Backyard Monsters Destroying Main Bases Guide

Backyard Monsters Destroying Main Bases Guide by Bionicleboy101

General Warning:

The content in this thread is unlike anything you will have seen before – remember, it is not to be considered as a strategy, but rather, a concept that is overlooked and not practiced by most, if not any, players of the game. It is different – meaning the content is not necessarily wrong; It’s true.


All bases are to be taken down using 4 waves. It’s most efficient. In my 1st example, that actually isn’t necessary to use all 4 waves, however, the entire base doesn’t need to be leveled to reach the silos and TH either. It’s an easy 1st example.


1. To destroy main bases without the use of nukes. That’s the entire concept. I got sick of having to waste my resources, and I never felt they were a part of the game, so I turned to more difficult use of strategy. It suits me.

2. To destroy the Silos and TH. Usually we destroy the entire base, but in this 1st example, this is not the case.

3. All 4 attacks are used.

The “general idea” is that efficiently taking down bases takes more time. Sometimes, a LOT more time.

Pros and Cons:

1. Nukes aren’t used. That means that you can save your 20 million resources to upgrade something on an OP when you are banking for EP.

1. Time. Making 4 separate mass armies take a LOT of time.
2. More goo cost. Of course, you have to use more monsters.
3. Signing on/being ninjad.

There are, of course, fixes for each of these.

Fixing the Cons:

1. Buy a Hatchery Overdrive (most recommended, espeically for 4-wave attacks), or do something else for the time when your monsters are producing.
2. Hey, no real fix. Use nukes if you’re low on goo. Use goo if you’re high on goo. If in the middle, take your pick.
3. 2 parts:
– a. Keep track of timezones. One easy way is, after a few days of being at war with someone, you know the approximate time they sign on. Also, if just started war, if they have 10 British flags in the ground, then you know they are asleep and won’t even wake up for another 6 hours. GREAT!
– b. Type a message on your alliance’s FB wall saying “I’m taking down ______ right now, HANDS OFF!


“Predicting Pathing” (Resource Targeters)
^ copyrighted by Bioboy Facilities ^

Definition: Predicting pathing is the concept of being able to predict where monsters will path, and altering the path taken by monsters to move monsters where you want them to.


In this 1st picture, it represents what happens to many spread – out bases. Destroy the base, destroy the TH and Silos last. This, of course, is a pain, because it means that we must kill all of the base. It is nearly impossible to, unless the base has an extremely solid NECoRG.

Usually, 99%, it is impossible to do this, so we must shorten the route and use 2 waves.

This next picture shows a rather classic demonstration of how this is done. Simply create a semicircle and fling the monsters at a distance where they will target the middle.


Here, I give you an example of how exactly this is done. This base in front of you is easy, only a 2 wave process.


Step 1:

My plan is to bait Fomor, using DAVE + zaff at the top of the base.

Following, I will eye-ra to destroy the walls to the RGs and towers. I need the RGs killed for my 2nd wave. This gets risky, but if all goes well and DAVES are flung right, it should all be good.

-Using zaff is legit, because the ADT is out of range.

Step 2:

Launch a massive army of brains/bolts in the middle of the base. Because of the walled pathing, I have no idea how the hell they could path, in fact, they might even fork along the way because of that pebble shiner. I’m going to use both, just to be safe.


Brain/Bolt Cluster Concept
(invented by Justin Kwan)

Definition: The opposite of forking, where a group of monsters split into 2 groups, clustering is where you start with 2 groups, to form one group.

*Why this matters: Pathing works in the way that it does. This method guarantees the same result as you would get with a 2 wave process.

The catch: It’s much more risky.

This is my base, and this is showing you how it would be vulnerable against this attack method if it had a NECoRG. Needless to say, I don’t have one on my base anymore.

“Predicting Pathing” (Targeting Towers)

Definition: Same as targeting RG, Except this one we will use much more commonly. It takes much longer to use this as far as taking down a base, however, it is much more practical.

-When we use this method, we level the whole base. There is no way to get it done faster.


The usual method when we “predict pathing” with towers is to kill the ADT and bunkers.

1. Use ichis/crabs to clear necessary towers
2. Use PPX to kill ADT and bunkers.

Using the 1st wave as ichis is important. We want the PPX to kill ADT and bunkers. That’s the entire reason we use these 2 waves.

Fundamental theory: If ADT and bunkers are knocked down, the rest of the towers can be taken down with Ichi + Zaff.

Extended on 1:
– Ichi isn’t necessary or have to be used by itself. If the ADTs are compact inside of a base, it is possible that Zaff could be used for more effectiveness.
– Crabatron can be used instead, if you are up against outside cannon towers (which is unusual) however, if you have a lot of excess goo and time, he can be used instead.
-Project X, especially with acid, can be used to kill necessary towers. Make sure that tanking is used as well.

Extended on 2:
-PPX is needed to quickly move towers. It’s important, especially with fortifications, to have a LOT of damage as to not have PPX stall.

-PPX Forking – Mastered and perfected by (RIP) Ace_Akita and myself. Forking PPX can be done by separating 2 groups to hit different towers to take on different paths on a base when raged, to kill more towers. It can also be done at intervals where the PPX will fork in the middle of an attack, although, this takes a lot of practice, and if you don’t have a YP view of the situation, a lot of luck.

Crab + PPx – If you fear the PPX won’t go far enough, try using crabs with the attack to tank for towers and booby traps after the rage is done.

Leaving us, at last, with the Following order of attacks:

1. Ichi
2. PPX
3. Ichi + zaff
4. Loot (finks, brains, bolts)



The Black Millennium Eye – Base by TheLittleOne

This is with analyzed pathing planning. Remember, the goal is to reach the ADT and Bunkers.

*Importance – The choice of waves I use in this demonstration are altered in the 1st wave. I use eye-ra instead of ichis because it is much less risky and also more efficient goo-wise.

Wave 1:

Eye-ras are targetted to head for this section of the base:

After they explode, the rail gun, other rail gun, and the bunker will all be lined up, because the pathing is destroyed.

Step 1: Clear out NEC. The closer the eye-ras are to the walls, the better chance the eye-ras will target them.
Step 2: Send in the eye-ras slowly at first to kill the walls in front
Step 3: Then send in the bucketload to kill the behind towers

*important: Even though the railguns are fortified, be careful to not kill the railgun completely. You need them to complete your next PPX in wave 2.

Wave 2: PPX

PPX pathing is as shown from the first pic in blue. The goal here is simply to kill the ADT and bunkers inside. It’s easy enough, and should work to include all of the towers.

Wave 3: Ichi + Zaff

Remember the fundamental theorem:

Fundamental theory: If ADT and bunkers are knocked down, the rest of the towers can be taken down with Ichi + Zaff.

We take down the rest of the base’s towers

Wave 4: Loot

Usually we use finks to loot, however, I would use bolts with this because the pathing and SDT look like a nightmare. I would use finks as well, because their claws can mess up pathing.

Bolts and Finks.

Boom! Base killed. Congratulations, you know the concept of “Predicting pathing”. There is more.

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