells Relics Equipment
Average costs
Champion Averages:
6.1 Speed9 Damage46.4 Hitpoints.9 Defence

This battle group might not be complete or public!
PVP – 15 KF/ 15 UD

Rune cost average: 52.5
Champions Spells Relics Equipment
Average costs
Champion Averages:
5.9 Speed9.7 Damage47.1 Hitpoints.9 Defence

This battle group might not be complete or public!
Possible Upgrade choices.

Try and get a hold of Runes like these. Havoc’s Touch, Treefolk’s Blessing, Snaptooth Deadeye, Snaptooth Crawmangler, and Snaptooth Murkwater. Basically many of the new Runes, even the Commons, will work very well in pve and in the Training Ground since you don’t have to have 15/15 or a full 30 Battlegroup to play there. Most usually do those though for practice before heading into Ranked. You should still ask in your Faction Forum section for help, they’ll set you straight if you’re willing to learn.

Here you need a full on 15/15 split or a Full Faction 30 for your Battlegroups to even play Ranked. Also, for 2vs2 you may only use Full Faction Battlegroups in Ranked so keep that in mind before partnering with anyone. Anyway, easy upgrade choices to aim for should be Cleansing Emerald, Retribution, Treefolk’s Blessing, Timeslip, Scorched Dwarf, Nefari Caverunner, Nefari Griefbearer, and the such. You should consult the Split Forums for Split help or if you want to go Full Faction than head to said Factions subforum in the links I will provide later in this guide.
To the skies above!

After you have had some fun with these two BGs you should have gotten a feel on what you like and don’t like. However, you shouldn’t use your hard earned gold just yet! The first thing you should do is head to the Faction forums and post there for Battlegroup suggestions! You need to be specific on your budget, if you have one, or that you’re only a gold user. Though being a gold only user has some huge setbacks you can still work in a decent BG using the old stuff. Mostly because a lot of the new stuff is just the old stuff with a fresh coat of paint!

Faction Forum Links!
Forglar Swamphttp://forums.station.sony.com/stra….m?forum_id=126
Ironfist Stronghold http://forums.station.sony.com/stra….m?forum_id=128
K’thir Foresthttp://forums.station.sony.com/stra….m?forum_id=129
Savage Tundra http://forums.station.sony.com/stra….m?forum_id=130

Forsaken Wasteshttp://forums.station.sony.com/stra….m?forum_id=127
Shattered Peaks http://forums.station.sony.com/stra….m?forum_id=131
Sundered Lands http://forums.station.sony.com/stra….m?forum_id=133
I have Extra Runes, what do?!

So you have extra Runes, huh? Wondering what to do with them? Well why don’t you trade them off for stuff that you can use? It’s simple really, you can either head to the New Player Friendly Runepool, though be sure to read all of its rules, or you can head to the Trade Bazaar!

However, as a new player you have a Trade restriction placed on your account to prevent tradeing for a few days! This is mostly there to prevent new players from being scammed before they have settled in. It’s nothing against you and is all for your safety!

Now to the links and descriptions!

Runepool http://forums.station.sony.com/stra…?topic_id=25847

The Runepool is a New players best friend. You can safely unload Runes for factions you have no plans on playing at the moment to get you Runes for the ones you do plan on playing. The Runepool has a set amount of rules and you can be banned from it if you try and take advantage of it, for your own benefit, on a constant basis. The runes that make up the Runepool are from the community and you’re expected to put in things of equal value that you want to take out.  Also, be patient, the Runepool is run by real people so don’t expect instant trades like at Pox Box.

Trade Bazaarhttp://forums.station.sony.com/stra….m?forum_id=124

The Bazaar has player run shops and generally give you a way better deal than just searching through the Rune Trader where everyone is trying to rip eachother off. Stores on the otherhand give you a set price and all you need to do is meet it with any combination of Runes which all have their own set values. Now the Runes you started with and got from the Starters aren’t worth much but if you save your gold you can easily buy an Exotic Hero Rune and trade it in for some bare essentials to that Battlegroup you walways wanted!

Here’s two stores that see frequent use by many users and have reputable reputations.

