WonderKing Assassin Combos Guide

WonderKing Assassin Combos Guide by Shinikage

Yep thats right! I have decided to tell the world of wk my new combos, and yes, I am the one to make them. Otherwise, I would have seen them by now. That also goes for a whole lot of other combos that I see people doing nowadays, but I will not mention those combos in order to prevent any arguments.

You may be wondering why I am doing this. I am hoping that this will inspire more people to pvp and more experts of other classes to make pvp guides that will inspire even more people to pvp. I also like competition.

I’ll also warn you right now, if you aren’t a really good pvper, some of these combos will be very hard for you to do.

Also for now on I’m gonna list any new discoveries and modifications I make in this thread.
You know what, I’m gonna list MY combos! Forget preventing arguements! I’m tired of people claiming my stuff!

Ground Combos:

1. Gust slash + Energy blast
2. Gust slash + Explosive dagger + Mega cascade + Double strike (This one can be changed depending on the situation)
3. Reverse Pyro edge + Explosive dagger + Mega cascade + double strike
4. Reverse pyro edge + Gust slash + Energy blast
5. Gust slash + Energy blast + Mega cascade + Double strike
6. Flame toad + Explosive dagger + Mega cascade + Double strike
7. [New addition as of 4/12/2011] Gust slash + Typhoon + Jump and reverse Flash step + Gust slash and then use combo 1, 2, or 5.
8. [New addition as of 4/12/2011] Gust slash + Typhoon + Jump with reverse Flash step + Then use an anti-air combo

9. Reverse Double strike + Typhoon + Flash step + Gust slash + Explosive dagger + Mega cascade
10.[New addition as of 16/5/11] Gust Slash + Flash Kick + Typhoon + Gust Slash + Energy Blast + Mega Cascade + Explosive Dagger or Double Strike

*New* Anti-Air combos!

1. (When below the opponent in midair) Flash kick + Double strike + Explosive dagger + Mega cascade
2. (When below the opponent in mid air) Flash kick + Double strike + Energy blast + Mega cascade
3. (at same level of opponent in midair) Gust slash + Mega flare + Mega cascade + Double strike

*Modified! Made the combos a bit easier*

This combo is the hardest to do. A sure kill if it’s successful.
4. (Eye level with opponent in midair) Gust slash + Explosive dagger + optional Gust slash (Optional = It’s up to you if you want to do it or not) + Mega Flare+ Mega cascade+ Double strike.

Note: A reverse move is when you do a move with your back towards the opponent. When this move hits, the opponent willl be knocked back towards you. Now that you know this, read the combos again to clear up any confusion.

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