Eden Eternal Player Shops Guide

Eden Eternal Player Shops Guide by BigNakedBob32

What are Player Shops?
Player Shops allow you to sell up to list up to 10 items for sale without having to pay any taxes. Just add items and set up your shop in the designated areas.

Where can Player Shops be set up?

Player Shops can only be set up at specific points in Aven. You can set up your shop at the following areas; Courthouse (258,424), City Hall (334,340) and the Temple Knights’ Hall (422,340). These areas are marked in red on the map below. They are also labeled as Market Zone on the map in game.

How can I set up a Player Shop?
After heading to one of the areas listed above you will need to open your backpack (B).

With the backpack open, click the orange icon to open the Player Shop window.

The top left of the of the window allows you to place an item for sale. Simple left click the item then place it in the shop window (or right click the item with the shop window open), set a price and click Add.

The top right allows you to name the shop. This message can be up to 36 characters in length.

Once you Add an item it will show in the bottom section.

After you confirm that the items and prices are what you want to sell (if you need to remove an item just click it and then click Remove Item) just click the Begin Sale button on the bottom right of the window to start the Player Shop.

Are their any requirements or fees involved with Player Shops?
The only requirements for setting up a player shop are that the player be at least level 20 and in the areas listed above. There are no taxes or extra costs involved with using a Player Shop.

How do I use other player’s Player Shops?

If you want to check out another player’s shop all you need to do is right click the character and the shop will open.

After right clicking the player you should get the following window.

To buy an item just select it from the list and click the Buy button at the bottom.

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