Vanguard Unicorn Mount Guide

Vanguard Unicorn Mount Guide by Celidya

What you need to know before:

  • -during the last steps of the quest you will need 10g to buy a quest item from a vendor
  • -the Unicorn has 60 runspeed/30mount stability mods (please note: Sigil’s Lisa “Faratha” Boleyn states “The intended stats for the unicorn and shadowhound mounts are not live. With the next patch, they will be set to their intended levels: Speed 70 and Stability 50.”)
  • -it is a VERY long and time consuming quest. Plan to spend a few days or even, weeks if you’re in the level range of the quest and not playing 15h/day.
  • -i strongly recommend to wait until lvl 35 or above to do it, or to go as a regular group of at least 3 people. Mobs go from lvl 22 3 dots to lvl 30-31 3 dots for the last steps, and some of them are quite hard. On top of that you need to kill a ton of them.
  • -having a runspeed buff, evac, levitate, as well as a boat can greatly increase the time spent since the quest involves a lot of running around Telon
  • -the quest provides a lot of useful waypoint so overall it’s not really hard to find mobs and NPCs
  • -most of the levels indicated in this guide have a 1 level margin of error
  • -(added) the barding doesn’t show on unicorns
  • -(added) the unicorn is lvl 30 required to ride it
  • -Some pics of the beast of course. Black saddle, first unicorn on Gelenia and worldwide as far as i know.…ot00074kq3.jpg…ot00075jb9.jpg…ot00076hf4.jpg

Steps of the quest:

1) To start the whole quest line you will need to drop an Unicorn Horn. This is a fairly common (got it in about 15 mobs) drop from the 3 dots Zars in Silverlake (Thestra). You can find them on the island and east of the island. They are 22-23 3 dots mobs.

Once you get the horn, right click on it. You now have to kill Zar himself, but to do so, you need to summon him first. You now have to harvest 100 flowers (40 yellow, 30 purple, 30 red) around the Zars, then go to the island and summon Zar by clicking the stone. He is a lvl 22 or 23 (not sure, something like that) 4 dots mob. He’s a mage and has quite powerful spells with short range so, be careful. Note that it’s a quest mob so you and only you (or your group of course) can hit him. He will despawn after a while.

Once you’re done with him, go meet the unicorn to the north of the lake.

2) The Unicorn here will send you to talk to a man, who is located north east of Tursh. It’s about 2 chunks away from Silverlake so prepare to run. Nothing hard, but if you choose to follow the road near Trengal Keep, be careful of the wandering 26 3 dots mobs.

3) Once you talk to him he will send you a bit further, on top of a little mountain, to find the Silverlake unicorn‘s cousin. He spawns exactly where the waypoint is, although he’s not always there. I believe he can spawn only once in the world so if someone else is currently escorting him back to Silverlake, you have to wait. Just click on him when he spawns and he will follow you very well, through chunks and everything (although i didn’t try to evac). at high speed. Bring him back to the unicorn in Silverlake.

4) Now the journey really starts. She will send you to meet another unicorn in Qalia. Your new unicorn is located south west of Lomshir, and you will soon learn to hate this one with passion.

You now start a few steps which will all lead to find something (usually far away) then come back to this unicorn. I advice to set your bind near her so you can save some precious travel time.

5) Once you finally reach this unicorn, she will first be cool and send you not too far, to kill 45 mobs in a little camp to the north east. Those are lvl 23-24 dots i believe, nothing hard, although the spawn is quite slow. We were 2 people on the spawn and had to camp for a while so, it will be a pain with more trying to do the quest. When you’re done, simply go back to the unicorn. I think you get a reward at this point, ring or gloves first i don’t remember. Nothing great anyway. You’ll get both from this unicorn.

6) You now have to gather some chamanic devices from the lizardmen in Skrilien points. Go back to Khal then take the teleporter to Upside Garrison, then run a bit to the east and you’ll find them. They are 23-24 2 dots mobs. The witchdoctor drop the items, and only them i think. They seem to be slightly rare and i had to clean the whole area twice, while being lucky (i know other players spent a far greater time here). I got 2 of them on the first mob. When you have the three… You can go back to the unicorn.

