Jade Dynasty Ascension Guide

Jade Dynasty Ascension Guide by Mary

I was thinking some people have questions about what happens after ascension or the process to ascend. You should post here and the players who already ascended maybe can answer. i won’t try to make a detailed or accurate guide, if anyone can make one.. please feel free to post it here.
Ascension can be done at any lvl starting with 135.

Not identically or might not be so accurate (sorry for that) short steps i had to follow to ascend at lvl 150:
I went to Taisung the Tao, in Jadeon, was in r11, was missing in other realms, maybe not all. (having the Mandatory Ascension quest in quest list) and i got the Ascension quests from him (the orange quests). The new quest sends u to Elder of Arcaneness for getting steps to ascend (each step has 3 or 4 options to choose from, except last ofc :P):

Step 1. Starting
a) Kill 49 Vanguards in Shura (works in party mode) ;
b) Give in 50 Magic Lollipops ;
c) Pay to Banker 1000 Gold.
!! Note: if u trash 1st step to change ur option, u can do it. because u can retake without any problem another option.

Step 2. Reforge the Spirit: (Solo Mode)
a) Kill 999 Monkeys in Jadeon
b) Kill 999 Zaaras Disciple in Sunstream
c) Kill 999 Deadpool Loners in Doom Bog (last option takes longest i suggest u dont pick it, because of the spread little number of mobs)
d) I dont want to kill any mobs/spirits (by choosing this option some ppl failed , some ppl ascended, some ppl skipped this step only. I don’t know on what is based the failure or success.)
!! Note: if u trash or fail 2st step to change ur option, you will have to do first step all over again.

Step 3. The Last Trial
Kill Skyscream (boss with high HP, so u need a party and more ppl to help , doesnt have outrageous AP, doesn’t aoe) located in Wildlands : Bonewall 27, 407 ( u get teleported to his location automatically after finishing previous step) low quality.

!! Note: if u die, you fail and u have to kill the boss again.
After finishing the steps u get the item for ur Ascension Quest: Nirvana Insignia and go back to Elder of Arcaneness to deliver and last to Taisung the Tao. Grats u’re ascended!

not a myth:
– you became again lvl 15 (if u ascend at lvl 150 u’ll have 10 extra skill points, so 25 at ur current lvl and 9 skill tomes)
– all Skill and Tome Points will be reset
– you will be removed from your Faction
– though you will retain your items and gear, you cannot equip items which you do not meet the LV or Tier requirement of.
– all quests, other than the main Mandatory storyline, will be reset
– you loose exp if u die even if you are lvl 15 – 6%.
– energy is still going to drain before and after L90 when using skyblade or esper.
– you get daily till lvl 90 the quest from Tanis Ka : the old goodie quest Gods Gift which gives u the 2h double exp and the 2 untradeable crystals Tigeren and Turtoil
– you get daily from Tanis Ka also the Future Heroes quest (to pick normal lvl 45/60 /.. armor the one which does not drop)
– your tiers/tomes are resetted so u have to do all the mandatory and tier quests all over again accordingly to ur progression in lvl.
– a mandatory quest will send u to Elder of Jadeon who will give u lvl 75 Deity Ascended gear (bound)

– Charity/ Honor/ Title remain intact
– you still have ur disciples but i suppose u can’t do expertise till u get lvl 105 again.
– you still can use ur expertise skills/pots
– all ur higher lvl gear/accesories/essence/chi will turn red, meaning u wont be able to use them.
– you can still use ur pets, they will be same lvl as before u ascended and they can still be lvled even if is higher with more than 5 lvls than u are; with pet exp orbs or by grinding, not plvling. U can use them to kill mobs or Cursed, if are higher lvl than u. Are really helpful.
– you can get plvled by a non-ascended
– you will get few Ascension skills (not affinity skills-those u get them at lvl 90): if u don’t see them in the Affinity-Ascension slots is recommended u restart the client, maybe just re-log.)
– you will have to do the tier quests all over again.

all i can think of now. feel free to add more info or correct my info.

INFO added in this thread by other players:
(Ascended Skysong lvl 110)
– Once you ascended, new battlegrounds(cannot access old bg anymore)
– party with random people once bg starts(stupidest thing ever)
– you actually have to PVP now, none of that just attack tower crap
– From ascended lvl 90++ if you want to grind effectively, you need
– diety gears MUST BE +5 or higher on armors and weapons
– G12 pet or higher(lvl of pet must be 148 or higher)
– Tons of hp pots
– Alot of wongzo melons
– Getting affinity bead is a pain and VERY LITTLE!
– Getting Dragonsoul Charm is very annoying and require alot of golds or jadens
– Refining diety will make you want to punch your computer
– If you don’t have 30k gold or higher or rich with jadens, ascension is no fun
– Ascension is doing everything you did from normal 1-150 again..nothing new


by Dancer – The Billows
-After ascension, mandatory from preascension will be kept, how ever for 1 quest only. Meaning if you didn’t kill earthforce but kept the 2nd last quest instead, once you hand it in, no more pre-ascension mandatory quest. You will lose ur DragonMask esper.
-Ascend Mandatory giving out lvl 75 and lvl 90 diety set. You can pretty much get them at lvl 75. Then mandatory stops until you get to lvl 90 and picked your affinity, it continues from your affinity map npc.
-Affinity Map entry. After you done your affinity quest, you can enter your affinity map by Skylord. Dagos -Jadeon Skylord, Felkn-WildlandSkylord,Fuwa-Skysong skylord
-Ascesion Caves is located in SeatOfChaos, under the center stadium there is a teleportor as well as quest issuer. SeatOfChaos can be accessed from any affinity map

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