APB Reloaded Basic Combat Guide

APB Reloaded Basic Combat Guide by AvengeR3

Hey guys Avenger here with my first guide to APB:R. I am by no means one of the best players in APB, but I consider myself above average at APB aswell as other First Person Shooters. I wanted to write up a little guide focused on combat so here it is. Please don’t flame what I say, if you disagree with anything, it shouldn’t be hard to present yourself like a normal person.

1) Find a weapon that suits you. I cannot stress this enough, which is why this is my number one point. A friend of mine has recently started playing APB and when he gets killed by XX weapon, he goes and buys XX weapon. Then I hear him complaining, “this gun sucks.” Each weapon in APB is suited for different players as well as different roles. Try out different weapons, take a few rounds to get used to them. Find a play style that suits you in APB. Do you want to rush enemies and get up in their faces? Or do you want to sit back and pick off enemies from a far? Whatever you like, there is certainly a weapon in APB that suits you. There are weapons that fit a specific role (eg JG shotgun) while others can do many things (STAR 556, N-Tec).

2) Know your surroundings. Pay attention to shortcuts, ladders, rooftop access, steps, and other environmental things while you move around, especially when driving or running outside an opposed mission. When you know your environment, you will know what possible areas the enemy can come from, where you can possibly run to, etc. Also helps because you will know what weapons you want to use. If you see that the final capture point is near that big overpass on the map, maybe you should switch to a Semi-Auto rifle instead of that shotgun. Knowing hiding spots with the least possible entrances is a great help, especially when defending points or waiting for opponents.

3) Use your third person camera to your advantage. Pressing the “0 (zero)” key will zoom out the view on your character, allowing you to peek around corners without exposing yourself as much. Not using cover will get you obliterated in APB, which leads me to my next point.

4) Use Cover! Waiting for someone? Sit behind that wall and look over it using your mouse. Not using the third person camera in a game like APB puts you at a huge disadvantage. When your enemy comes near, aim in marksmanship mode, lean out using Q or E, and fire. 95% of the time if you can stay on target, that kill is yours.

5) Use marksmanship mode! I use marksmanship mode nearly all the time while using my STAR. Obviously, with SMG’s you can use it less, but with weapons like the N-tec or STAR the accuracy while hip firing is pretty bad. Sometimes crouching and using marksmanship can surprise enemies. You reduce your Time-To-Kill dramatically and stopping sometimes make enemies get confused.

6) That sniper keeps killing you? Take a vehicle right up to him and do your thing. I can’t stand when people complain how OP the sniper rifles are, or how much the sniper rifle user is a ***. Take any car, drive right up, and you have an instant advantage as long as your using anything besides a sniper rifle.

That’s about it. Pretty basic stuff I’ve always preached. Comments/criticism/questions welcomed.

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