The World of Magic Magician Stats and Skills Guide

The World of Magic Magician Stats and Skills Guide by tonytoma


Ok, I’ve saw some guides and all of them had a lot good things, so I will recopilate tips of them and some experience of my own to make this one. So lets go to the first thing… Mages, as the name say we focus all of our potential in magic so… to start our stats build will be centred in maximize INTELLIGENCE and WISDOM ¿why? “INT” makes our magical damage stronger (Every 2 INT points added will increase your magical powers in many ways) and “WIS” will increase our MP and MP regeneration.

Let’s go to the important thing… Our skills! Some old mages thread’s says that we have to be carefully choosing our skills, so we can’t spend our skill points in useless skills.


lvl 2 skills:
Flame Shock: (Also called “FS”)I suggest MAX this skill. The fast cooldown (CD) makes this skill pretty usefull, so its not neccesary reset this skill at higher levels.

lvl 5 skills:
Freezing Trap: I suggest get this skill at level I (at lower levels). Why? Because anyways it can be broken. its good for PvP and PvE, allows us to freeze a single target, it has a good CD. Freeze Trap volume III can be really helpfull when PvP agains’t warriors.

Poisoning: Useless skill, dont waste your points on it! Its like the Hemorraghe of Warriors but this one can be “cured”.

Light Healing: Max this! its our main single-heal skill! It has a fast CD and every 2 INT points you get, increases the Heal by 1.

Shield: Same as Light Healing… MAXIMIZE! It’s our main protection (As mages have low health points this skill will add some to us), at volume IV you will become INVINCIBLE!

level 10 skills:
Ice Prison: 1 point for this. in PvP Freezing Trap (or stun at level 25) are so much better to inmovilize our enemy, but this skill allow us to freeze more than one single target, great for group of mobs.

Firebolt: (Also knowed as FB) Maximize it! It’s our strongest attack by far, only Hellfire can hit harder (at least you get Flare at the same level of this one, but Flare’s Books are pretty hard to get)

Cure poison: Forgive this! Useless skill ever.

Teleport: I point for this… Awesome skill… it’s a shame that even in volume IV still have a high CD, so lets leave it in I.

level 15 skills:
Mana Feed: This skill sends a bit of your MP to the target. ¿Any opinions? Hey you “Mr. target”! GET POTS OR FOOD but not my MP!!!

Flare: It looks cooler than Firebolt but let’s keep FB as our MAIN ATTACK! Flare and FB hits barely the same but theres a couple differences… Flare is an Instant Skill with a slow CD, and Firebolt is a Casted Skill with a low CD (Not too low as FS). So let’s make Flare the “FINISH HIM/HER” skill (Yeah, im talking about Mortal Combat LOL).

Carnivalize: Maximize this! change a little bit of HP for 28% of mana (At volume III)? Hell yeah!

level 20 skills:
Ice Lance: Pretty Similar to Flame Shock, but this one can Freeze, so this skill at volume II can totally replace Flameshock III, also you are saving 1 point (if you have FS IV keep it).

Flame of kataru: Useless, besides this is one of our few AOE skills the damage of FoK is too low.

Prayer Of Protection: Heals and absorbs damage? Maximize this! PoP will be our second shielding skill.

Curse of Doom: Get this skill higher till you can! Combined with Firebolt (or any other attacking skill) you will decrease enemies HP pretty fast. awesome for PvP.

Level 25 skills:
Healing Wave: Get this spell! good for friendly warriors that are taking constantly damage.

Stun: Ok, Stun Paralizes your Target (the Freeze effect just makes your target stand at the place) this one does the same but makes the target unable to realize skills or attacks. MAX THIS THING!

level 30 skills: At this point we have already saved some skill points, so we can spend them in this awesomes skills.
Firestorm: Our best AOE skill, pretty cool so put a few points on this.

Silence: You will be unable to cast any skill for a certain time, it means instant skills for a short period of time. Get it!

level 35 spells:
Sara’s Blessing: AOE healing skill! Usefull in group PvP.

Fear: One of the BEST skills that a Mage can have. Fear makes our target walk away from us (pretty usefull with warriors) warriors had theyr “fear cure” but it has a long CD, meanwhile our Fear skillnbasically have not CD (we can spam it )

Level 40 skills:
Hellfire: 81 damage? This is the reason why mages are called “crystal cannons”! our strongest skill combined with CoD (Not Call of Duty) this would Instant-Kill everyone (I’ve just survived once with 3HP at this massive-destruction combo).

Neutralize: This skill was made to prevent rangers and warriors use their best skills (The ones that requires rage crystals) against us… Wait, I’ve said rangers? Get this skill maximized! and REMOVE all their crystals.

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