Pox Boxhttp://forums.station.sony.com/stra…?topic_id=56690
Pox Portal http://forums.station.sony.com/stra…?topic_id=26077

Pox Box is the fastest Trader concerning all things Pox, though due to this the stocks are usually dwindled by many players constantly emptying it. It also offers Discounts for things overstockd but that’s a double edged sword. All things that are Overstocked also offer less Trade in value.

Pox Portal has the largest stock by far and isn’t as fast as Pox Box. However they have nearly every rune, but the Solitary Garu(Why?!) and they are very fair with their trades. Some players believe that there is price gougeing going on but that simply isn’t the case since nearly every Player run store bases their prices on Pox Portal which adjusts its prices to meet demand. Overall you will do most of your trades here due to its stocks and how fair they are.

There are other player run stores in the Bazaar that you should check out but those are the ones I vouch for. Though as a new player you should never make blind trades on the Rune Trader. If you’re unsure if you’re being ripped off than please post on the forums asking for advice on certain trades.

So your guy or girl just leveled up, huh? Well what do you do? Simple! You go to the Rune Manager on the website and click on your Champions potrait! Once there you’ll either be told you have a point to spend or a point is spent already(You’ll see an ability under he upgrades section highlighted if a point has been spent on it). If you have a free point than click on the ability you want to get and poof! It’s now on the unit the next time you deploy yet! However, what if your point is already on an ability you say? Fear not! You can simply click on the ability with the used point and you’ll get your point back at the cost of no longer having that ability. Now you can distribute your point where ever you wish even if it’s right back on the ability you took it from!

Remember that you can have up to 2 points per a Champion with the max level of each being 3! If you have any questions on how to use your points than feel free to ask for help from your fellow Faction members in your Faction section on the forums!

What should I aim for?

Now that you’re settled in you should really have a feel on the Faction you want. This will require tradeing, Gold, and sometimes Station Cash if you really want to get the best of the best in a timely manner. Regardless, don’t stress. Enjoy the game, gain experience and have fun. Though I digress.

The first thing you should do is considering grabbing one of the Starter Battlegroups and an Avatar, costs Station Cash. However if you’re on a Budget than you can skip out on the Stater Battlegroups and just purchase the Exotic Hero and Legendary Banner for 4,000 gold and 7,000 gold each. If you’re in a Guild than you may get help with this and some even offer you Common and Uncommon Rune credits so you can get your dream Battlegroup going! You could also team up with Friends where you each work on getting a Battlegroup done together and than move on to help the next Battlegroup. So having Friends and being in a Guild will make your time here much better than being a Loner.

So participate in the Community, show good sportsmanship, and have fun!

You want to participate? Than join a Guild!

To join a guild you either get invited to one, they send you a private message on the Poxnora Website, or you search for one you would like to join! To find one scroll over the thing called “Rankings” on the website. After you have scrolled over it scroll down and click “Guilds” and you will be given a list of Guilds. You can sort Guilds by their Rank, Name, Ratings, Alignment, and member numbers! Find the one that suits your fancy than click its name and than click “Join Guild” or if you want to be proactive than post on the forums asking for a Guild that caters to your playstyle!

Guild Discussion: http://forums.station.sony.com/stra….m?forum_id=123

What do these Runes and Abilities do?!

Great you asked! Wait you didn’t? Too bad you’re going to pay attention! Ahem… So you’re wondering about all these Runes and abilities, huh? Wish you could find a place to easily obtain information on specific Runes and Abilities? Than look no further than Pox Pulse! It’s an amazing website that has all the information you need concerning Runes and their Abilities! It also has an easy to use Search function, Expansion list, Faction list, and Abilities list!So go get some knowledge!
Pox Pulse!
Link: http://www.poxpulse.com/
Theme Decks, what’s in them? (with additional info by sp8cdt2000)

Right now you can’t see what Runes are in each Theme deck! Well to solve this problem you need look no farther than here! Here is a list of whats in each Theme deck so you can better understand which one is catered to you!

Theme Deck Permafrost

Tradebait – Icesnap, Jakei Elders, Shardsheer K’aeyun, Flash Freeze, Hypothermias, Snow Blind, Orb of Frostfall, and Swap(High Demand!!!).

