Die2Nite How to be Pro Guide

Die2Nite How to be Pro Guide by OmniSzron

Ahh, so you came here to find out how to be PRO at Die2Nite? You want to be a shining beacon of proficiency compared to the droopy-eyed, armless children that inhabit the town you’re in. You came to the right place, then. Here is a list of quick Dos and Don’ts that will improve both your game and your town’s life expectancy.


:*: DO use the forums.
Explanation: Well, you’re reading this on the forums, so looks like you already figured this out. Great job!

:*: DON’T spam the Important Threads (the four at the top).
Explanation: The droopy-eyed, armless children – unlike you – don’t read the forums. But the Important Threads do show up in game, in their respective places (like the Bank, for example). If you have lengthy debates in these topics, you might obscure simple instructions that a forum-impaired resident could actually see without reading the forum. Keep these threads clean and use them to issue simple instructions to the general public.

My House

:*: DO / DON’T build a Tent.
Explanation: This is actually grey territory. Some people advocate building tents and some don’t. So it’s basically up to you. If you don’t have a better way to spend those 2:ap:, then go for it.

:*: DON’T build a Hovel.
Explanation: Building a hovel – contrary to the tent – not only costs :ap: but also resources. One twisted plank to be exact. Early in the game, these planks are worth their weight in gold, so if you use one to build yourself a better housing – you’re in for a quick :ban: shunning.

:*: DON’T hoard furniture.
Explanation: First of all, it doesn’t count for anything until the last day of your existence in the town and it makes you look like a hoarding, selfish player. Then, if you’re not a Hero yourself, you need to realise that that Carcinogenic Oven or Beer Fridge has a multitude of real-life applications – killing zombies is one of them. Being a part of a Hero’s laboratory or kitchen is another. The bottom line – don’t hoard furniture. Even chairs can double as a weapon.

:*: DON’T put defensive items in your chest. DO put them in the bank.
Explanation: Simple math – a defensive item in your home’s chest is worth 1:gard:. The same defensive item is worth 2—8:gard: in the bank (depending on the level of Defensive Focus). If you keep defensive items in your chest, you’re on your way to a quick :ban: shunning.

The Well

:*: DO drain the well (if the town has a Pump).
Explanation: After your town builds a Pump, you have the possibility of taking an extra water ration every day. Take it and then deposit it in the bank. This is because the rations themselves are required to build certain structures (like Vegetable Plot and Moat). Also, there are water based defensive structures that actually use the water in the well as ammunition. Suppose your town has one of these structures, but the zed numbers are so low tonight, that you actually don’t need it to fire. Well, you can’t stop it. It will fire at them and it will waste your precious water. Unless, of course, it has nothing to fire with. That’s why all the water from the well should be kept in the bank. Plus, in the event of a large zed spike, there’s actually no problem to refill the well, so that the water based defences can fire at the zombie menace.

The Bank

:*: DON’T mix Pharmaceutical Products.
Explanation: First of all – the Vegetable Plot needs one to be built and believe me – you really want that building. Second, if you mix the pharms, you’ll probably get some crappy water purifying tablets or unlabelled drugs. Instead, let a Hero with a laboratory do the mixing. Contrary to you, they actually have a chance to come up with some useful drugs.

:*: DON’T use Water Purifying Tablets with Jerrycans.
Explanation: Speaking of the water purifying tablets – don’t ever use them. If you use them on a full jerrycan, you will add 2-6 water rations to the well. But, if your town builds a water purifier (which isn’t a very hard to build structure), you will get 5-9 water rations from each jerrycan and without the use of the tablets too. So, restrain yourself and wait for the purifier to do it’s magic.

:*: DON’T put Batteries into stuff.
Explanation: I’ve seen it one too many times. Some random droopy-eyed, armless child is bored and out of :ap: so he takes the one pocket vibrator in the bank and a battery and a couple of seconds later, he returns a charged pocket vibrator to the bank. So, believe it or not – Die2Nite is a game. Games are not like real life and in D2N you actually can’t take the batteries out of an object. So, don’t put batteries into stuff, unless you need to use the stuff at this particular moment. Also, try to save them for later, when you get some superior battery powered weapon, like the chainsaw.

:*: DON’T repair stuff.
Explanation: Sometimes there are broken items in the bank. Sometimes there is a repair kit or a kwik-fix in the bank. I know it seems like a match made in heaven for the untrained, droopy eye, but in reality – it’s not. Don’t ever fix something just because it’s broken. These repair kits are scarce and should only be used on key items and only when the need arises. Also, fixing things costs 1:ap:.

