WonderKing Leveling Guide 1 to 140

WonderKing Leveling Guide 1 to 140 by Obstinate

“Well, Obs asked me to revamp his guide to grinding since it looked really out of shape. Here it is. Took me freaking long, comment on it please.”~Pewz

Hello, this is guide is about where to grind/train for the people who do not like to do quests. Sometimes it may even be better than doing quests but mostly, especially when the levels becomes higher, quests becomes useless and grinding becomes better. Also, these hunting places are all from my experience and some other “pro”’ people who helped me make the guide better. So if you find something wrong or think the place is not good to hunt at, feel free to criticize me but do not flame >< thank you~ =D

Lets start!

1~10 –
Kill [Pumas], and make it to level 5. Do some beginning quests so that you have some pots to use if you are not funded. From level 5, I recommend killing [Blue Housel].
[8/10 For Blue Housel Place; gives a lot of exp at low level especially when it is 2x or 3x. You can get to level 10 in less than 10min. Bring pots just in case. ]

11~20 –
Fight in the honey place, [Bearded Bees]. Wind Cliff is a bit rough to train at unless you do Bibi’s quest and get the weapon she supplies.
[6/10 For Bee’s Place; the exp is kind of slow, but it is still the best place to hunt at from level 11~15]
Kill in Elgaill Cliff or Wind Cliff where the [Blue/Red housels], [Scorpions], and [Ponies] spawn.
[7.5/10 best with party but, also good while soloing.]

**Note: Around level 15, you should have Bibi’s weapon [Lvl 14 Chain quest from Bibi] and a lot of pots to get to 20 in no time. Hunt where [Lind Hawk] spawns. Kill the [Blue Birds] there. They give good exp.
[9/10 For Lind Hawk area. If you hunt here, be sure to bring a lot of pots. Level 16~26 btw.]


I’ve realized that a lot people have some trouble around Lvls 27~30, (Me for example) so I traveled around the world searching for better grinding places.
I have recognized that bossing takes too much time and pots per run. I decided to stick around Lind Hawk’s Nest.
[6/10 For Lind Hawk area now. If you hunt here, be sure to bring a lot of pots. It starts to slow down fairly quickly. However, stay here until 25!]
WonderPlus Parking lot.
This place here, is the best place to get your levels. Go hunt in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floor where the [Bicycle Chups] spawn and the [Green/Red Housels] spawn.
[9.5/10 This place here burns pots, also, it may be hard for mages to come here and hunt at Bicycle Chups unless you are funded and have orange 3x equips]

Giant Potion III.
Best place. Go grab a person and party in this map, or you can simply go hunt solo.
[9.5/10 Good map but too huge]
Forgotten Beach II or III
This place is also a good place to get exp. It is as good as Giant Potion III, but the mood there is quite gloomy…. So I wouldn’t recommend this place to people who hate gloomy backgrounds. LOL
[8.5/10 good place, but quite annoying how the mobs are long ranged and deal 150~200damage depending on your equips.]

You can start killing at Helen Kunta Square, where [Dark/Hallow Water] spawns. They are level 57 and 58 so due to the 14 level rule, you can get exp. They give over 1k exp per mob so you can get easy levels. However, as you guys realize, they don’t get Knock Backed and can permastun which is worse than Moro’s Poison or Stun Attack ><;; From 42 to 45 may be a long way, but after this, it is easier to level.
[7/10 For Helen Kunta (Where Dark/Hallow Water spawns. Kb is annoying, so all of you watch out. This may be an advantage for warriors, but pain in the ass for long ranged classes such as archer or mages. They don’t get kb! Have Apple Pie with you since the stun can be only gone away by using it. The stun lasts for 10seconds which is worse than Moro’s stun, which lasts for 5seconds.Apple pie can be learnt in Francis and/or the WonderPlus Chef. Apples also drop a lot so have no worry that you will run out of Apples…]

Wonder Plus saves your wonder on where you can level! Meadow I, II are hidden maps (Not exactly..but whatever) The mobs in there are the [Sheep] and they gives good amount of Exp. 2~3 mobs per plane and 5 on the bottom. Watch out for [Bang Chups]!!!! It jumps from plane to plane and even though you kill it, you get only 20% of the exp you get due to the 14 level rule since they are level 64.
[6/10 For Meadow; they are good, they’re slow, gives good exp, and have fast respawn rate. In my opinion I found then quite annoying still.]

