Star Legends Vanity Drop Locations

Star Legends Vanity Drop Locations by Ephemeris

Vanity drop locations are still somewhat of an enigma, though — as the days go by (and more of them drop) — we are gradually able to better piece the story of what drops where together. In an effort to create the best such database possible, I ask that you please share your first-hand observations here — that is, this thread — such that we can keep the knowledge share going. My sincere thanks to everyone that has contributed thus far!

Yanis’ vanity database (for reference): Link

General Community “Consensus” Regarding Vanity Drop Locations:
* Any vanity can drop in any level of any campaign — the odds are just extremely low.

Ephemeris’ Alternative Hypothesis Regarding Vanity Drop Locations:
* The X-Ray Visor is (or, perhaps, was) the only vanity that can(/could) truly drop anywhere based on the data received to date. Despite the lack of screenshots, several fairly credible reports of X-Ray Visors dropping pre-D7 have surfaced, though all of these reported drops occurred during beta. Post-beta data seems to suggest that vanities can no longer be obtained from campaigns preceding D7 — this includes the X-Ray Visor. That said, my guess is that the X-Ray Visor was selected by Development as the lone “test vanity” for ensuring drop mechanics and such prior to the release of Numa (whereby it was “relocated” to drop in D7 and Numa, tethered with the Mechanical Man Helmet and Squid Buddy, and enlisted in its “final” drop scheme). As such, I believe that we can safely consider the release of the Numa campaign to be the start of the “true”/”final” vanity drop scheme.
* Vanities (in pools of three) seem to have a life-cycle of two campaigns (i.e., D7 –> Numa; Slouch-O –> SY). Until we see a new vanity drop in SY, my stance will be that we will not see a new vanity until the campaign following SY (whereby this vanity — likely packaged with two additional vanities — will drop through the campaign following the next).
* The D7 and Numa campaigns both yield X-Ray Visors, Mechanical Man Helmets, and Squid Buddies; perhaps drop odds are slightly better within Numa for the three aforementioned vanities.
* The Slouch-O and SY campaigns both yield Tragedy, Comedy, and Zany Glasses; perhaps drop odds are slightly better within SY for the three aforementioned vanities.

Supporting Observations:
* The X-Ray Visor is the only vanity that has been reported to drop prior to D7 (during beta; however, no pre-D7, post-beta X-Ray Visor drops have been reported to date).
* The X-Ray Visor, Mechanical Man Helmet, and Squid Buddy have all been looted in D7 and Numa since the release of the Numa campaign. To date, I have never seen any proof of these three vanities dropping beyond Numa (i.e., in Slouch-O and SY).
* Comedy, Tragedy, and Zany Glasses all appeared with the release of the Slouch-O campaign. In addition to dropping within the Slouch-O levels, these three vanities have also been looted within the SY campaign. To date — much like I stated in my previous bullet — I haven’t seen any proof supporting that these three vanities may be looted prior to Slouch-O.

Vanity Desirability:
* Disclaimer: The following section should be taken with a grain of salt, as the desirability hierarchy will likely shift with the release of new campaign duos.
* In my humble opinion, the X-Ray Visor is the most difficult vanity to acquire at this point. While hypothesized to “drop anywhere,” we have no data to suggest that it still can be looted anywhere. Using my “two campaign life-cycle” hypothesis presented earlier, fewer people are running D7 and Numa these days (i.e., they are being looted less frequently). Moreover, due to their “good looks,” owners are more inclined to hang onto these. In turn, X-Ray Visors are currently fetching the highest prices in the C.S., and, likewise, making the fewest appearances.
* I would rank the Mechanical Man Helmet as the second-most desirable vanity drop. Again, its “looks” — much like the X-Ray Visor — certainly influence owners to retain it (thus reducing its
appearances in the C.S.).
* Though not seen as much as of late, Squid Buddy seemed to be the most-seen vanity of the X-Ray Visor/Mechanical Man Helmet/Squid Buddy bunch. That said, quite a few people have one (or
more) of these. As I haven’t heard of these dropping outside of D7/Numa as of yet (coupled with fewer people running each of the aforementioned two campaigns where we know this item to drop), I would contend that it’s of slightly higher desirability than the forthcoming three vanities.
* Zany Glasses seem to drop less often than Comedy or Tragedy, though they still seem to be looted fairly often at the moment. For the time being, I think that they should reside here on the desirability totem pole.
* Comedy and Tragedy are the most-looted/most-seen vanity drops as of right now. As such, I am putting them at the bottom of the desirability ranks.

Confirmed Vanity Drop Mechanics:
* Vanities may be acquired with or without the use of an active luck enhancer.
* It is possible to loot a vanity in groups of all sizes (including solo runs).
* Vanities can drop off of both “trash mobs” and bosses.
* Vanities can be looted from both elite chests and regular chests.

Suggested Vanity Farming Locations:
D7 – DMC
Numa – OL/Squatter/Mining
Slouch-O – Venomous/Scorcher
SY – WT/Bio/Pulse

Suggested Vanity “Hot Beds”:
* Disclaimer: While we tend to believe that vanity drop odds are generally “equal” for all mobs within a given level (i.e., ‘Mob A’ in ‘Level A’ has the same probability of dropping a vanity as ‘Mob N’ in ‘Level A’), several players (myself included) have seen drop trends which seem to challenge this stance. In turn, since I don’t have a substantial amount of data to corroborate this possibility, I have elected to make this section as “food for thought.” This information may prove to be rubbish, though, so — again — take it with a grain of salt.
* The mobs in the farthest room from the starting position on the left corridor of DMC (D7).
* The mobs in the last room of WT (SY).
* The first spawning mobs within Bio (SY).
* The final mob pack prior to engaging the boss of Bio (SY).

If you have any additional observations to share, please do! I will do my best to continue to update this database as more information comes in.

Kind Regards,

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  1. I believe(based on guild mates and friends) that the drop rate for Squid buddy is significantly increased if you farm for it at Delta-7 : Honeycomb Hideout map at the Vular Egg(Last monster of the map).
    *I'm not very sure, but the squidheads(that look like the squid buddy) may be the clue to the drop rate of Squidbuddy in the map .

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