Avalon Heroes Scenario Complete Guide

Avalon Heroes Scenario Complete Guide by Grakor


Why a Scenario guide? Scenarios are hard, I don’t think you’ll find many people who would argue against that. Some scenarios I’ve been able to do in one go, others have required me to restart many, many times, taking up a large chunk of my time for a hero I don’t even particularly care about. Upon completing Aeonia-4, I came to realize that a lot of people have probably been suffering as I have. So, why not help remedy that?

This is also partially in protest to the design of the scenarios. They rely heavily on sucker-punches, ambushes, and inadequately explained objectives to have their difficulty. In truth, I’d say that the scenarios are much more manageable once you fully understand what’s expected of you and what is around the corner.

So, what can you expect from this guide? I’ll tell you what this guide is not, and it’s not a way to speed-run through the scenarios. I won’t tell you how to complete them fast, I’ll tell you how to complete them safe. I will encourage you to get in the strongest possible position you can be at every point in that particular scenario, speed runs can come after you’ve completed it once. Also, this isn’t a walkthrough. I won’t be holding your hand the entire way, as the scenarios themselves do a good job of directing you through the maps.

General Strategy

While each scenario is different and requires its own strategy, there are a few tips that everyone should know in making their experience much less frustrating.

Hit and Run – Some fights are too difficult to take on with your heroes in one go. Some fights are best fought by running in, doing some damage, and then retreating before you’re killed. This takes advantage of the fact that most monsters are closely leashed to the area they originally spawn in, and they tend to regenerate health much more slowly than your heroes. If a fight seems to be going badly, don’t hesitate to run away and heal up.

Armor and Harps – Each character is different and requires a different gear strategy, but there are two items that you should consider in almost every scenario except the first. The first is the Armor of the Absolute. 99% of all damage you take in scenarios is physical, auto-attack damage, so giving yourself a huge boost in defense will greatly reduce the damage you take over the course of the game. Second is the Harp of Muse. While the harp is only a marginal help to a lone hero, most scenarios have you controlling two or more heroes at a time, making it well worth the purchase.

Farm, Farm, Farm – Kill everything that you can. Many enemies respawn. Take advantage of this and kill them frequently for maximum experience and gold gains. Most enemies also have a limited number of respawns, so try to make the most of the respawns you can get. Some quests or objectives can let you shut off a respawn point early, never do this unless the experience and gold being given is essentially nonexistent.

Hotkey Those Heroes – Most scenarios will have you controlling multiple heroes at the same time, and this can get very confusing and hard to manage. Well, there are ways to help this. Use your hotkeys. Select a hero, hold down CTRL, and then hit a number. Now, whenever you hit that number, that hero will be selected. Give each of your heroes a number so that you can quickly swap to him or her in the middle of battle, which makes it much easier to use everyone’s abilities.

Scenario Guides

For the first couple, you won’t be able to buy items/equipment until after you’ve finished the item combination tutorials and continued on in the story a little bit. Just to note.

Aeonia 1

Two things of note in this one. First, after running through the towers to go kill the troll for the third sage, instead of destroying the gate, run up north and follow that path. You’ll get a side-quest to rescue a peasant from wolves. Kill everything up here (you may want to use/buy another Magic Protection Scroll to make the towers less annoying) and go west. An optional fight will occur. Killing the leader will net you some treasure boxes.

On your way to the fourth sage, you’ll see Cain go into the forest. Follow him and slay all the Corlitsburgs in the area, you’ll eventually face another boss. The Corlitsburg Knight will attempt to bribe you to leave him be. The choice isn’t that important, you can either get the Armor of the Absolute that he drops, at which point he’ll disappear, or you can kill him for a couple treasure boxes that he has. I recommend just killing him.

Congratulations! Pallas has fought her way into your kin!

Oriens 1

Monk enemies have a random chance of dropping a key. This key can give you a chance to access an optional boss, by dropping it into the well on the northeast corner of the map, near the merchants. The monsters aren’t difficult, but you may not see the key drop until you’re past that part of the map, so you may need to back-track. You’ll get some treasure boxes for your trouble.