At this level, I would recommend North Lab F12. Mob them to one side, and attack with A.o.E. skills. The mobs that spawn there are level 60 [Sharks] and level 62 [Cyclopes]. You should be able to kill them.
[9.5/10 For North Lab 12th Floor. They mob easily and respawn very quickly. They drop a lot of equips that you can get money from and if you want, change channels for faster exp. Also, a lot of players hunt there and it is easy to get into KS wars…I got into about…20 at least so far >

Another place I would recommend is the North Hidden Passage in North Lab. It is on the bottom portal In North Lab 13F. Make sure you don’t go through the top portal that leads you to the boss. The bottom one is the North Hidden Passage… from 51 you can start hunting here since they are level 64 [Meriots], the Merman!
[8/10 For North Hidden Passage. EASY to level and mob. They spawn at a decent pace but a bit slower than it does in North Lab 12th floor. Change Channel for faster exp.]

If you would want to, you can go to the Temple Entrance and kill [Stone Heads] which give good amount of exp. (I got in a KS War in there…)
[ 4.5/10 For Temple Entrance. Quick Spawn, but impossible to mob unless you are a knight and gets hit for little damage. But I’d recommend killing them individually or when they are mobbed by themselves]

*Here is something Ridikule posted that can improve the guide. Thank you Ridikule.

Alternative for lvl 52+:

If you are bored of those pot sucking sharks in the North Lab, you can start with [Paperlyon] and
[Stone Golem] at around Lvl 52 in Abeldras Temple.

Red Paperlyon (lv 64) (slow, low range agressive)
Stone Golem (lv 66) (magic/ranged , agressive, slow)

Red Paperlyon (lv 64)
Blue Paperlyon (lv 65) (fast!, agressive)
Stone Golem (lv 66)

At lvl 54 you can go to [Stocandle], [Papersto] and [Ghost Lid] in the “Library” of the Temple

Stocandle (lv 66) (magic/ranged, agressive)
Papersto (lv 68) (melee/ranged, agressive)
Ghost Lid (lv 68) (magic/ranged, agressive)

9F (suggested, 2 grounds, ~3500 exp each mob)
Stocandle (lv 66)
Papersto (lv 68)
Ghost Lid (lv 68)

Stocandle (lv 66)
Papersto (lv 68)
Ghost Lid (lv 68)

And alternative for the Bombermen there you can try [Gold Paperlyon]. But the bombermans are better…

15F (big map…)
Gold Paperlyon (lv 70) (like the blue ones)
Temple Robber (lv 68) (agressive, melee, fast)

**For every map: Best spots are on top!

Whew, that was along…..almost an essay like analogy of Temple! Thank you again. Let me…write my own comments about the places~

2F– Stone Golem Deals 300+ Damage and it is hard to mob. Also, if you have a normal weapon, it is even worse since you are having a bad flow of hunting. I…think that it is hard to train at 2F.
[6/10 Reasons are explained right up above]

– Red Papers and Blue papers are hard to mob together since they do not mob as a bunch. And they do heavy damage. Even with the mounts on, don’t forget the Stone Golems. They attack through the Physical defense since their attack is Magical Attack. Again, I think it is hard to train at this floor….
[5.5/10 Reasons are explained right up above]

8F, 9F and 10F
are great places to hunt at. I especially like 8F and 9F. Since you have to be at least Lvl 54 to train here, wait until you are that level and come here. It is great exp and even though [Papersto] deals a Magical Attack, it only deals 150damage with equips.
[8/10 Reasons are explained right up above]

**Temple is a great place but the only place that you can actually train at are on the 8th, 9th and 10th floor and the 19th floor. Other places have low spawning speed and won’t mob so easily. The most important thing in grinding/training is to have a good flow. But some maps ruin the flow even though the exp is good.

All I can recommend to you at this level is Temple F19.
[10/10 For Temple 19th Floor; fast Spawn, bad mobbing due to Bomber men, and they deal 300 magic damage. Stay here from Level 56~72 is fine, leaving at 68 is also fine]

**Here are some tips for killing in Temple:

Keep your H.P. no lower than 750, because you don’t want to die and your equips may be….suckish. You don’t want to die and waste % and time. Also, buy HP Potion (L), since it’s better and cheaper than buying 100 Helen pots.
Helen pots – 100 = (1 each – 1200) x 100 = 120,000.
Francis pots – 100 = (1 each – 450) x 100 = 45,000
See that? So buying 200 Francis potions is same as buying 100 Helen potions, but you get to save 30k Zed. So it’s really good but the bad thing is:
1. You waste the pots 2x times faster than Helen pots.
2. It takes up more spots in your inventory, so you can’t pick up items.

