Wolf Team Tape Tutorial

Wolf Team Tape Tutorial by happyface104

Hehe, You know what tape is good for? Everything. From sticking together pieces of
cheese to helping you own in WT. But wait…How does it help you own in WT? Well I’ll
tell you this ancient secret passed down from no generations at all.


So… how does this help with no scope? It helps plenty.
Things you’ll need:
Clear Tape(or something close to it)
A Marker(preferably Black)

1. Get a piece of tape(not too big) and use the scissors to cut it into a tiny circle the size of ur pinky nail. (lil finger)
2.Try to cut as tiny of a piece of paper and use the marker to put a dot on it.
3:Stick the tiny piece of paper with the dot on it to the tape(make sure the black dot is touching the sticky side of the tape)
4:When playing snipe, scope and look for the middle of the screen.
5:Then allign the tape’s dot with the inscreen dot.
6:VOILA! UR VERY OWN NOSCOPE CROSSHAIR! Be sure to use only Stout or Em-40 because no scope DOES NOT WORK with Awp(I-I15) or SVDR.

Crude example drawing

Zerker Noobz

This really helps you if you are newb to zerker

Things you’ll need:
Clear Tape(or something close to it)

1:Get piece of tape
2:Stick piece of paper smaller than your piece of tape
3:Stick it a few centimeter below the Colon sign in the timer.
4:Aim and pwn some nuubs

Crude example drawing

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