7) Now she can make her radio-like item and sends you to communicate with the lost unicorns. The first one lives in Jalen’s retreat, the western island in Qalia. A boat can really help here, or a lot of swimming. Be careful while crossing Islands of Madness or Dragon backbone chunks, lvl 35-40 mobs here. TOu only have to speak a bit with the unicorn then go back to the NPC.

8) Two more unicorns to find, and they are quite far away. TIme to go to Kojan now. The two unicorns can be found on two separate islands north of Tanvu. They are near the Ceros archipelago and no mobs in sight on neither of the islands. Boat is strongly recommended here, or at least levitate. As in the previous step, speak with them, and go back to the NPC.

9) Rejoice, you are now done with this unicorn. She will send you to the next one, who lives in a valley south of the lizardmen in Strand of Ancients. It’s the chunk south of Skrilien point so, again, go back to Khal then tp to Upside Garrison. The unicorn is easy to find.

10) This one is more aggressive (not to you ) than the previous and will ask you to murder a lot of things. First, she starts with 55 lizardmen in Ssre’vessk (or whatever is the spelling). Be careful, those must be the 3 dots one and the 2 dots won’t update. You can find plenty of them at the given waypoint, they are around lvl 25.

11) When you’re done with the lizardmen she will send you to slaughter 37 turtles and get their tails. Plenty of them on the beach east of the unicorns, 2 dots lvl 25-26 mobs, an easy step.

12) Now comes a very, very, annoying step. She gives you a bag of food and you have to feed 15 unicorn foals. I believe there’s a total of 15 foals in the area so you have to find them all. They are spread in a fairly large area, and be careful, you can’t feed them while they move. So more often than not you have to follow them and wait until they decide to stop.

Tips: some of them are quite hidden near the south chunk line and on the east, not far from the beach.

13) once you’re done with the food, she sends you to the next unicorn. This one lives North east of New Targonor, on a hill near the beach here. In shrine of Flames chunk.

14) This new unicorn is even more bloodthirsty than the previous. Her first demand will be to kill 45 brownies on given waypoint, it’s not far from her and the mobs are 26 3 dots i think. The spot is a bit small so you may have to alternate between the 2 waypoints if there is more than one group here.

15) Next step is to kill bugbears. Lots of bugbears. 47 in the first spot then 22 (or 23 ?) in the second. This step is a bit confusing, since you have to kill specific bugbears to get update in the ruins (first spot). I think it works only for the 3 dots bugbears INSIDE the ruins. Avoid the watchmen, and the 3 dots one. You’ll need partisans and preservers. It’s not too hard to pull them from the entrance, although you’ll need to kill the wrong types to clean the way.

Then you can head to the other wyapoints, nothing hard here, 3 dots mobs again. Spawn is poor and even after cleaning the whole two camps i missed a few bugbears. All the bugbears are around lvl 26, it’s a very hard step if it’s not grey for you i think. The ruins is a group area so you’ll get a lot of adds, roaming mobs, and 4 dots linked together with the 3 dots you need. There are some quests in this area so you can still join a group doing them or do them with the unicorn one all at once.

If you watch the waypoints carefully too you’ll notice the dev was a bit confused on the West and the East.

16) After the bugbears, rocs. Yeah, rocs, and not rocks. I first thought “flying rocks ? Wtf ?!” then i noticed it was rocs. Those are gigantic birds on top of the cliffs to the south of Spider Bluffs chunk. Not really hard to find. Just follow the mountains, they are 26 3 dots mobs and don’t seem to roam. Levitate is really helpful for this step. Kill 15 of them to get the item (it’s a 100% drop) and go back to your unicorn. Note that the dev again had some trouble with West and East in the quest log.

17) You’re done with this unicorn. She sends you to a farmer, not far away to the north.

18) Bad luck, you thought the next step would be here, heh ? In fact it’s not, and this one serves the only purpose to send you far away again. Time go go straight north, to the Ridge of Memories, the chunk west of Tursh.

19) Meet the next NPC here, in a guard tower. He sends you west, to a little island. It’s not on the map but it’s easy to find, just head straight west to the waypoint. Now be careful, the island is under attack and if they are not grey you will have to clean the way to your unicorn.

