Dragon Nest Delay and Faint Resist Guide

Dragon Nest Delay and Faint Resist Guide by chaose5

Delay & Delay Resist

Some1 in china has done a very interesting experiment on delay resist.

It goes like this:

A has very high delay stats.

B has very low delay resist stats.

C has very high delay resist stats.

In PVP, B and C stand side by side.

A hits both B & C at the same time with a skill that cause delay (flinch).

It can be seen clearly that, the time for C to recover from flinching is shorter than that of B.

So it can be concluded that Delay resist reduce the flinching time. Delay basically increases the time of flinching.

Faint & Faint Resist

Apparently no test has been done on Faint Resist.

However, it is generally accepted that Faint stat increase the chance of making your opponent faint. Faint resist reduces the chance.

One important note is that, Faint and Crit won’t happen at the same time.

Faint will overwrite Crit.

That means skills that can cause 100% faint will NEVER deal critical damage (tested with bow master & paladin skills which can cause 100% faint on normal monsters)

Oo, some skills like guardian’s justice crash & stomp of Round 5 dancing bull, will 100%( at least nearly 95%, not proven) cause faint irregardless of your faint resist stats

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