SWTOR Juggernaut Immortal Spec Build Guide

SWTOR Juggernaut Immortal Spec Build Guide by Lyon

Why hello there, any who stopped by and actually will read this. So in the most recent(The last) beta testing weekend, I played a Jedi Guardian, so I didn’t spoil any of the story for myself, to test out the skills to see how I would feel overall about them, well during the process, I managed only to hit level 26, but I believe I have discovered the build I will be using when the is released, and the order in which I will put the points into the skills. Here is a visual of what the skill trees shall look like: http://www.torhead.com/calculator/sk…MGcubrouRZhG.1

Now, we get onto the text representation of the build:

Immortal Tree

Tier 1

Battle Cry: 3/3

Quake: 2/2

Enraged Sunder: 2/2

Tier 2

Intimidation: 0/2

Last Out: 2/2

Guard Stance: 3/3

Tier 3

Heavy Handed: 2/3

Unleashed: 0/2

Invincible: 1/1

Blade Barricade: 3/3

Tier 4

Thrown Gauntlet: 1/2

Revenge: 2/2

Shield Specialization: 2/2

Tier 5

Sonic Barrier
: 2/2

Crash: 0/1

Backhand: 1/1

Force Grip: 1/1

Tier 6

Sweeping Fury: 3/3

Dark Blood: 2/2

Tier 7

Crushing Blow
: 1/1


Tier 1

Single Saber Mastery: 0/3

Decimate: 3/3

Improved Sundering Assault: 2/2

Tier 2

: 3/3

Dreadnaught: 0/2

Unyielding: 0/2

I feel that this build generally covers all bases that will be needed for PvE especially, Now, I will go into how I initially spent the points to get some constructive criticisim from people who’ve been playing the class for awhile.

Level 10-12 = Decimate

Why? Because considering Smash is our only CC move to start with, it’s nice to beef up our power until we get Soresu form.

Level 13-14 = Improved Sundering Assault

Why? It does additional stacking of reducing armor, I personally think that is more helpful then going the building an additional rage point early on, as it lowers the defense and makes the target more gankable to your companion/group mates as well.

Level 15-16 = Enraged Sunder

Why? Well this one is fairly obvious as well, now you get the additional oomph to your Sundering assaults.

Level 17-19
= Battle Cry

Why? Because it’s a free threat attack with a decent threat generator that you will be using throughout your life.

Level 20-22 = Guard Stance

Why? Because it adds additional defense when in Soresu form by another 6%, which equals 12% defense all around.

Level 23-24 = Last out

Why? Because it lowers the cost of an awesome move which also generates yourself more defense once you’re around these levels due to another skill you acquire directly after this

Level 25-27 = Blade Barricade

Why? Because it gives you an additional 6% defense when you use Retaliation, which you will be using a lot in conjunction with your attacks.

Level 28-30 = Heavy Handed

Why? Additional damage, some may say it isn’t very tank like, but if you can’t help drop the target quicker with skills you will be using a lot, what should you get instead?

Level 31 = Invincible.

Why? Because it’s one of your tanking skills, though just like the others, it has a nasty cool down.

[B][U]Level 32-33[B][U] = Shield Specialization

Why? Because you get an additional 4% chance to activate the shield, that makes it generate a LOT more, and will absorb a lot more then one may think

Level 34-35 = Revenge

Why? Because it is most definitely more useful then Thrown Gauntlets.

Level 36-37 = Sonic Barrier

Why? Because your Force Screams will now generate an additional shield to absorb damage for 10 seconds, at 100% chance. And due to screams lower cool down, you’ll be getting that additional shield with 2 seconds in between each Scream.

Level 38 = Backhand

Why? To generate more threat and it’s just to be a ****** as well.

Level 39 = Force Grip

Why? To unlock the next tier, and because not having to channel choke is amazing.

Level 40-42 = Sweeping Fury

Why? Because I find it more useful for surviving then Dark Blood, it helps quite a bit for a lot of your skills

Level 43-44 = Dark Blood

Why? Only other option up there, and it -is- useful.

Level 45 = Crushing Blow

Why? It’s the top of the tree, can’t leave that bare.

Level 46-47 = Quake

Why? Because it lowers the enemies Accuracy, and any lower in Accuracy is good. It will help, even if only minorly.

Level 48-50 = Accuracy

Why? To cap it off, and to allow you to have more overall Accuracy, will help quite a bit in reality, considering everyone starts with 90% Accuracy, without any gear buffs you’re already hitting more often then them, even if only slightly.

Well, there you have it. It’s not really a LONG read, but it surely isn’t a small post, sorry if it seems clunky to any who DO read it, but I appreciate any and all input, I am VERY much looking forward to the games launch, and I will see all of you there! Well, not really see you there, but you know what mean lmao.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think i´ll skip Improved Sundering Assault for Quake during leveling.
    In lower levels, you fight mostly trahshmob groups, so you dont use Sundering Assault that much. Also you climb up the tank tree earlyier which is nice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm going to start following this as I level my jugg, luckily I had already been placing my points the same way you did.

    Thanks for posting

  3. Anonymous says:

    No comments yet and its been up a while … nice work. im following it.

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