20) This unicorn, of course, asks you to kill the invaders here. I’m not sure of the numbers, i believe it was 45 or 55. They are 3 dots ettercaps, around lvl 27. Be careful, they have a ton of poisons/spells and can be very annoying, on top of that they are often linked together. Good thing is, you can find plenty of them in the island and the main land. Then go back to the unicorn.

21) With no real surprise she sends you back to the guy in the guard tower.

22) He now tells you that you have to meet a high elf in Wardship of the sleeping moon. This is far south east of Thestra. Long way to go again… Once here, the guy is the cleric trainer located in the basement of a little tower, in town.

23) This one is very, very cruel since it will show a unicorn follower (which is a fluff pet, and not a mount) as a reward, as well as yellow leggings. THe guy just tells you that you need to find a unicorn to the north. Easy, isn’t it ?

24) Or not. Of course, the unicorn here asks for help. And the quest splits so now you have a second one, that will split again.

25) Many different things to do here. You will need to meet 2 new lost unicorns, who are located quite far from the first one, on the beach to the south east and south, as well as killing 42 lvl 28-29 3 dots mobs around.

I advice to go meet the unicorn first, since the first one will ask you to kill about the same mobs. There are 3 types of mobs. You need 42 of the first two types and the first unicorn you meet (the one on south east) will ask you 18 of the third type. Mobs are on the island of the first lost unicorn, murder the 18 you need then move, you won’t finish the 42 here but at least a bit of them.

Now go to the second, the one to the south. prepare to kill a lot here. Lvl 29 3 dots mobs (troglodytes). You have to find 30 ropes, 50 daggers, 20 swords on them. Good thing is the daggers drop by stacks of two so in fact you “only” have to kill 75 mobs. Good luck.

Once you saved the two lost unicorn, go back to the one north of Wardship and finish the 42 mobs you need nearby. Then complete, you’re done with her, phew.

26) Go back to the cleric for your phat lewt and your unicorn follower. It’s just a fluff pet that follows you around, quite cool but that’s all.

27) You are now send to meet a guy south of Mekalia, in the upper upside camp. Just follow the road here to find him, nothing hard. It will reward you with a 22 slot unicorn saddlebag.

28) This guy asks you to bring him a special item to repair the broken unicorn teleporter. Head to the waypoint that is located south west, in the Zarrus whatever chunk. Lvl 30-32 2 dots mobs wandering the area. You have to buy the item to a vendor for 10g, then go back to the NPC.

29) Woot ! Your teleporter now works… or just bugs, hmm. You have to right click the teleporter and it’s supposed to give you the name of the last unicorn (and this one is really the last ) and a waypoint. I had to relog twice and spam click the damn thing to get the waypoint. Note that the waypoint is in your Locations panel.

30) Go to this new waypoint now. It’s in a small island to the far north of Thestra, above the housing island. North of plains of anguish. Be careful once you reach the island, lvl 30-31 3 dots surrounding the unicorn.

31) And of course, lost unicorn, heavy grinding in sight. As usual she’s stuck on an island and asks you to kill everything in sight to free her. You’ll need 15 snakes and 25 kelp monsters to be done, those are 30-31 3 dots. Nothing hard, be careful of the “Greater” snakes, they are major undercon and have about twice the Hps of the normal ones. Not sure about their damage output. Snakes spawn on water, kelps on land. You can go to the other island to the west for more mobs.

32) She sends you back to the Unicorn in Silverlake (yeah, the first that started everything) for the last step ! You finally see the mount as a reward. Just go back to meet this unicorn, she will take the Unicorn follower and give you the mount.

You have a choice between a few saddle colours: sky-colored, forest green, black, blue, amber and brown i believe.

Gratz, you’re now done and have your unicorn.

Feel free to pm me or reply the thread for any questions or anything you can add, i’ll try to keep this up to date. I hope i didn’t forget anything. I’m sure there will be many things to add once more people will do the quest. For information i did this at lvl 44, solo, with 200% runspeed, levitate, evac, a caravel, and it took me roughly 12 hours (although i spent one hour on the buggy teleporter). I did it from the first step (droping the unicorn horn). Considering all was gray i probably had far less trouble than a lvl 25-30 would, especially with aggro and social aggro that seemed very very low.

Good luck to all, and a lot of patience too !


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