Lineage II Magic Criticals Guide

Lineage II Magic Criticals Guide by Videl

First of all a review of Magic Critical History:

It was Discovered that Magic Critical Hits are Based off a character’s WIT and through testing
a rough estimated was produced in finding out a characters Magic Crit Rate.

Base on Nukers with a +4 WIT Tattoo and either Major Arcana or Dynasty’s +1 to WIT you would have these
WIT amounts and magic crit rates base on the following old data before updates:

Mystic Muse 28 WIT = 1.18% Chance
SoulTaker/ArchMage 25 WIT = 1.02% Chance
Storm Screamer 24 WIT = 0.97% Chance

Gracia Part 1 Changes to Magic Critical Damage Quoted from Patch Notes:

“Changes to Magic Critical Damage

-The magic critical rate has been increased to 10 times.
-The magic critical damage has been decreased to 3 times from 4 times of normal damage.
-The magic critical damage rate has been adjusted so that its occurrence rate does not exceed a maximum of 20%.”

Gracia Final Changes to Magic Critical Damage Quoted from Patch Notes:

“Changes in Magic Critical Damage

-In PvP situations, magic critical damage has been decreased.”

Thanks to an NCSoft North American Employee, when posting patch notes about this on the
forums during PTS, it was said the reduction changes are from 3x to 2x and applys in Live today.

So Based on the changes from those 2 updates you can now expect the following Magic Crit Rates on your Nukers:

Mystic Muse 28 WIT = 11.80% Chance
SoulTaker/ArchMage 25 WIT = 10.20% Chance
Storm Screamer 24 WIT = 9.70% Chance

During PvE you will have a 3x Crit Damage amount & During PvP you will Crit for 2x.

Now we get to the good part, good old NCSofts Cryptic, Vague and almost always confusing Discriptions
of what exactly do the skills we have actually do. Am I right? or Am I right? lol.

A good example of this and Magic Critical’s is our good old basic Wild Magic Buff.
The Skills disciption Quoted exactly:
“For 20 minutes, increases by 2 the damage rate of magic”

We are then left with being unsure on what exactly that “2” is really doing for us?

The 3 most accepted ideas are:
+2% M.Crit Rate
x2 M.Crit Rate
+2 to a M.Crit scale of say 1~10 or 1~20.

This just leaves people completely Baffled, confused, bewildered and perplex’d beyond reason.
Not to mention very angry in some cases.
Many other skills in this game have the same confusing issues and it begs the question
“Why NcSoft? Why do you keep doing this to us? WHY!?”

With that being said, doing tests of my own I feel that the +2% idea is incorrect, based on
m.crit rate as a whole, i’ve gone out nuking without WM buff or any other magic critical rate buffs, and it
seems as if you m.crit very rarely if at all, but once receiving WM buff out of no where you get m.crit’s regularly
on an average basis. Now how can 2% effect your M.Crit Rate that much? its only 2%?.
Now maybe I just got unlucky at how many M.crits I got without the buff, who knows,
test for yourself and see what happens.

Back to the patch notes, now we have a very confusion statment from NCSoft that either got people completely
confused or just very upset (very happy if you are an “I hate Nukers” person) in assuming it ment 1 thing,
that being a very low and Sh**ty magical critical rate.

“The magic critical damage rate has been adjusted so that its occurrence rate does not exceed a maximum of 20%.”

Based on my Tests, this is NOT our actual Magic Crit Rate but as it says an “Occurrence” system ment to maintain a
fair lvl of magic criticals for the game, this being ment to cut back on Crying forum Posts & complaints over people
getting upset at how a mage magic critted them and how it was unfair based on damage done
(And as you saw in this Gracia final update we have, they futher reduced magic crit dmg to 2x rate for PvP).

Now it is my belief that the magic critical “Occurance System” isnt fixed at a Static 20%, and that it has buffs
to change it, as well as an “exception to the rule” or a minimum requirement of Nukes from a Nuker.

My tests have shown that this Occurance system is a system based apon how many times a nuker shoots at the same target
and is always resetted when attacking a new target, weather that be mobs in PvE or players in PvP.

It seems that you need to shoot the same target 4~5+ times before the 20% Occurance system takes affect, as I’ve
had it to where I have m.critted a mob with the first nuke, and even had multiple Critical Hits in a row,
such as 3 m.crits in a row on the first 3 shots of the same target. Now if this 20% system was running that would have not
been aloud, but at the same time what is 20% of 3 shots? that would be 6/10’s of 1 of your nukes, and it wouldn’t
seem right to denine us a chance at an m.crit based on a fraction of our first few nukes now would it?
This brings us to the idea that the game is then giving us a fair chance at hitting a target hard based on our full critical rate
and not being restricted to a low 20% Occurance System.

Now I did say something about being able to break that nasty 20% Occurance System with certain buffs right?,
I belive there are certain buffs that actually increase our “Occurance Cap” by x2 there by giving us a 40% over-all
restriction to our total number of m.crits aloud compared to our total shots done on 1 target.

Now with that being said, you compare what i’ve said here to the Disciptions of Magic Critical related Buffs and you
will notice difference’s in how they describe what the buff is actually doing, and the words used.

I have come up with what I believe all these buffs are actually doing for your magic criticals, and tests so far
have supported my theory’s.

Prophecy of Water = Magic Critical Occurance Cap x2
Chant of Victory = Magic Critical Occurance Cap x2
Victory of Pa’agrio = Magic Crit Damage +20%
Prophecy of Fire = Magic Critical Occurance Cap x2
Prophecy of Wind = Magic Crit Rate +20%
Magnus’s Chant = No Crit Rate or Dmg
Magic Impulse = Magic Crit Rate x3
Wild Magic = Magic Crit Rate x2
Siren’s Dance = Magic Crit Rate x2
Necklace of Valakas = Magic Crit Rate x2
Enlightenment = Magic Crit Rate x1.5
Magician’s Will = Magic Crit Rate +5%
Divine Enchanter Hero Spirit = Magic Crit Rate +20%

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