Kill all the Purins that you see. The Mother Purin will spawn after you’ve killed enough of them. You’ll see a blip on your map where she spawned, but in essence she’s in the lake near the center of the map. She also drops treasure boxes.

If you’re killing everything, you’ll eventually be forced to fight a Master Orem and his many, many mirror images. Make sure to use Dancing Blade, as it does area-effect damage. Again, you’ll get some treasure.

Congratulations! Bingyokyung has confusedly stumbled into your kin!

Aeonia 2

The second scenarios are much more difficult than the first ones, and it’s here that things really start to get difficult. That said, most of the difficulty in Aeonia 2 is in the fights with the Corliitsburg Knight, the running fight with Bazraal, and knowing just what you need to do. As you get gold in here, concentrate on improving the defense and movement speed of Keias and Jarje. Armor of the Absolute, Harp of Muse, and Boots of Red Flame are good choices of items to buy here.

The first merchant you find (dead north of the starting spot, really) needs to have a healing potion dropped on him.

Don’t destroy the totems until the respective Cave Guard spawns have been depleted. Easiest way to destroy them is to use Keias’ ultimate to summon Cain, as he does extra damage to buildings. Two of the caves turn into portals once the totem is destroyed, the northwest-most one and the northeast-most one. One will put you in an ambush map where hordes of enemies swarm you (not very hard, use Jarje’s skills) and another where you face a golem mini-boss (tougher, make sure to retreat a character around if he gets too hurt.)

When you get Jonathan for the first time, don’t equip him with anything, he’s temporary. Do use his skill points, make sure to get Stylish Jump. Don’t destroy the buildings above the cave entrances until you’ve killed all of the monsters spawning. Mini-boss will spawn after, but he’s easy enough.

The Corliitsburg Knight is a bit tough. Easiest way I’ve found is to immediately turn around and slaughter the archers behind you first, using Jarje’s ultimate and Lightning Orb. Then you can hit and run him to death at your leisure. To rescue the merchant, walk up next to him and then left-click on him. Once you have all three pieces of the ritual, drop them on Laina back near the start of the map. The next part is time-pressured, so read ahead.

The objective here is to run away from Bazraal and lure him to the trap. Several complications will try to stop you, as is always the way. Don’t try to kill Bazraal, you won’t succeed. Note, however, that you CAN use Deceleration Potions on him to buy you a little time. I didn’t find it necessary, but it may help you. With boots and harp, I was still able to out-run him without the use of any consumables.

You’ll first have to run down and destroy a few boulders, then after a cutscene you’ll have to run past a small horde of enemies until you reach the gate. Once there, you’ll find it closed, but Jonathan returns to come to your rescue. Once you have control again, immediately have Jonathan run to the gate and use Stylish Jump to leap over the gate, kill the guard, and then left-click on the switch to open the gate. At the same time, try to keep Keias and Jarje running around so that Bazraal doesn’t kill them. Once the gate is open, run everyone away and try to lure Bazraal into the trap.

Congratulations! Jonathan has stylishly jumped into your kin!

Oriens 2

There’s no special item strategy for this map. Heathpati is temporary, at least for the moment. Don’t buy anything for her. You’ll lose Heathpati in favor of Shaochun almost immediately. Shaochun is also temporary, don’t buy anything for him. Do use his skill points: note that there are no heroes to fight here, so don’t bother with Economical Pressure. Forced Purchase is also of dubious gain here, so concentrate on Pain of Interest and Demon of Mammonism…if you have any left-over points for him, put them in stat gains. Have Takiru learn at least the first rank of Bite, and Juajin should concentrate on one switch stance of your choice and Harmony Stance.

I actually recommend against slaughtering everything on the map right away. Just go south and free the chief’s son. After a cutscene you’ll need to kill a fleeing guard, have Takiru use Bite on him to make it easier. The tower is the hardest part of this fight, after you’ve cleared all the guard spawns, hit and run it to death. Shaochun can use Demon of Mammonism to tank it better.

