Shadow Era Top 10 Cards List

Shadow Era Top 10 Cards List by Brontos

Here is my subjective and imperfect opinion of what the best cards are in this current metagame (1.27).

*** 10 ***

One card, two cards. This is a ratio that not all cards in the game can be proud of. And you can choose between card advantage, or damage advantage when you play it. On the 4th turn, a key turn in the game, nothing can survive an attack of your allies and a Lightning Bolt.

*** 9 ***

The only perfect and flawless board wipe available in the game. Right now, we can assume that more than 95% of the decks are based on allies, so it means that this card is the solution to whatever will be played by your opponent.

*** 8 ***

No other allie in the game is always welcome all game long. Because of her good fighting stats, she’s the best turn 3 you can do on human side. And because of her incredible capacity, she gives you a huge presence on the board mid and end game. It’s the best ally of the game.

*** 7 ***

The elemental’s signature move is right now the best single anti-ally card of the game… by far. Not only you will get rid of anything regardless of its strenght, but you will also inflict some damage to the opposing hero and maybe even, reduce the durability of his items (and of his moral)… This card only makes the Elementals decks still viable and deserves the 7th position.

*** 6 ***

Jericho‘s best friend since he can draw an extra card every turn (or even 2 when you play a second one to replace the first) for a nearly neglectible cost. With this single staff, he will gain enough cards to keep pumping his ressources and preparing the Tidal Wave that will shift the game to the end game part, where Priests shine. As a bonus, you can attack with it for 1.

*** 5 ***

Your nightmare when you’re going second. And the empty hand’s best friend. I can talk about it during hours so I’m allowing myself to redirect you to this excellent article on the card itself written by this awesome player whom I forgot the name.
Not only you have a huge advantage going first, but with this card and a well placed Kristopher/Snake, you can make it insane.

*** 4 ***

No other card in the game can give you that amount of utility. Damage, protection, anti-ally solution and life gain. With the obvious Rapid Fire, Gwen can deal 8 damage per turn, gain 6, and everything while jumping from a tree, waiting for Lily to make it again in 2 turns.

*** 3 ***

Best draw engine in the game. If you’re not Jericho, you will draw one less card per turn, thus, reducing your chances to win by a lot. The life cost is noticable, but as Enrage is in the same set of cards, it’s not really a problem. Chances are anyway that you will defeat your opponent before he can even notice it.

*** 2 ***

Beside the crappy rogue card, this weapon is the only ressource acceleration card in the game. If by any chance you can associate it with the a draw engine, you will gain advantage on your opponent on the two keys of the game: ressources & cards. Oh, and it’s a weapon. It deals damage that you can amplify by being Amber or with some Dual Wield card.

And now the card you’re all waiting for…
*** 1 ***

Yes, retreat. This game is ALL about board control and tempo and you know what? This little human card gives both to you for 2 ressources cost. And it’s also a source of small good combos with Lily, Kristopher, the Demon Beetle Bow or a simple damaged Aeon. You always want to have Retreat in your hand, because it’s the card that will reverse the situation for you.
By far the best tactical card of the game.

I hope you enjoyed the list.

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