Pockie Ninja Outfit Color Guide

Pockie Ninja Outfit Color Guide by VastoLorde

An outfit choosing guide for
Pockie Ninja
by VastoLorde

When playing Pockie Ninja, one must concern themselves with the problem of becoming better than the next person. The main problem is how?

Well of course thats an easy answer, you have to upgrade. Though this game offers a high number of upgrade choices there always seems to be one in particular that catches peoples attention. Upgrading their Avatar/Outfit to an Orange one.

This leads you to ask the question why orange?
The truth is probably just the color or even the initial stats. Maybe it’s the lust for knowing you have something considered valuable. Maybe just for the simple fact it’s your favorite character from Bleach or Naruto.

I have a question of my own. Is it worth the trouble?

After some researching I’ve come across some interesting information, that makes me rethink the value of some Orange outfits. It’s been said that a Grey+1 is nearly equivalent or even in some cases better than an Orange+0, but then wouldn’t that nearly guarantee that a Blue+1 is better than an Orange+0? I would say, Yes. Here’s some hard candy to chew on: Stats, Passive abilities, Availability and Cost. All things considered, Blue might be the True way to go.

There are 2 very important sets of stats to pay attention to on your outfit; The first of them being the Initial Stat Values(ISV) of the suits, which are what you see when you mouse hover over any Suit in-game. They consist of Strength, Agility, and Stamina. These are generally the stats you base you build type from, however after choosing an Outfit there are Hidden Base Muliplier Values(HV or BMV) that you can only see on the character info page.

*Stats and pictures are taken from a spare Orochimaru I had in my bag.

The more important of the 2 is, of course, the BMV. The lower the values in the BMV the better, in contrast of the ISV, which benefit from higher stats.

Then there is the Outfit Ability or as I call it “X-Factor“, which is actually just a long term passive benefit. Handy if used in conjunction with the passives from your skills and your Village.

But, enough of that, back to the reason I’m typing this in the first place… the value of Orange in comparison to Grey or Blue, specifically Blue. Whilst Blue’s are not initially on par with Oranges at first glance, they actually are. What I’m referring to are the BMV. It turns out that Blue and Orange aren’t so different in that department. In some cases such as: White Ulquiorra+0 vs. Hollowfied Ulquiorra+0 their BMV are identical.

13/21/9 – Strength/Agility/Stamina

This makes the only gains from blue to orange Ulquiorra+0, the X-Factor increase of 5% and the ISV difference of 4/0/1. That’s an extremely terrible gain at this early stage of the game. Now if you sit and think rationally about it, when you compare the rate at which obtaining a blue is compared to that of an orange, you’ll notice that its easier to get 3 blues(which Synth together for +1) than it is for 1 orange. So, when you factor everything out, in some cases maybe going blue is a better choice after all.

All things considered, do you still crave orange?

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