When the son reaches a certain point at the crossroads just north of him, an ambush will trigger. You’ll want to retreat everyone, as these things do a lot of damage if you’re facing all of them at once, then take them out a couple at a time.

You’ll get Heathpati back after you return. At this point you can kill everything, except don’t kill all the Orems! Killing the last Orem will teleport Takiru to a boss fight that he’s not ready for, and he’ll get summarily owned. I leave the one just north of the north village’s chief alive until I’m ready for that. Also, killing all the Purins will cause another Mama Purin spawn, in the southeast corner of the map. You’re not ready to kill her yet, so don’t bother going down there.

You’ll see Kazure when you make your way to the forest temple. You now have a choice, you can either keep Kazure, or you can talk to Heathpati and get her back into your group. As much of a Kazure fan as I am, I think Heathpati is more useful in this particular map due to her heal. Whatever your choice, this member is permanent, so feel free to equip him or her.

The remedy you need for the healer is “sold” by a merchant at the next map ping. Drop it on the healer to continue. The third chief will send you to fight a mini-boss, who’s not hard at all by this point. Get three weapons from the storage. At this point, a shaman will come up and start to try to batter down the gates of the southern village. Wait near the gate, and when it goes down, you can rush out to kill him and continue down for some more experience.

Once you’ve given the chiefs each a weapon, you should get ready for the optional fights. Near the center of the map, just east of one of the crossroads, is a little circular area that has nothing in it. This is where Takiru is supposed to fight the Orem boss. If you feel like being sneaky, send your other two characters into this circle so that they can take part in the fight as well. If not, have them drop all their items and give them to Takiru so he has the best stats possible, then have him kill the last living Orem. Use your ultimate(s) to help out. If you lose, you won’t be able to try again, so be careful.

Next is the Mother Purin. To the southeast is a path leading to her, with some more enemies to kill for experience. Slaughter through them, being careful of an attack from behind as you get closer to the end. She does a lot of damage, so make sure to use Heathpati’s totem if you still have her, and blow your ultimates. Retreat if someone gets too hurt, as is likely the case.

Once done, you can get ready for the final fight. Needless to say, go all out here, but be careful as the commander does a lot of damage. It might be easier to slay all the little guys first to lower the amount of damage you’re taking, and so that your allies can help you out. Once he’s dead, the scenario ends.

Congratulations! Shaochun has bargained his way into your kin!

Aeonia 3

Jarje is temporary, don’t equip him. One of the first items you should buy here is a Time Control Ring for Laina, as it will greatly improve her healing performance. Otherwise, the usual strategy applies. Make sure Laina concentrates on Healing Song, Siren, and Illusion, it’ll be a big help later.

When you’re fighting the second set of crab spawns, some bugs will come to attack you. They chase all the way to the end of the map, so retreat and take them out before killing the crabs themselves.

Once you go deep enough, Jarje will have to remain on a switch. When you go east enough from here, an ambush will be triggered and Jarje will fall under attack. If he dies, the trap in the hall will trigger, instantly killing anyone on the area. The best way to handle this is to pull back all of the insects over the trap, killing them all without moving too far east. Once they’re all dead, move down the hall a bit until you see Jarje exclaim that he’s under attack, then quickly run back and assist him, killing all of the enemies. Once you’re done, go back down the hall. You’ll find Dukan, who you’ll have to defeat. He deals a lot of damage, so try to keep up with the healing, stun him whenever possible and have Laina use Illusion near him.

The hallway next will flood with poison gas. This deals steady damage over time to everyone inside. Magic Protection Scrolls will make you immune, but I found that it was unnecessary, as Laina can heal through the damage so long as you’re careful and keep your heroes bunched up. You’ll want to kill the slime worms until you find a key, retreating when necessary to heal up. Once you have it, kill the big slime, heal, go to the room the key unlocked, kill everything here. There’s the switch to vent the gas.

