CastleVille Painting Your Buildings Guide

CastleVille Painting Your Buildings Guide by StaceySparkles

A lot of my friends say
“Stacey, how you buildings so pretty?”
“Stacey, you such an artist, how can I make my CastleVille pretty too?”
“Stacey, how you make blue roof? :o ”

So I say I make guide for showing how easy to make making buildings more colourful. This not work on every building, but on most? YES!. Once you learn you say easy-peasy, and you have CastleVille as pretty as mine. Well, nearly as pretty!! :D

Step 1

Step 1. You see small green crucifix? Click here to make ‘Design Mode’ on. :)

Steps 2

Steps 2. Go to very left of new pop out bar. Click on artists bard. :)

Steps 3

Steps 3. Next, click on boring red-roof house. We going to change that to better look pretty roof.

Steps 4

Steps 4. Now little pop out bar with colours come pop out. We say hmm, we like green roof. Click on green. Roof turns green! :)

Steps 5

Steps 5. Now we get tricky. If we click diaganol box we go from ‘Primary colour’ into ‘secondary Colour’. This is for little details like on house it’s door, on barracks it’s bandeiras. Here we make door Red! :)

Steps 6

Steps 6. Here is where we do same thing same again on other houses. Do whatever you want to make pretty. This image shows a christmas pattern decoration.

Steps 7

Steps 7. Here is same houses in rainbow colours for lgbt pattern decoration. You can make any pattern you can think of with 8 colour. Go creative!

-hope this helps
xoxo StaceySparkles! <3

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