Mythos Global End Game Guide

Mythos Global End Game Guide by scotland

1. Breaking down Items in mythos is vital towards achieving end game quality.

Breaking down explained:
Every item you pick up that can be equipped can be broken down to receive crafting materials for
upgrading gears, creating potions or for  creating powerful skill gems to advance your skills beyond max.
in Level order from lowest to highest.
Rune stone powder
Rune stone piece
Rune stone crest
Advanced runestone
Legendry runestone
Magical rune stone Crest

You will Receive a mysticube at lvl 17 (quest from medison) this mysticube can be used to change
transmute items into other useable items, its also great for storage.

Mysticube Explained:

The rune stone pieces powder and crests i talked about above are inserted into the cube example* x4 legendary Runestones
inside the cube, hit combine and they turn into 1 Magical Runestone Crest.
(Gems that have stats such as +4 Str need  x4 to change and gears and potions need 3.)
These Magic Crests are so important to end game Quality its Vital that you save as many as possible.

Routes to take:

1. You can pick up and sell every item you ever come across, you start making decent profit, and then when your rich after hours maybe even weeks of Runs you can buy up all the crests and make Magic Rune stone crests with the cube, or if your rich enough you can buy magic crests providing people sell.

2. As soon as you log in you start to break items down, and i’m talking about all items, unless you want to id an item to see if its any use to your class otherwise don’t id and break it down. From breaking down every thing at the start of the game till almost end game you will have collected enough Magic Crests to create your very own Skill gems. (due to breaking down every thing you will be very poor i suggest taking up potion crafting buy recipes to learn from vender in the main city)

Skill Recipes and Skill Gems:
Skill recipes are found in certain dungeons or from bosses They are a key ingredient to making Skill Gems.
Each Skill gem requires x4 magical runestone crest + 1 skill Recipe to create in the Mysticube.
When placed in a certain piece of Armour, weapon or jewelry you obtain the skill when equipped, this will push your skill to the next level.
The max amount of Gems for each skill is 5. Even if you have not learned the skill adding the skill gem will give you the skill on your skill page to drag to your hot key bar. There are three different types of recipes
Blue Print is for gadget gems
Scroll is for pyro gems
Parchment is for Blood letter gems

Ok now it will be very hard to try and figure out all of these skills your self but lucky for us an older player managed to get information on all or most of the skill recipes the link can be found here i take no credit for this list.

Hopefully this Ruff guide will help you obtain true power on mythos, and remember those magic crests are key be wise as to how you use them do not get carried away when your at end game and waste them.

Good Luck.

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