The remaining slime worms respawn indefinitely, near as I can figure. If you want an easier time, you can stay here and farm them for a bit, but they give low gold and experience, so you may not want to stay too long. In the next room, once everything is dead, destroy the statues and have Laina and Jonathan stand on the two switches. You’ll have to backtrack a bit with Keias and clear a room with him. Group up and get ready for the next room.

Each mass of monsters in the next room can be made a lot easier by hitting them with Laina’s Illusion ability. At this point, you can just keep control of her, spamming Healing Song and Illusion to pass through the enemies while Keias and Jonathan kill everything. Each platform will require you to destroy the crystal to raise the bridge to the next, so keep going until you reach the next room. The Statue of Lunacy will summon four imps every time you do enough damage to it, so every time imps spawn, stop attacking the statue and kill them instead. Once the statue is destroyed, you’ll automatically get a Stone of Truthful Vision. Note that you can use this for certain combination recipes as well.

Once you go through the west door from the main hub room, you’ll want to step on the switches next to all the gargoyles facing south. Failing will spawn a guardian that you have to kill, unfortunately one that gives only one experience point, so there’s no point in intentionally getting it wrong in the hopes of more experience. Avoid hitting switches in the flooded room. At the end, kill the mermaids and destroy the statue. You’re about to have the boss fight with Dukan.

Dukan is pretty dangerous. He’s not particularly tough, but if you let him, he will swiftly kill one of your characters with Spirit Erosion. Do the usual, have Laina use Siren and Illusion, have Keias summon Cain and use Unfair Distribution, the works. Dukan joins you. Get his skills learned. Don’t bother with Spirit Erosion, it doesn’t work on anything you’ll be facing.

Going north, your objective is to defeat the three golems and leave a character on each switch. The golems are actually very dangerous, doing high damage and often chain-stunning the person they attack, at range. Keias can pretty much solo them with his ultimate if he needs to, with Laina healing. Be careful, as a chain of unlucky stuns can kill one of your more squishy characters very, very quickly. Leave Jonathan at the first switch, give his items to Dukan. Leave Dukan at the second, then defeat the third. Once all three guardians have been killed, leave Laina at the third switch, then move Keias back and swap him with Dukan on the second switch. Have everyone give all their items to Dukan. Move down the corridor to the final boss.

This guy’s main weakness is that, unlike the other guardians, he can only attack in melee, and he’s vulnerable to magic. Simply use Dukan’s arrow abilities on him, then run away, rinse and repeat until the golem is dead. Don’t let it hit you, as it can stun. It might take a while, but eventually the golem will go down and you’ll be victorious.

Congratulations! Dukan has sought refuge with your kin!

Oriens 3

Oriens 3 is actually one of the easier scenarios, if only because of the sheer number of mobs you can farm here. Most things respawn slowly, but they do respawn many times, making it so that you can hit 25 well before the map is finished, if you have the patience. No special item notes here, except that you can get a Boots of Red Flame for free a little bit in. There are no enemy heroes, so have Nachasha skip Seduction of the Ninetail. Make sure Mitsuki takes at least one rank of Whisper in the Dark. One trick here is that Mitsuki can pretty much go anywhere in the map, as nothing here can detect stealth. Use her to scout around.

Make sure to pass when the lasers turn off. Trying to go through while they’re on is bad. In most rooms in this place, you’ll find Spirit King Hatch. He can only defeated by destroying all of the Detection Weapons in the room, which look green. Destroy them and he’ll disappear from that room.

Meet Mandrakes, which will be annoying you for most of the map. They’re identical to the mandrakes summoned by Gandilva’s spell, meaning they’ll run up and explode on you. They can be pretty dangerous right now, but later they’ll mostly just be annoying. A good idea would be to send Mitsuki in to take the explosions to the face, then have her stealth away from the rest of the enemies and heal up before tackling the room for real. A couple rooms will have mandrakes spawn when you go too far in, such as the room through the east portal from the first room. Be careful.

When you find a location of one of the key pieces, Nachasha will have to stand on the blue circle and Mitsuki will have to defend her. Assuming you’re keeping yourself decently leveled, these parts aren’t hard at all.