:*: DON’T assemble things without consulting the forums.
Explanation: Some items come in an “incomplete” or “broken” state. They usually require some duct tape, iron and a couple of other resources to assemble. Because these resources are very important, it’s crucial that they don’t be used without consulting the forums first. Especially, since a large part of the incomplete items is useful only in very specific situations. The notable exception is the first hacksaw in town. This item is so important, that it’s assembly can take precedence over most buildings. But still, do consult the forums before actually assembling it.

:*: DON’T light up torches.
Explanation: Torches are fun! They can be used to kill zombies or as defensive items. There is one problem – they cost both matches and rotten logs to make and they only last for one attack. So don’t build them just because there are some matches and logs in the bank. It’s just a waste of resources.

:*: DO open crates, cans and containers.
Explanation: If you have the proper tools (usually a can opener, but many others will do), you can open certain containers in the bank. Things like cans, toolboxes and metal chests could contain useful stuff, so there’s no need for them to lay around sealed. Plus, if you open them with tools, you might prevent a droopy-eyed, armless child from opening one of them in the workshop and losing :ap: in the process. Be wary of the safe, though. It costs :ap: to try to open it and it has a low chance of success.


:*: DON’T beat people up.
Explanation: That’s just a lose-lose situation. You lose :ap: and the victim might get injured, thus using bandages and/or paracetoid from the bank. If you’ve got beef with a resident, send a complaint and if others agree, he will be shunned or even hanged (if you have gallows).

:*: DO steal from people.
Explanation: That’s right. We want you to steal from people. Steal from them and whatever you steal, put it in the bank. Some of the worst inhabitants of Die2Nite towns are the selfish hoarders, who keep key items for themselves. Meanwhile, all wealth should be shared if a town wants to survive as long as possible. Stealing form people gets the point of sharing wealth across, very quickly.
Tip: Use your steals wisely – you can only steal something once a day and only when the owner is out of town. Try to save your steals for the more important items.

Construction Sites

:*: DON’T ever build anything before reading the forums.
Explanation: Every :ap: spent on construction counts and can be the difference between a smooth night and a catastrophic carnage. Thus, always make sure you’re allocating your :ap: into the proper buildings. Not to mention, that if you build the wrong structure, it will eat up resources needed for the right structure.

The Town Gates

:*: DON’T go out without proper planning.
Explanation: Check the other guides concerning scavenging in the World Beyond and never go outside if you don’t know: where you’re going, what you’ll find there and when you’re going to get back.

:*: DON’T lock the gates before consulting the forums.
Explanation: It may seem like a simple task, but locking the gates requires a lot of organisation. If you lock the gates too soon, you could lock some people out (especially if your town has a portal lock). Thus, always make sure your town has a designated gatekeeper for the night and try not to get in his way. Use the forums to organise a proper gatekeeping schedule.

Daily Upgrade Project

:*: DON’T vote before consulting the forums.
Explanation: Try to make a concerted effort with the other residents to vote the optimal structure every day. If you don’t know, what is the optimal structure, consult the forums.

:*: DO hold off your vote till the last possible moment.
Explanation: Basically, vote only if it’s your last log-in before the attack. The reason being, that the later it is, the more information and options are available to you, thus making the correct upgrade decision easier.


:*: DO start your day at the Watchtower.
Explanation: This should be a habit, just like brushing teeth or taking the morning piss. Every day, on your first log-in after the attack, go to the watchtower and help calculate the zombie attack for the next day. The sooner a town knows the approximate zed numbers, the easier it is to plan what should be built that day.

:*: DON’T open cans, chests or other containers in the Workshop.
Explanation: This action costs :ap: if performed in the workshop. You can do it for 0:ap: with a proper tool in your house.

:*: DON’T convert anything without consulting the forums.
Explanation: Before you make any conversions, use the forums to find out which building your town wants to build next. Then, go to the construction sites and check the required materials for said building. If it’s missing materials that could be procured in the workshop, then go and convert those. Don’t ever convert things “just because”. It could be a waste of :ap:.

:*: DO use a Hacksaw while working in the Workshop.
Explanation: If your town has a working hacksaw, make sure you have it in your rucksack while converting materials in the workshop. It will reduce the cost of the conversion by 1:ap:. Also, do remember to put the hacksaw back in the bank as soon as you’re done, so others may use it.

That’s it.

But don’t think that reading this list is all you need to succeed in the game. It’s not even close. This list will help you avoid common mistakes, but you still need to learn a lot to play optimally. Familiarize yourself with the wiki, the external map tool and read any other guides you can get your hands on. Now you’re on your way to becoming an exceptional player. Keep up the great effort!

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