Mortal Online Hunger Food Sleep Rest System Guide

Mortal Online Hunger Food Sleep Rest System Guide by Mauzi

Oh my, I already told so many people ingame ‘how to live with the current hunger system’ that I meanwhile have bloody fingers. So, to save me some more ingame typing pain I shall explain it here again for more readers:

How to handle the hunger/food/sleep/resting system

The reserve system has 4 relevant numbers areas:

  1. Health/Stamina/Mana reserve
    The three attacked numbers mean from left to right:
    – Current reserve status. If it is lower then the right, you lose health/etc.
    – Maximum reserve status. If you go above this (hp/stam only), you gain weight
    – Normal value that doesn’t affect stats. You can sleep up to this.
    The reserve numbers seem to be directly related to your stats values, which of course these depend on your weight condition which again correlates to your body length, as in a shorter guy being at a certain weight usually is labeled ‘heavier’ than a long guy with the same weight. Nothing new here, we all know that from RL and SV did a nice job implementing this into the game.
  2. Hunger value (actually it’s shows your stuffness)
    You can only sleep with at least 750 stuffness. You get hungry over time depending on your activities.
    The first 100 hunger points go down really fast, so you can eat easily if you want to get fatter. Also, certain actions make you hungry like mad, e.g. jumping, which allows to eat more aswell.
  3. Body condition
    – This directly affects your stats (str/dex/etc)
    – Gain it by going above your maximum hp/stam reserve
  4. Potion drinking status; each potion fills up a certain amount depending on the type/size of the potion. It recovers over time similar to hunger but isn’t related to the food system and not really part of this guide.

This leads to a few important thoughts:

  • The health reserve is the smallest number and therefore easiest to reach. Thus, using health food will gain you weight more easily than other food.
    I make such food properly with only 100 primary skillpoints. Get some from me for cheap in Bakti anytime if you want to try out this method.
    You can contact me there under this name or via PM here in this forum.
  • Your hunger value is going down rather slowly and thus limits your eating capacity. Eat wisely else you cannot make proper use of food.

This listing of the game mechanics leads to one safe and cheap path to keep/gain weight without too much hassle:

  • Don’t bother eating unless either your health reserve is full (any health food will then directly go into your weight) or unless you have a maximum of about 750 stuffness/hunger.
  • Have some ‘health food’ ready, aka food that has at least about 30% of the health bar as attribute.
  • Check your hunger level: If you are below 1450 eat till then and stop at 1450. Going beyond this will waste eating capacity and make you thinner.
  • Sleep untill your left reserve numbers are at least at the most right numbers (the ones in paranthesis). This gets your to the free reserve amount to get from sleeping without any food involved.
  • Eat up till maximum. This should gain you alot in your health reserve and if you go past your absolute maximum, you gain a few pounds. If you didn’t gain weight, then you at least increased your health reserve alot and will gain weight later when you repeat this after you are hungry again.

Of course this can be done with other food aswell for a different reserve bar, but this way here is cheap and fast.

A few extra thoughts on this will help aswell, though these should be common sense:

  • Don’t waste your health/stamina/mana for nothing (as in, the one you use to gain weight) since your reserves will need to get resplenished. Try to use as little energy as possible. This implies pointless jumping, sprinting (with shift key) or taking damage for no use.
  • You can use this guide in the opposite way to reduce your weight (aka eat first, then sleep, use crap food e.g. carcass) or take the suicide path to do so.
  • Sleep while targetting a campfire (5x recovery speed)
  • Sleep in a player house (10x recovery speed)

A last note: The current system is a bit broken only in that the body status goes down way too fast. You will have less trouble gaining/keeping your weight after this gets fixed, but the general mechanics is the same just less tight, thus leaving room to use less efficient food that also has other attributes than pure reserve restoration.

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