In one room you’ll find Boots of Red Flame on the floor. When they’re picked up, a swarm of bugs will spawn, but they can’t see Mitsuki while stealthed, so you can nab them with her to make them appear, then send Nachasha in to deal with them after.

After you pass the search where Nachasha will comment about finding a particularly strong drug, the next room through the now-broken gate is a little dangerous. When you attack the creature in the center here, a whole mess of Mandrakes will spawn. Be careful, this can kill you if you’re not careful.

Once the door is opened when you have all three keys, you can go ahead and drop them. When you finally have to fight Hatch, he’ll be much stronger than he was in the past rooms, including having the same ultimate as Ignes, AKA the fiery crows that do some impressive AoE damage. Keep that in mind.

Congratulations! Nachasha has decided to grace your kin with her presence!

Aeonia 4

One of the more irritating scenarios. As soon as you have control, move Keias and Jarje back. Spend their skill points, I recommend focusing them on AoE damage this time around, going Critical Strike and Lightning Orb respectively, then picking up their passive/switch skills.

Once you’ve moved them to the castle, you’ll be switching perspective between Keias’ various friends, each with their own particular task. Don’t buy any of them anything, their starting items are enough to get them through their respective parts of the scenario.

You start off with Jonathan. When you level, I recommend concentrating on Burst Dance. There’s an ambush after a cutscene at the crossroads just south, and again after killing some of the mobs down there. Once you’ve killed anything, heal to full before continuing, you’ll start under attack after another cutscene.

Your objective now is to destroy the four ships. There are two ways to do this, the quick and dirty way, and the more profitable way. Quick and dirty is just shooting each of the gunpowder barrels and letting them take out your enemies with them. More profitable is to kill all the enemies, shoot the gunpowder barrels just enough to trigger the ambush to defend them, then killing those yourself as well. This will take more time, but nets you more gold, which you’ll be able to put to use much later. Obviously, I recommend farming as many of these enemies as possible. The rest is fairly standard.

You now control Dukan. As soon as you’re in control, use Eternal Fugitive and then run up north and then west. Run past the enemies down to the messenger, which looks like a fish. Move up next to the messenger and then kill everything attacking it. It’s very important that you defend the messenger, as if it dies you’ll immediately lose the scenario, regardless of your number of lives left.

Once you’re done, heal up. Note that the messenger does regenerate, just very slowly. If you’re paranoid, you can wait a while to let it regen some health. Start to pick off the group to the northeast that you skipped, staying near the messenger. After you’ve killed all but two, an ambush will spawn right atop of you. Remember that any enemy you personally attack will switch targets from the messenger to you. Once the ambush is dead, you can pick up the message. Before you deliver it, kill the rest of the enemies to the northeast for gold, then drop the message onto the messenger.

You’re now in control of Laina. Much like Jonathan’s end, there are two ways to do this: the quick and dirty, or the more profitable. Quick and dirty is using Temptation to mind control each ghoul one at a time, letting them kill each other. The more rewarding way is to hit and run them with Healing Song, as each one you personally kill nets you gold. Be careful and don’t let them attack you more than you have to, as these ghouls do much more damage than the ones you saw elsewhere on the map. Either way, take them down one at a time, then sell her ring. If you’re following this as you go through the map, you’ll want to read ahead so that you know what’s going on, as the next part is timed.

You’re now thrust back into control of Keias and Jarje. Now’s the time to spend the gold you earned. I recommend concentrating on getting Armor of the Absolute on both Keias and Jarje first, then going for Harp and damage items.

Now, to explain how this next part works. Your objective is to protect the altar in the middle of the castle. If it is destroyed, you’ll immediately lose the scenario, regardless of how many lives you have left. The enemy will come in waves at the three directions of the castle, either east, west, or south. You’ll get a warning each time this occurs, first that the enemies have spawned, and again when they reach the gate. Your allies stand at each of the directions of the castle, they start off at level 20. They will also most likely be dead before the end of the second wave, so you’d better come to terms with that.

