Maegica Online Heroes Training Guide

Maegica Online Heroes Training Guide by admin

If you find that you keep losing the battle, maybe it’s time that you get your heroes training. Check the following steps to do it.

Step 1:        Click on the Training Grounds and click Train

Your hero’s level can not be higher than the town hall level but never should you stop training your heroes until they reach the top.

Step 2: You can choose whatever mode or hours   you like and you can also
If you feel tired of waiting for that long, you can click Fast Track to quicken the journey.

Training Heroes = Fast tracking/exp an hour
A few have wondered about fast tracking and the exp rate was an hour, ive done a few tests and the result will be listed below as i explain it.

The Question that gets asked the most is:
In the 8 hour training period, does my hero gain exp every hr or a level at the end of the 8hr period?
The answer to this question is yes you gain a certain amount of exp a hr and depending on what lvl your hero is they can gain a lvl but once they start to get into the mid 25+ lv you might find the lvl gain may take 2-3 8hr trainings a day.

Next question that gets asked, does Fast tracking = the exp i get an hour?
the answer to that question is yes.
To play smart you need to think a head, do you want to be spending heaps of laurels on a early stage hero? then answer would be no, i would let the training period gain my levels for me, so i can save my laurels and use them to upgrade my academy training.
Others would say yes, fast track him earlier to get a good jump start. If being new to the game you dont have alot laurels to throw at your hero therefore normal training period is the best option once you get more into the game and start to access your 2nd and 3rd hero, you can fast track them to catch upto your main hero.

One hour normal training experience = Fast Track training experience.
Any one would like to test it?

Time is 5.55pm Monday GMT+930
Paris level 15 Current: Exp 9906 / 10800
Bellerophon level 18 Current Exp: 5357 / 16200
Medea Level 10 Current Exp: 205 / 5400
Robin Hood level 19 Current Exp: 11425 / 18000

Fast Track Exp: 1824 exp
Training Space: 4


Time 6.55pm GMT+930
Paris level 16 Current Exp 1400 / 12600
Bellerophon level 18 Current Exp: 7615 / 16200
Medea Level 10 Current Exp: 2463 / 5400
Robin Hood level 19 Current Exp: 13683 / 18000

Fast Track Exp: 1824 exp
Training space: 4

As you can see Fast track = Exp you make a hour on your hero.
Some people may see that the numbers dont match up, but ill explain why.
As you see below i have work out how much exp they have earned in the hr and what training period i gave them and what enhanced mode they was in.

Paris Gained 2294 exp in 1 hr (24hr Training)
Bellerophon Gained 2258 exp in 1hr (8hr Training)
Medea Gained 2258 exp in 1hr (8hr Training)
Robin Hood Gained 2258 exp in 1hr (8hr Training)

All are training in Enhanced Mode (120%)

If math is right
Fast Track = 1hr normal training, im about 100% sure that this is correct.

Which means Fast tracking 6x times a hr (10min CD) = 10,977 exp a hr if i was loaded with laurels (75 laurels each time).
As you can see fast tracking will give your heroes a boost in exp but you lack the laurels to upgrade equipment.

Ive explain what i know and i hope it will help newcomers to the game and provide knowledge to those who didnt know or never noticed

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