This deck is based on the theme of Frost Damage Amplification, with sublets of the the original ST theme of “Freeze Tag” (Utilizing Debuffs from Chilled and Frozen, along with Terrain modification to slow down the opponents champs) Get your “Shard” champs on the board and use your superior ranged firepower to pelt the opponent into submission. Arcadons and Yeti Spirits can harrass and can boost the damage output of your Jakei Elders, Shardmasters & Shardseer K’aeyun! Plenty of Ice spells to pile on the Frost, or impede your enemies to buy you some time.

Rune cost average: 56.3
Champions Spells Relics Equipment
Average costs
Champion Averages:
5.9 Speed8.8 Damage46.3 Hitpoints.9 Defence

Theme Deck Bonesaw

Tradebait – Bone Elementals, Bonewing, Toll Takers, Tomb Lords, Tormented Priest, Utterdark Voidhowler, Dark Rising, Domination, Mobilizations, and Cursed Blade(High Demand!!!).

This is a Skeleton Deck. Strong overtures in Attrition and “Death Benefit” (Champs dieing can make you stronger, and weaken your opponents) MAKE SKELETON. That’s how this deck wins. All the champions are Skeletons, and several of them have the powerful ability Boost: Skeleton making skeleton champs near them more powerful. This Deck’s main tools are the Graveyard (Makes skeletons), and the powerful TombLords, which not only produce skeletons, but get more powerful the more skeletons are in play. Alter of Bone lets you sacrifice one of your summoned skeletons and buff all your other skeletons with Damage & Hit Points.

Rune cost average: 57.1
Champions Spells Relics Equipment
Average costs
Champion Averages:
6 Speed9.5 Damage47.4 Hitpoints.9 Defence

Theme Deck Elven Valor

Tradebait – Bowmage(High Demand!!!), Dusk Druid, Queen Anaru, Wizard of the Ways, Escape Magic, Living Vines, Protection, Thorn Collections(High Demand!!!), and Vortex.

This is an Archery Deck. Lots of Archers, Lots of Magic, Lots of Elf. Use your Area of Effect spells like Brambles and Living Vines, to hold your opponent back long enough to get your Archers onto the Board and destroy your opponent with your range superiority and Hit-and-Run tactics. Thorn Collection is one of the most effiecient spells in the game, damaging your opponent & making you Nora, And Wizard of the Ways makes your entire army upwardly mobile.

Rune cost average: 54.7
Champions Spells Relics Equipment
Average costs
Champion Averages:
5.9 Speed8.9 Damage43.9 Hitpoints.4 Defence

Theme Deck Skeezick Irregulars

Tradebait – Quickenings. Not much tradebait here since Skeezick’s are very weak at the moment and too overcosted to deploy compared to what other Battlegroups bring to the field.

This is Skeezlik Deck (Obviously). All of your champs are Skeezliks, which are masters of shenanigans and swarm tactics. Use your War Skeezliks to tank your opponents while you get your Skeezliks into position to fight the opponent, Netters get very powerful with Surge: Skeezlik (They gain +1 Damage for each Skeezlik in play) and your Rioters to make kills to produce more Rioters. Alchemists and Wylders hit your enemies in a wide area of effect near them, and Cannoneer firing off from way in the back. Use the powerful SL spells Quickening & March of Skeezliks to power turn your opponent into oblivion.

Rune cost average: 57.3
Champions Spells Relics Equipment
Average costs
Champion Averages:
5.7 Speed9.6 Damage42.4 Hitpoints1.1 Defence

Theme Deck Balefire

Tradebait – Balefire Knight, Demon Lich, Flame Skitters, Grimlic, Nefari Caverunner, Fadeing Recollection, and the Retributions.

