War of Angels Fishing Guide

War of Angels Fishing Guide by iiKiELii

How to use Fishing skill in-game:

1) First you’ll need a Fishing Rod and Worms/Earthworms for bait. you can buy those from Graham the Blacksmith in-game.

2)Equip the Fishing Rod and the bait, then stand near a body of water.

The slot highlighted by a Blue Box is the “Other 1” slot and the other(Red) is the “Other 2” slot.

3)press “k” on your keyboard to open the skills window then drag that fishing skill icon into any slot of your shortcut bar.

4)press the shortcut key for that slot to open the fishing mini-game window. and press “F” on your keyboard to start the mini-game.

How the Fishing Mini-Game works:

*Every fishing attempt takes 1 bait, whether it was successful or not you won’t get that bait back.
*The timer…. doesn’t really seem to have much use for now.
*At first you’ll have to wait until a fish gets hooked. Then a fish with a number above it and a sliding arrow will appear at the bottom part of the mini-game’s window.

*What you need to do here is to press the number on your keyboard once the sliding arrow is above the fish. You’ll have to do this a couple of times. Note that if you press the wrong number or pressed it too early/late then you’ll lose that fish.

*Be sure to get your reward after every successful fishing before starting another one. They don’t go into your inventory automatically.

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