Anyways, its good exp like I said before, and if you going to stay there for a long time, check to bring a lot of pots and empty out your inventory space since they drop (Gold, Silver and Iron Ingots, Apples, Strawberries, G****s, Flour, Syrup, Gold & Iron Ores, Moonstones, Sun stones, Dark stones, Etc.)
Equips – Wilderness Saber, Sword, Hurricane Gun, Staff, some 60+wep, and equips. ( I can’t name them all…;;; )
Also, I’d recommend coming with 0 Zed, because you’re not going to believe how much profit you can earn from them. I got 200k zed from hunting them. Pure Zed, and when you sell your equips that you got from drops, omg….that’s just like…. 500~600k right there bro. And if you’re going to buy pots again, you still get some leftover Zed, roughly 100k.
And with the items that you got, craft things. Don’t craft too much since you’ll end up crying. =[
Another complaint that I have heard is “It takes too long to go up to 19th floor.”
Here’s your answer to that: Take a shortcut, which is located up on the gate. Don’t go inside the main gate, since if you press tab, you can see another portal that is up on the air. Go in there, and jump your way up. If you do that, go into a portal that you see right away. That will lead you to 17th floor. This takes less than 2 minutes.

66~74 –
From level 66, I would recommend killing in Lumberyard III or IV (Last map of Lumberyard) in a party. *2~3 members would be the best*.
[7/10 For Lumberard III or IV I personally don’t like it, and you won’t either]

From 68, you can try Nagpha Swamp II or III, where a lot of mobs spawn [Big Mudmen/Mudmen] or [Swamp Crocodile/ Big Mudmen/ Mudmen] at level 69.
[6/10 For Nagpa Swamp II and III. Big mudmen are easy to mob but normal mud mans are not easy to mob. Mob the Big Mudmen first then move them around so they bunch up with the normal mudmen.]

Level 74~80-

Do the Protect the Honey quest with a friend who also wants to do the quest for leveling. You are protecting the honey for your exp!!! Think that you are protecting the honey as if you are protecting your exp! Lol… (Refer to Syncness’ guide to Protecting the Honey here: http://wonderking.ndoorsgames.com/cen…)
[10/10 for Protect the Honey mission map. Even thought it lasts for 10minute, you get 30% at 80+.
It surely gives tons of exp~]

Bermos Aircraft I-
level 95, 96.
Drops-Mysterious Clothing, 8x and 9x equips, Dark stone, Sun stone, Shining stone, moon stone, Ruby, Gold Ingot, Silver ingot, Ruby Feather, Miracle Feather, Breath of Ifrit, Stone of Potential, Black Russian JB, Shampoo, Ancient Sun Stone, Mysterious Lumber, a lot of items that are used for crafting.

Bermos Aircraft II-
Mobs- Level 95, 96.
Drops-Same but Lumber, forgot to mention Murky, Mithril, Book of Storm Book of Destruction and Wood.
[10/10 BEST SPOT, 11/10 WHEN WITH PARTY!!!]

Icy Crater V. No explanation needed except that the mobs are Lvl 107, 108 and 110.
This is the best place for exp that you can get EVER at this level.

[Moles Entrance-> Take right portal-> take the portal that you see=A-3=> Take another portal on the left bottom corner = A5.] Grind there until you are level 116. Another choice you have is Moles Den, which is for level 112 and up. So…Enjoy leveling until 116… Since the long hell to 130 is starting…
[9.5/10. The drunken miners are VERY DRUNK that they can’t be mobbed]

C-2 for solo-ers. Take the 2nd to bottom plate since that is the best place where you can hunt.
C-4 for party people. One person takes bottom half, while the other takes the top half.
[10/10 for both maps; these worms drop good items for crafting and pots] 
Lv131~140 [Here it is!!!]
131~135-Restaurant III- For solo-ers. [CC map]Take the long bottom left plane on the map and mob them to one side and hunt them. They deal quite a good damage so…
131~140-Chemical Lab II-For solo-ers. [CC map] Take the plane that is on the way top of the map and it is also located on the left of the portal so you’ll be able to find it quite easily. Or you can rotate around the 3planes in the map with the most mobs.
Another Choice is..
131~140-Chemical Lab III-For Solo-ers and Party of 2. [hunt Counter Clock wise for the Solo-ers but can also hunt the bottom plane on the map only and CC.
If you are in a party…[Saint is the best partner you could get. If you are a saint your self, grab another person and train with him/her] Seperate the map top to bottom. One person takes the top 3planes and the other person takes the other 2planes on the bottom.
And that’s it =] Its finally up!!! So enjoy yourselves with this hardcore grinding =] Also just to tell ya, Pruneus Lab’s mobs deal alot of damage. Even myself use about 400~500pots per level >< So what i’d recommend is to go H.B.R; Helen Boss Rush, since they drop 100Hp&Mp; pots everytime for every boss you kill. Well then..
Au voir madmoiselles et monsieurs =] Et aussi neuter gens beacoup :P

B.K.N, who fixed up my grammer, which I got a bit lazy to fix..
Ridikule, who mentioned the floors in Temple,
and DangoDaikozoku who mentioned that Frozen Forest is good for mobbing also and around 9x and 10x.
Pewz, who helped make the guide a little easier on the eyes. <3
Thank you for reading.

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