For the first wave, you’ll want to let your friends tank for you while you keep your heroes around, helping as much as you can while soaking up experience and gold. If someone gets too wounded, run him to the altar at the center, as it essentially counts as a healing fountain. Concentrate on buffing up AoE abilities, they’ll be a big help as the fight goes on. Once the first wave is finished, you’ll be given a brief break to take a breather. The second wave will go much like the first, only most likely your friends will meet their demise here. Once someone dies, you’ll need to defend that direction yourself. The best way to fight is to keep Jarje and Keias parked right up against the altar, moving them so that they stand between the next wave and the altar. While there, they will regain large amounts of health every second, making them very difficult to kill assuming you pumped up their defense a bit.

During the third wave you’ll have a boss fight with a siege creature, same tactics apply. The fourth wave will come with another cutscene. At one point you’ll be simultaneously attacked from all three directions, this is a good time to try to position your heroes at the corners of the altar and burn your ultimates, or use Cain to temporarily tank one of the directions. Jarje’s especially can waste a group of enemies near on its own, in combination with his other skills. This will eventually end with a fight with Aiken. He’s really not that hard.

Congratulations! The Fletcher Brothers have joined forces with your kin!

Oriens 4

Probably the hardest scenario of the lot right now, so be prepared. You start off as Nanaricci. Don’t buy anything yet. The assassins can throw bombs, take advantage of that as you go around the map. Not much to say about this part, but make sure you go around the entire circle before you place the last assassin, as there’s some monsters you might miss.

You’re now in control of Aprasas. Look at her skills, make sure to max her damage spell and ultimate as much as you can, put the left-over points into stat boosts. Not much to say here either, make sure you kill everything before sending the elephant to Raiksha’s camp. Read ahead, as the next part is time-pressured.

Your objective is to kill the rebels before they reach the center of the map. There are four waves, each wave having ten enemies for each character. You must destroy at least thirty of each wave, or you’ll immediately fail the mission. Every character except Nanaricci is given some free items, though they’re definitely not enough to keep you all the way through, so be ready to upgrade some of them. Most important are the Sword of Fatal Venom (except for Nanaricci, the poison doesn’t stack with his passive) and the Armlet of Natural Disasters. You should have enough gold to upgrade both of these for most, if not all, of your heroes. You’ll also want to make sure everyone always has a deceleration and mana potion. When you get extra gold, Swords of Conviction and Punishment are good ideas, as are Robes of Red Flame.

Immediately move Raiksha up to the rebel spawn point: all of the rebels spawn from under a bridge at the edge of the map. Group each hero with his or her respective assassin/bomber, it makes it easier to control both. Once the waves start, have Raiksha use Knife Throw to stun an enemy and start slicing them up. One tip, have Raiksha hit an enemy once, then start on the other, that way the poison works its course on one enemy while you’re attacking the other. You shouldn’t need to start using Deceleration Potions until at least the second wave, but spam the use of your Armlets whenever possible. Ignes should do similar to Raiksha, but have him use Hellfire. Aprasas uses Strong Blast, Nanaricci just auto-attacks and uses the armlet.

Make sure to spend skill points as the waves go on, and move each hero back up near their rebel spawn point to get some free hits. Starting at wave 2, you may want Ignes and Aprasas to use their ultimates at the beginning of their waves, they can take out rebels very efficiently and let you concentrate on another character instead of them. Make sure the bombers are always working too, their damage is a big help.

This is something you’ll probably have to try a couple times before you get it right, unfortunately. As long as you’re spamming your skills, potions, and armlets, and making sure everyone is attacking something when they can, you should be okay though.

Once done, you’ll have the final stretch of the map. This isn’t that hard, but you may want to solo through the map by hit-and-running with Nanaricci, as Raiksha/Ignes/Aprasas are probably under-leveled for the enemies here. The mission ends as soon as you destroy the fourth boulder.

Congratulations! Yunkwanchung has added his wisdom to your kin!

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