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AVA Annihilation Guide by chiakinakamura

Dog Tags : When anyone on the EU or NRF dies a dog tag will fall near their corpse. If you collect 3 dog tags you will get a bonus score known as “tactical points.”

As Redduck explains, if you collect 3 dog tags you’ll get a bonus score with 1 point being added to your personal score and 3 added to your team score. This is actually a great system and is the key part in winning Annihilation games. For every tactical point you make, then the best scenario is your team just killed 3 of the opposing team which means a total of 6 points were added to your team score, and in worst case scenario, 3 of your team mates were killed but you’ve tied it up with 1 tactical point.

Therefore, it is the tactical points which really makes the deciding factor into which side will ultimately win the game, aside from players shooting skill.

But the key factor with dog tags is not in just running around and collecting them but playing Annihilation strategically changing your method of play depending on the number of dog tags you have.

I will now explain what I mean by this.

1st Scenario

0/3: When you have 0 dog tags. In this situation just play like you would normally focusing on what’s in front of you. In this case just play in the play style you would normally play. However you should think about being positioned in a way so that you don’t become an easy kill to the enemy and easily accessible for the enemy to not only kill you but take your dog tag. What I mean is, even if you’re at 0/3 in dog tags don’t go rushing into their spawn like Rambo. The best place to be is somewhere in the middle of the map so that if you do get picked off your team mate can still benefit from taking your dog tag.

2nd Scenario

1/3: Having 1 dog tag shouldn’t change much in the way you play. One thing to keep in mind though, usually dog tags tend to be near each other since in Annihilation it usually goes like NRF person kills EU, EU person that was right behind dead guy kills that NRF guy etc etc. So after you do pick up one dog tag make sure there aren’t any others close by. If the situation is you killed someone and took their dog tag then it is even better since not only did you score a point for your team but prevented the other team from possibly getting an extra 3 points.

3rd Scenario

: This is the most crucial point in Annihilation. If you have 2 dog tags the best way to play is safe – meaning it’s best to be camping somewhere or closer to your side of the spawn or near your team mates. You should also start paying close attention to your map to see where the enemy is being shown on the radar. Also, use your rador to see where your teammates have recently died and head to the nearest one to hopefully pick up a dog tag.

Moreover, in this case if you see a dog tag on the ground in a semi-open area instead of dashing out shooting at a possible enemy just take your chances and dash to the dog tag. Even if you end up dying in the end the opposing team will have gained 1 point where as your team will have gained 3 points.

Soldier Roles:

Pointman + Rifleman

These two soldier types should be the ones rushing out into the field killing enemy soldiers while picking up dog tags. It’s best to have pointmen in front of riflemen since the pointmen can make for easy kills and if they get picked off the riflemen can probably pick off the enemy with their advantage of ranged weapons while picking up dog tags of their pointmen team mates and hopefully the enemies. Pointman and Rifleman should work in teams together moving towards the enemy.


Should just hang back in sniper areas and take out as many of the opposing team as possible. Snipers shouldn’t really be near the opposing teams spawn as not only will they make for easy targets but also will give dog tags to the opposing team making for a double lose lose situation. Also, if you’re a sniper and you’re moving to a sniper area in which a sniper is already there just change your course to another part of the map that is good for sniping. You NEVER need more than one sniper in the SAME place.

Team Balance:

These are my recommended # of pointmen, riflemen, and snipers for a team of 8.

2-3 Snipers
2-4 Riflemen
3-4 Pointmen

Having more than 4 snipers can cause a burden for your team since in most cases snipers are either taken out one at a time by other snipers or by nades. If there are more than 4 snipers on a team then it gives the other team to be able to easily take out more than one with nades alone.


Use ALL your nades. Best areas to through are near the enemies spawn area – NOT in their spawn. They make for easy kills. Also if you are the type which likes to throw nades over big areas do so with rifleman since they can throw the best. But don’t do the things listed below.

Things NOT TO DO

1. Throw nades right away at the beginning of the game – the game just started and there’s no way your nade which you just threw from your spawn area is going to reach anyone.

2. Throw flash nades anywhere near your spawn – more than likely you’ll just end up flashing your team mates.

3. Run with your nade out – there is really no point in doing that.

Nade Points:

Under Construction will upload vids soon.

Map Layouts:

Below are the map layouts for all Annihilation maps

Castle Rock

Cold Case

Chromite – Not yet released for AVA-ijji

Anaconda – Not yet released for AVA-ijji

Snake Eye – Not yet released for AVA-ijji

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