Dragon Nest SEA Fix Lag Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Fix Lag Guide by jellyyy

I have seen so many thread/Complaints/Help issues about Lagg in Dragon Nest, I gotta agree the Game has alot of Lagg issues, So in this thread i have explained how to solve these issues – IGN: LSendia (Yes i trained IT for 3 Years)

1. Different Types of Lagg

  • FPS Lagg
  • Animation Lagg
  • Server Lagg
  • Disconnection Lagg/Connection Issues
  • Dungeon Lagging
  • Random Disconnection In game (New Issue)
  • Intel Graphics Driver (Solution on Faster Gaming, No Blurry Text)
  • Hitasu Quote (Helps)

Yes loads of different Types of lagg so ill start with the first one, How to solve, Fix and some Links on how to test your ping/Speed from the Servers!


Normal Lagg – Normal lagg.. Is just Lagg. But heres a few Suggestions to Solve it.

On the game Press [ESC] and go to System Settings and in there you can put Graphics settings on Low and Put resolution to low and Never play on Window Mode (I Have tried it and on task Manager, Window mode takes more Memory.. Might just be Vista being a Pain :X)

– Go to the Toolbars on the Windows and Delete Any Unnecessary Programs then do Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Delete Items that is Taking Alot of Memory (Dont delete anything You need like the desktop)

I- ve learned that a Program in Task Manager called DWM.EXE (Background) takes some space so if you have that Right Click Windows and go to Personalize (Windows Vista) and Go to Background setting, Put it on Vista Basic.

– I believe some people say DWM.exe dosent really matter, Now ill explain if you turn you background to a normal Black screen (Vista Basic) Then you are using less memory, Making the game more Playable.

– Sometimes it a Registry Fault or A Virus, Use a Virus Scanner (Mc Afee) Or Registry Booster and Clean them Registrys or kill the Viruses!

– I Believe Updating Graphic Drivers/Buying a Graphics Card is a good Solution to lagg (Explained further Below/With links)

– You can Also reduce lagg by turning off the Skill Glow/Animation, Reduces Lagg when doing Skills


Animation Lagg (Screen Lag) Some people go in a dungeon and straight away do a skill and poof it freezes… Get really bad Screen lagg and then after 10 seconds dead/End of Skill thats because of your Graphics card, Now to solve this Issue you can go to Nvidia and download a Good Graphics card, I personally like Direct X Becuase its free and easy to Install.

Link for DirectX Driver http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=35

After you Installed the Driver Let Microsoft do the magic of Updating to the current Version, Follow the steps and you got it installed Remember if you downloaded DirectX Check out http://update.microsoft.com To see if they are updates are available, they shouldnt be any for the next year or two :D

Friend: “I had really bad screen lagg then i Saw Windows Updates but kept Declining it then I Updated Windows and my driver and no more lagg for me”

^ Cool storyy broo (Trolling)

Also if you get loads of Errors from Windows and have Unexpected Lagg you can Try to Reboot the Computer/Laptop It worked for a few friends.

Server Lagg – Nothing to say really… Just Dont blame the server Unless a Bunch of People are saying its the server on the forums. When you never get lagg and you experience it in a DUNGEON (Not town) that means its server Lagging, Not 100Percent but could be the case of the lagg.


OMGWATZORS LAGGING (OMG WTH IS THIS LAGG FOR GODD SAKKEEE) – Could be anything ive stated Above but if you done ALL OF THE Suggestions, Its your computer, its old/Not enough ram or Just cant play games like these.

Connection Issues/Disconnection – 60% Its the server doing some kind of Updates But sometimes it can be a bad Connection My saying is if a connection is Below 3 Bars, Its bad, You can do a Pingtest to find out…. It might just be the case of your lagg.

Pingtest Link: http://www.pingtest.net/

Instructions: How to use Pingtest, Click link and hook it up to where the servers are (I believe Singapore) Click singapore in the world map and it should test you ping! Heres my Ping… Across the world!http://www.pingtest.net/result/46079331.png

And you can check your download/Upload speed with http://www.speedtest.net/ Heres my Speedtest for everyone whos interested http://www.speedtest.net/result/1456541928.png It sucks but its across the Map, I expected this. Instructions: Same thing as Pingtest, click Link hook up to SG and it should test the DL and Upload speed to SG.

