Maegica Online Beginner’s Tips

Maegica Online Beginner’s Tips by admin

1. Occupying a town within your nation will not cost you any troops.

2. If you have a Commander, your Followers will give you 5% of their taxes. If not, you will receive 10%.

3. Once your Town Hall has reached level 15, you will have to begin to recruit soldiers.

4. Once your Town Hall has reached level 35, you will begin to lose orders if you lose when attacking NPCs (Occupy and Group attack are not included).

5. Hero Traits:
– Bravery affects your Hero’s physical attack and defense.
– Technique affects the attack and defense of your Hero’s special ability.
– Magic affects your Hero’s magical attack and defense.
– The success ratio of Dancing Maidens is random. It is not affected by equipment, statues or technology.
– Revive is ONLY related to troop amount.

6. If you do not want to wait for a Battle Report, simply refresh the page.

7. Every time you level up your Market, the Trading Volume will be updated.

8. Every time you level up your Merchant’s Guild, the Trade Relations Volume will be updated.

9. With every attack, cool downs will increase. Once a day, this cool down duration will refresh to its original duration.

10. Do NOT enhance items if the chance is less than 95%.

11. If you are a purchased player, spend Celest on Training Slots and Construction Teams to expend efficiently.

12. Investing will boost Prosperity of your Nation’s land.

13. Use Active Protection to protect you from other nation enemies. This Protection lasts for 8 hours. Attacking others will cancel this Protection.

14. Choose a Nation before joining a League!

15. Dancing Maidens increase Morale by 100. Oracles of Light and War Drums boost Morale with no set limit.

16. If your Item Storage is full, additional items will only last for 72 hours.

17. If you do not know how to play, we recommend joining a League.

18. The level of Armory determines how many troops you will receive for free.

19. Before reincarnation, you do not need to un-equip you Hero.

20. The max Blessing status is your current Hero’s level + 20.

21. When in battle, “Crit” means the damage was doubled, and cannot be blocked.

22. You will not receive rewards unless you defeat every NPCs on your current map. Undefeated NPCs are labeled with a red banner.

23. Grain price will be changed every 30 minutes. 0.5 is the minimum, and 2 is the maximum.

24. Even if you have better items, save all Purple equipment.

25. Save your Gold for upcoming activities.

26. Cities belong to the player with the highest Nation Land.

27. Each player has the unique opportunity to attack an epic NPC each day.

28. Formation Information

– 4th slot of Formation requires: Level 25 Town Hall and Level 25 Tech Centre, with Level 5 Formation technology.
– 5th slot of Formation requires: Level 45 Town Hall and Level 45 Tech Centre, with Level 10 Formation technology.

29. Low loyalty will decrease your taxes. The only way to retrieve loyalty is through certain activities.

30. With the beginning levels, you will receive bonus Gold by leveling up your Town Hall.

31. Farm and Mine outputs result in how many resources you receive every 10 minutes.

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