PoxNora Trading Tips

PoxNora Trading Tips by MakarovJAc

OK, guys! If you happen to be new around, this is the first stop you should do when checking the forums.

What you’re about to see is the collected experience from 2 years of trading. I asure you this tips will mostly help better than any wishlist out there (In fact, there are going to be a spot dedicated to it).

.-Introduction to the trade feature
To start with, since Poxnora uses a TCG mechanic it allows you to either purchase randomly selected runes from packs and started packs. Once you purchase your first runes (as long they’re enough to build up a Full Faction or Split-Faction BG) you’ll be given a restriction period before you can CREATE trades at the trade feature. Still, you can bid on others trades. this is done in order to avoid possible scams with multiaccounts.

Now, once you’re able to set trades you’re given the chance to get runes from other active players in exchange for yours. The rules around trading are this simple, let’s give an overcheck to them:

1.-You’re not allowed to make fake advertisement about trade/bids, nor force other players to accept/reject conditions related to a trade neither.
2.-Once an bid is accepted/rejected there’s no turning back*
3.-Mods (a.k.a. “Greens”) has the right to revoke your trading priviledges over the trading feature.
4.-You can cancel a trade you control at any moment.
5.-You can cancel a bid ONLY 12 hours after setting it.

*If you finger-slipped an unwanted bid; or bidded runes you didn’t wanted to lose and they got accepted, you CAN’T demand the action to be undone or ask a Green for help. However you can still ask the involved player to give back the runes (despite people telling this to be totally untrue, it CAN actually happen)

.-Player-run stores & rune pricing
Now, Pox has mostly a player run “economy” due the lack of SOE controlled trading system. This means players here have organized their own pricing system for runes and other tradeable content of the game. These player run stores are common since a while ago, so they’re highly organized to control the pricing of runes even hours after being released.

The prices given by them are at first glance created for themselves offering a trade system where any player can get almost any rune for a price. They generally demand a “fee” by setting IN/OUT prices for said products being the IN price lower than the OUT price. Most stores also impose an aditional IN value reduction for runes they consider to be overstocked.

This is, to date, not violating any known rule nor copyright from SOE directly. Most of pox user population agrees with the stores and gives continous support to them, which in no way is done to prejudice the Pox experience to other players.

(So please don’t do anything stupid like publicly attack them; nor demand SOE or any other party getting involved everytime their actions & policies doesn’t agree with you)

Now, back to the trade system since these stores are the only ones with an organized pricing system, it’s fairly common for players to use their price guides for trading. Again, most user population agrees with this and SOE hasn’t given dissaproval of this. Anyways, if given the case players can ignore their prices and do trades with their own as long they stick to SOE policies.

Player-run Stores: GoG, Poxbrothers.com, Tcgbay.com

3.-The trading aspects!
WISHLITS: a.k.a. LF; Need. This is fairly the first and one of the most important aspect you have to take in count when trading runes or any other tradeable product. A wishlist is generally known as the selection of runes you wish to recieve for a determined trade you’re running up. This is important because depending of what you ASK for in the wishlist is the rate of succes you have for your offers.

Let’s see a couple of examples:

Runes I like in order. It could take more then one.

New Aspects of Maljara
Top Limited/Legendary Runes.

Euan Ironfist
Ash the Bandit Prince
Corpse Golem
Kanen Crone
Sheoul Magus
Stitched First
Vothsair Ireguard
Magnus the Fallen
Voil King Ruubgaal
K`thun the Ancient
Demon Lich
Mosharn the Barricade
Ranger Elite
Bone Elemental
Bloodhowler Alpha
Grimlic’s Mirror
Matriarch Sarinda
Garin the Sharpfang
Ironfist Inquisitor
Tortun Captain
Zeventrech the Last
Tremir Craghid
Magma Elemental
Tormented Priest
Jakei Elder
Greater Pitspawn
Lightning Elemental
Skeezick General
Jakei Extinguisher
Shadow Hunter
Firk Savant
Mairdreth of the Rot
Wall of Ailur
Toxic Anuran
Moga Hunters
Dirge, Moga Lord
Gnarlwood Patriarch
Tome of Hate
Tracker Gnark
Warcaller Fiorn

Other good Exotics


I’m yet to find out who’s the mentally challenged whom released this LF to pox. At first glance this looks like any any normal wishlist any player can figure out. The problem is that it’s mostly used on low tier or shoeboxed runes. I find this quite insulting since they not only demand profit, but the runes listed there usually are priced higher than the runes being traded. In this case, it was a Sheoul Demon trade. Based on Poxportal price guide, SD is 6 points only while Thirion, the last in the list, is priced 10.

This will guarranty you 0 offers PERMANENTLY.

Looking for New stuff including Heroes of Maljara Exos and full decks
Bid on all or specific
messsage me if you want

This one is for the following trade: Sheoul Demon, Grimlic, K’lzik, Vothsair Ireguard, Imp Familiar, Mindslicer Obelisk, Retribution and Helm of Chaos. Most of this runes are highly valued and Meta, so the bid the owner demands is pretty much balanced for the runes being traded. Although that’s a high gear trade so there’s few people that might be interested and CAPABLE of trading there.

-OPEN TRADES: This is the standar method used by players to obtain desired runes. The great flaw with this is that you’re at mercy of the bidder. Sometimes they can be jerks, sometimes they can be generous. Remeber the first tip, wishlist might inflict a lot. The key here is just being sane, sit and wait. Again you’ll never know what comes to be.

BIDDING: Sadly, the condition of being a bidder is to contest for the trade. This in many times might low your “class” in the ranks of Pox, making it easy for players to take over you. I did recommend bidding as “last chance” option for obtaining runes. After all, as I set above, things can get pretty nasty for the bidder.

NEGOTIATION: I consider this an important aspect to take in mind when trading. Many times some players might ignore or even low their demands if you go directly to them and NEGOTIATE an offer. This is mostly a formality to avoid placeholder bids which are quite a pain. When you negotiate you have to offer whatever you consider REALLY necessary for the trader to accep your offer. The key of this is creating a balance between the two parties rather than tough bidding and competitive overbidding.

Here there are some examples that might surprise you:

This many are just to show you the power of negotiation. Now you’re going to need some slight tips that might take you into the race for the runes you need, want, and crave for.

.-Tips for a happy trading!

1) Bargain Hunter: Some of the bestest trades aren’t going to jump in front of you. At least try dedicating a time checking varied trades to see if there’s something you can win with.

2) Catalog Trade: Setting a trade with a “whole or singles” theme, and a large amount of runes, might grant you big offers even if there’s no list around. Some players asking few runes from the whole trade can give nice overbids.

3) Humble Trader: Forget there exist a word to be typed in the description saying “PROFIT”. People can actually overbid pretty well, but they will not overbid you if they feel forced to do so. Don’t commit the mistake of the wrong wishlist.

4) Merchant’s Gambling: This is quite difficult. It first requires you to get a good bid, and then, having a bigger interest. Sometimes, you feel like some bids simply doesn’t cover the spot left by a rune. To this you can perfectly, before accepting it, look around for a trade requiring it which satisfy you the most. Try negotiating using the bid you’ve got, yet haven’t accepted, as a deterrent for a better trade.

5) Market’s Tide: Remember runes and tactics undergone several changes through time to time. This can bust or nerf a rune’s price. It’s up to you consider if a rune’s going to be worthy next week, or worthless within 5 minutes.

To finish with, I did like to quote the words from a player:

“Runes are like toys. The more runes you got, the more toys you have to play. It’s worthy enough to trade them all for a single toy?”

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