This is a Fire Deck. Use your powerful Fire Damage champs like the Deep Leviathan and the evil Demon Elf Wizard Lord Grimlic to burn your enemies to a cinder! Equip them with the powerful Firelight Gem to double the burninatin’! or Move a stealthed Ember Wasp, a Summoned Borghas spell to use Fire Bomb on Grimlic or the Nefari Caverunner (Or your convieniently placed Fire Blast spells) double up the AoE Fire Damage! And no worries if your champions get in trouble (‘cept Grimlic) Your Playing UD. This faction excels at taking punishment and dealing it back in spades; Use your Sacrifice Spell to destroy your almost dead champs, and get the Nora back to use on new champs, or the powerful Retribution spell to destroy your champ, and deal a heap of damage to your opponents closest champion! (I’m an Ironfist Dwarf though and through, but this is a fun deck! Evil Fun >=3 )

Rune cost average: 58
Champions Spells Relics Equipment
Average costs
Champion Averages:
6 Speed10.5 Damage49 Hitpoints.9 Defence

Theme Deck Neuromancy

Tradebait – Firk Mindshredders(Mostly for KF/FS splits that abuse Pings), Neuromancer(High Demand!!!), Slick and Buzz, Drown, Reverberating Blast, Font of Restoration, Tortun Land Cannon, and Firk Mask/Tome of Arcanis.

This is a Psychic Damage Aplification Deck, but is very versitile (As is most of Folgar Swamps) Your main Champs and effects are obviously the powerful Neuromancer, and various Firk Champs (The squid face peoples) But Death Lilies, MindWarp Frogs,  & Slick n Buzz, and Poison Fumes & Reverberation Blast, as well as various water effects like Floods and Undertows let’s you stall your opponent long enough for the Squid Faces to come in and re-enforce your guys. A very versitle & powerful deck.

Rune cost average: 55.9
Champions Spells Relics Equipment
Average costs
Champion Averages:
5.7 Speed8.3 Damage45.3 Hitpoints.5 Defence

Theme Deck Savagery
Tradebait – Barbarian Bolts, Barbarian Guardians, Barbarian Huntresses, Bastion the Avenger, Wild Chieftains, Zedin of Sarnghaver, Blink, and Vial of Holy Water. Decently put together though you’ll have better luck just splitting Barbarians with Underdepths and use Brutality Barbarians, Bolts, Guardians, and Chieftains.

This a Barbarian Deck. (RAWR! =3 ) This deck revolves around the Barbarian ability Savage (Instead of dying when reaching 0 Hit Points, Barbarians will gain a “Last Breath” and Fight on for one more round before dying!), as well as the general awesomeness of Barbarians. Your Go-To Barbarians are the Barbarian Guardian, who has Camraderie (Makes your Barbs cost less nora,) Nexus Aura (Damage is spread between all champions in the AoE) and Scramble (When this champion hits an opponent champion, All of your champions gain +1 AP)
And Wild Chieftans using his signature ability on your champions, Incite (This Barbarian champion, gains 8AP and is Berzerker 2 for 3 turns) And Finally, Bastion the Avenger, Destroying everything in his path with Combo Attack: Devastate (when this champion makes two consecutive attacks, target champion takes damage equal to 50% of his maximum hit points) and Battleleader (When this champion destroys a champion, all friendly champions gain +1 Damage and +4 Hit Points)

Rune cost average: 58
Champions Spells Relics Equipment
Average costs
Champion Averages:
6.2 Speed12 Damage50.5 Hitpoints1.3 Defence

Theme Deck Winged Terror

Tradebait – Lance Admiral Sceian, Voil Infernal(High Demand!!!), Voil Lifedrinkers(Mostly because no one likes tradeing theirs away), Voil Queen, Voil Transporter(He’s usually used outside Voil Battlegroups for obvious reasons), Voil Windstriker, Lightning Storms, Zealotry, Echo Chambers, Voil King’s Crypt, and Vicious Harpoon.

This is a Voil Deck. The deck revolves around the upward mobility and race damage boost mechanics. Hit and Run with your Viol Lifestealers, Sky Captains and Windstriker, while you get your Imperials, Sorcerers, & Stormflyers into position use Vertical Push deal with troublesome champions (And hear the most awesome sound byte in PoxNora =3 ) Then the punishment can really begin when the Lance Admiral gets on the board with the powerful Warcry ability (The first attack by the this champion, grants all friendly champions within 3 spaces of the Lance Admiral +3AP and +3 Damage) Us the Voil Transporter and Vicious Harpoon to manuvuer your champions(and Manuvuer your opponents champions!) to maximize the destruction.

Rune cost average: 63.4
Champions Spells Relics Equipment
Average costs
Champion Averages:
6.4 Speed11.8 Damage47.9 Hitpoints1.5 Defence

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