Jade Dynasty Astral Tales Event Guide

Jade Dynasty Astral Tales Event Guide by Raine

Guide for astral tales event, sry for the watermark

other maps will be added later.


1. Having more people lets you kill the boss faster, and the faster you finish it, the higher chance you complete the quest a lot of times and gain more experience points.
2. Always bring a lot of Spirit remedies to spam high damage skills and kill the boss faster. And for the tanks, which is usually the player who has higher damage or higher level, bring a lot of Health remedies to prevent yourself from dying.
3. If all player’s Teleport skill is ready, it is advisable to teleport back to town after killing 2nd guardian, so you won’t have to take the long walk to the 3rd guardian.
4. Lure 5th, 6th, and 7th guardian together and hide somewhere safe, so you won’t have to worry about someone else stealing it.
5. If you can’t find the guardian especially at 6th and 7th, even it is not honorable, you could steal off guardians from other realm, well lets call this “realm hop”.


The Billows:

1. Full party please!
2. Bring a lot of Health and especially Spirit remedies to spam skills and kill guardian faster.
3. 14-28 free bag slots is recommended.
4. If possible, lure 5-6-7 guardian in one place.
5. “Realm hop” if needed
6. Everyone teleport to town after killing 2nd guardian (if possible), because 3rd guardian spawns near town, and that is very far away from 2nd boss!
7. Mounts and flying swords is optional but will be useful.


Doom Bog:

1. It is strongly recommended to have a full party.
2. Absolutely bring a lot of remedies.
3. It’s best that everyone have an upgraded backpack or lot of space so coming back to Sunstream just to submit quest during event time won’t be necessary.
4. If possible lure 5th, 6th, and 7th guardian to one place.
5. “Realm hop” is recommended for missing guardians especially 6th and 7th guardians.
6. Teleport back to town after killing last guardian.
7. Having a mount or flying sword is useful too.

*My english isn’t perfect, so please don’t actually mind my grammar.
Hope this guide was useful. Use it well.

Credits to Ell for The Billows items and some coords

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