Loong Online Luck for Drilling and More Guide

Loong Online Luck for Drilling and More Guide by Lews

I guess this is more of a sharing of my experiences than a real guide, but it may be useful to some people!

You can increase luck by:

  • Titles – There are lots of titles ingame that give various amounts of luck, ranging from +1 to +30.
  • Items with Humility, there are various belts with +humility, for example the Good Fortune Pendant:
  • There are four/five pendants, ranging from +10 humility to +50 (or perhaps more O.O)
  • Then there are buffs, for example females can have the angel wings that add 20 luck,
  • Lucky Laba Porridge also adds 50 luck for 10 minutes,
  • Craftsman Charm adds 100 luck for 1hour,

With a combination of the above it’s realistic for anyone to obtain 160 luck easily, a female char can possibly reach 250 luck, although it’s rumoured that 200 is the upper limit, I’ve yet to get more than 200 so can’t confirm this.

What luck affects:

All forms of crafting, including drilling new sockets, identifying items, making new ones, upgrading items, e.g. Potential Stones, Inscribe, Engrave.

With regards to identifying items, high luck will tend to give increased potential, a higher chance of sockets (three socks at 200 luck is not uncommon), and more concentrated stats for example more of 1 stat, HOWEVER, in my experience that stat is just as likely to be Agility or Vitality than it is to be Phy/Str/Int/Qi etc. It also has no noticable effect on the chance of a random option, e.g. increased potential or Dragon Soul properties.

I am reasonably certain it does not affect:
Dragon Vessels
Mysterious Baskets – i.e. to get the Elegant Gentleman title

The numbers part

I have only had chance to do this with regards to drilling, however I think it demonstrates the affects of luck quite well.

I used over 1400 drills to socket white items to get an idea on the affects of luck (and also to get a title ). The sockets were all either 1st or 2nd sockets, after the 2nd there was a noticable drop off in the chance of success. Below are the numbers I recorded at different levels of luck:

At 190 luck, out of 400 drills the chance of failure (for first and second sockets) was 10-15%, the chance of getting a perfect drill was similar, around 10%.

At 140 luck, out of 800 drills the chance of failure was 22-25%, however the chance of getting a perfect drill only dropped to around 8%.

At 40-50 luck, out of approximately 200 drills, the chance of failure was around 40% or more, with the chance of getting a perfect drill dropping to around 2-3%.

Within that testing (I did in stages of 100 before recording) I had large variations, but the average remained quite consistent. For example, at 140 luck, I could fail 5 times in a row socketing one item then not fail for another 50 drills, or I could get 2 perfects in a row and a large number of successes afterwards, to then get fail, success, fail, success, fail, fail etc. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that even with high luck nothing is certain, and calculated, percentage chances only mean so much.

Also speaking from experience the above numbers apply to all level items, I’ve drilled a lot of level 60, 70 and 90 gear and the numbers agree with those above, however, the chance of success for 3rd, 4th and 5th sockets drops considerably.

As a rough guide I’d say at 200 luck chance of success would be something similar to:

  • 1st socket: 90%
  • 2nd socket: 80%
  • 3rd socket: 70%
  • 4th socket: 50%
  • 5th socket: 30%

Although I have no numbers to support that, it’s my experience!

Hope this helps a bit, I’ll add more to this as and when I learn something.

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