For the ping, you can do it in your command prompt. (Took from FarenH it could help)

1. Open command prompt.

2. Type in: “ping www.google.com -t” [without the quotation marks. And any website will do.]

3. Press enter.

This especially helps when the internet connection is crappy and you can’t even go to pingtest.net.


Dungeon Lagging~ How to Solve Lagging in a Dungeon – Now Some people go in a dungeon and Instantly get lagg, It might just be you case, I was in a dungeon with a really laggy person and My dungeon loaded Fast but his was still loading at the top…. So dungeon lagg might not be your case, However there is different Dungeon Lag, If the Monsters are lagging and skills just started to not Hit the monster, 90% of the time its the Server Acting up.

Random Disconnections In game and Why?I dont really Know about this yet, Ive only got dced Once and that was in a Full Server, In the Packed Channel, But i do know, You get dced – Cant see any NPC’s – Be like “WTF DUDES?!” – After 5 Minutes the error, Disconnected From server

Fix~~ Okay it has to do with the Connection with you and the Server, Check if your Network is ALLOWING Dragon Nest. Then if it isnt your firewall its gotta be some sort of Virus/Connection Issues, I dont really have any info on this.. So if somebody is reading this and keeps getting dced, Give me the Log, Explained what happened and maybe i can fix. Otherthan that it has to be something Wrong with a Connection of Some sort because your getting DCED from the server.. So connection is lost from the server… Hmm Maybe it might be Dragon nest Protection, Maybe your firewall isnt accepting the connection or maybe an Anti virus scanner, Avast and others wont accept Dragon nest they all think its a bad file, When its just a game.

Hmm Maybe you can redownload from a Torrent file and try to use OPERA Browser, Thats all i have for the fix of Dcing in a server, Hope it helped!


Intel Driver Graphics/Blurry Text Fix

Before we Begin if you want to Download Intel, Go to this link: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/ If you get an Error, Uninstall and Download a Different Version, If you get another error Intel isnt for your Laptop, Try Nvidia or ATI (Other Thread To adjust them settings)

So if you have the Intel Driver for your Laptop/Computer, then you can Tweak the Setting for Optimal Experience for Dragon Nest. To go to you intel Driver Setting go to.

Control Panel – Intel Graphics (Vista, Go to More Options) – You should get a Window like this,

Intel Window: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/196/dasdsadasx.jpg/

After this you need to tweak the Setting so go to 3D Window and Change the Plan, to Performance, You can also change the Battery Plan for Performance rather than Battery Life or Balanced.

Blurry Text ~ How to fix the Babbly Demon!

So When i tweaked my Settings on Intel something went wrong, I experience the Blurry Text, I relogged off and was wondering, why did i get this so i went back to the Intel window and DO DEFAULTS!, I believe whatever graphics driver you do, Uninstall, Reinsall the graphics driver and DONT CHANGE ANYTHING. Also i found another way how that text could still be Blurry

Start Menu – Right Click computer – Properties – Click Advanced sYSTEM Settings – Performence – And change your computer settings to “Choose for Best Apperence/Choose whats best for my computer”

The blurry Text should now begone, I found it was the graphics driver messing up Dragon nest thus Creating Blurry Text.

Now Your Optimal Experience in Dragon Nest should be Much More than Expected.


Hitasu Quotes (Might help your Dragon nest errors)

1.First of all, check your PC specs and compare it with the minimum requirements of this game. If your specs falls into minimum, then expect lag on your part.

2.Check your internet connection.

3.Do not mixup your Youtube viewing,Facebook gaming and Torrent downloading during online gaming. Such activities eat up a lot bandwidth.

4.If your using Vista/Win 7, set your themes to classic. DWM.exe is a program that manages the appearance of your desktop. IT EATS UP A LOT OF RAM. If your

PC cannot handle it,better settle for an old win2000 appearance.

5. Try to use this -> http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info13581-LeatrixLatencyFix.html Worked for me.

6. Try to lower your ingame graphic settings. The lower it gets, the better gameplay. Try to use FRAPS to see your actual FPS ingame. 45~60 is playable imo.

7. Change channels frequently. Find a channel that you think is best by observing.


Tweaking your system should be a last resort, and should be done by knowledgable personIF YOU ARE STILL EXPERIENCING ANY LAGG, ISSUES OR BLURRY TEXT I SUGGEST YOU REBOOT YOUR LAPTOP/COMPUTER AND REINSTALL DRAGON NEST HOPEFULLY WITHOUT ANY ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading the guide Hope it Helped! – LSendia (IT Expert :D)

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