GoalUnited FAQ

GoalUnited FAQ by parivajk

1. how many matches / week u can play to balance between not being tired/injured & taking experience ?
The rate how fast your players regenerate the energy is strongly depend on how good is your phisical therapist. I have Q:39 and i play every week friendly match on monday and two league mathes and all my players regenerate nearly full

2. Is it good idea to do training in a match day?
The funny thing that your players trained while they are playing a match too but i say yes, train tham every time its possibole

3. Does changing a structure make u pay the whole amount or difference between old bldg and new one?
Yes you pay the whole amount. You dont just pay the difference between levels.

4. Is there an overall ranking to all players in this game> how to access it?
There is one amoung the main tabs: United -> Ranking

5. In my understanding .. not having GU stars make u play only league and cup..?
Thats right

6. Is league and cup is home and away system?
You play in the cup with an opponent only once, if you win you get a new opponent if you lose the show is over. In the leauge there is a home and away match with everyone

7. A lot of team have squads consists of players from same nation although if u check their transfers.. says none..how can that be done…can u change nationality of your players
You can start the game with your own nationality if its in the game, so all your player will be the choosen nation. But you can’t change a playerz nationality for sure

8. There are many criteria it seems to define a good player.. Devision he plays in.. rank in league… average skill of team.. which one is the optimum way to define the best player in the server? 
Right now the club first eleven players strength shows how strong the team squad is

9. which skills r used to determine the strenght of a player? for ex: a playmaker uses only ‘playmaking’ or he uses ‘playmaking’ + ‘passing’, or all skills together? i also need formulas for other positions too, if they r to be found here..
I think you can find info about this in the help too but:
defender: tackling
wing: passing
midfilder: playmaking
stricker: scoring
The overal strength of the palyer is calculated form all but thies are the major skills

10. what’s the purpose of friendly matches (except the money)?
Your player will recive experience too, but yes money…try to lower the price to gather more people so you will recive full money from gastronomy

11. do players, which dont play in a match (league, cup, friendly), get the training effect or not?
Players who are subs won’t recive experience after a match, but the whole team will trained on tranings

12. when u wanna change the player from the field, do u have to drag him out of the field first, then drag the substitute, then drag the changed player to the reseves, or is there a more simple way to do it (coz i haven’t found any)?
Yes its working with the draging thing…

13. does it makes any difference if i put players like this

or like this

For your question No, there is not really any diff, but
Try to place your players to have full suitability for the specific position (the bar which is in the top of the player should be full), because than the player will do the best.

14. what effect has the ‘powerplay’?
don’t use any tactik till you train it over 70%

15. hi i just start playing so im a noob on this can some one tell me how can i make changes to tactics or substitutions during a game ? can we do that ?! if yes please tell me how ,i just thing at liss at half time we could make same changes !
no you can’t, its not possible in the game

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