Avalon Heroes Corridor of Lunacy Guide

Avalon Heroes Corridor of Lunacy Guide by Anemone69

Alright, as I’ve completed this on Hardcore, I figure I should post how to beat this map easily.

Best heroes for the job (can clear nightmare): 2x Fletcher brothers 2x Kazure 2x Heathpati 1x Secmat. 1x Laina.

Both fletcher brothers need both of their nukes and the skill that lowers cast times, as well as one Awakening item a piece. Heathpati needs the totem, but is more flexible. Both Kazure need their Splash damage skill, stunning hit skill, and buddha statue skill. Secmat needs her passives. Laina needs Illusion, healing song, and slip.

At the start, Pair the heathpati with fletchers, secmat with a Kazure, and Laina with the other Kazure. Immediately get the fletchers the awakening items. EXPECT TOWERS TO FALL EARLY. You only need to hold the north and south choke towers, the rest, are expendables.

Powers: Fletcher should rotate between int and allstat. Heathpati and laina should focus entirely on survivability. Secmat needs Agi and Allstats for cost effectiveness. Kazure needs Phy and Str.

Swords. Secmat needs ethereal weapon, shaft star, misa, war hammer, and cenatol. Her high attack rate will make the most of them. Konig reversal goes to a Kazure. Awakenings go to the Fletchers.

Saving for Rings of time control is optional, but the fletchers do make good use of them. I would suggest not getting them though, except for on Laina, who needs it to spam illusion.

Choke pairings. One heathpati, kazure, and fletcher to a side. Secmat and Laina should not be on the same side. Pair the konig fletcher with Secmat. Laina should be spamming illusion, and healing song on anyone taking damage. Dropping slip randomly into the croud helps too.

The Heathpati should get detect items.

Using this build, and golden coins should allow you to beat CoL on nightmare.


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