Shadow Era Aggressive 4 Turn Kill Deck

Shadow Era Aggressive 4 Turn Kill Deck by Jowy

Hero: Zaladar

Creatures (16):
4x Snakes
4x Sparks
4x Bad wolf
2x Brutalis
2x Belladonna

Spells (19):
4x Transference
4x Shard of Power
3x Blood lust
3x Energy discharge
3x Mind Control
2x Extra sharp

My deck purely focus on killing opponent as fast as within 4 turns with the best hand when opponent is unable to defend in the 4 turns:

1st: 1x sparks + 1x resource = 0 dmg
2nd: 3x sparks + 2x resource = 2 dmg
3rd: 3x sparks + 3x resource + Shards of power = 15 dmg
4th: 3x sparks + 3x resource + Shards of power + Blood lust + Zaladar’s abilty = 24 dmg
Total: 41 dmg (overkill!)

you only need to maintain 3-4 resources to play, 5 for mind-control in later game.

Extra sharp: equip on any sparks or snakes for a neat 3 dmg on most creatures except for Brutalis on the 2nd turn. Best to make sure opponents doesnt have any creatures in play. And note that i will always need to minimise opponent’s creatures in play.

Transference/ Mind-control/ Energy discharge/ Bad wolf/ Belladonna: are considered to finish off opponent in later game. I wont need to do any extra card drawing, 7 cards hand is enough to execute my plans.

Downside of using this deck: 0 def, max attack makes you vulnerable to any attacks. Opponent tends to quit/leave when they see Zaladar or more than 2 sparks in play within 2-3 turns, which leave u no exp/gold and alot of disappointment.

Strength: 100% fast finish on any AI. No need to worry about big giants like Aeon when players probably wont able to call them out in time. Its very cheap deck to build atm.

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