Pockie Ninja Advanced Leveling System Guide

Pockie Ninja Advanced Leveling System Guide by nadeurmom

Hello Everyone! DamageInc here, from Fiery Ridge server 6~!

In this Guide, you will:

– Be lvl 23-24 by the end of Day 1!
– Be lvl 26-28 by the end of Day 2!
– Be lvl 28-30 by the end of Day 3!
– Get a full grasp on the games integrity!
– Love my comical sense of Manga/Anime Humor!
– Know everything you will need to become one of THE BEST in the game!

STEP 1[ Tutorial Quests ]

– In the beginning of the game, they will throw tons of tutorials at you.
learn the controls of the game well, and the rest of this guide
will lead you the way

AFTER the tutorial quests,

Continue to do EVERY and ALL quest that is thrown at you. Until
you have NO MORE quests to do!

Every time you level up, new quests will be givin to you. Whenever you
Level up, do the new quests IMEDIATELY!

STEP 2[ REWARD Quests ]

– In the beginning quests you learn about the village reward quests!

DO NOT WASTE TIME WITH THE ORE/DEMON etc quests. stick to doing
the quest that gives experience, and the quest that offers skill
reset as a reward. do these 2 quests, once an hour, for 10 hours.

STEP 3[ Las Noches ]

– people say “its the best exp in the game”  – NOT TRUE
BUT however, it is good experience that you can pick up!

make sure your fully equiped, carrier bags are full, and your ready to go!
Repeat Las Noches, getting as far as you can, 2 times a day! and every day
you will get farther and farther, keeps a certain pace that you feel your becoming stronger by being able to get farther daily! :

STEP 4[ Valhalla Camp ]

Best to do with a party, joining a party is not hard, and there are alot of complaints that players are having trouble figuring it out.

– Enter Demon City> Enter Valhalla> on the right side of the screen, there are players with a [T] next to there name. When you click that T it offers them to join a party with you! *EASY. so pick someone around your level to do it! when you click there name it will make you the leader of the party!
For beginners, i recommend that you look at the bottom box list of players, those players are team leaders looking for party members. If you click there names, they will add you to there party and you just sit back and watch!

– Valhalla camp is not the best of experience, but every bit helps. on top of it
it allows you to finish some quests, and pick up some good gear that will be usefull
in the arena!


NOW that you’ve done all of steps 1-4, its time to release and bring in the most exp
make sure to use an EXP seal, purchase one from ITEM MALL if you dont already have any!
The best exp seal with give you 2x your exp per monster you kill!

GO TO: the highest lvl map you can. and KILL the best monsters you can, using chain kill!


ALWAYS – leave arena fights to be the LAST thing you do for the day. you want your
character STRONG and ready to fight anything coming your way!

After unloading 20-25 fights in the arena, BREAK SOME JARS! they unload you with
exp bags and awesome outfits for your character!


        NOW THAT youve followed steps 1-6, its time to put your character to sleep.

GO TO: Angel City > HALL > and find yourself a room!

the game will train your character for up to 8 hours! giving your roughly 10k+ exp!

Step 8[ REPEAT ]

after DAY 1 of following steps 1-7 you should be roughly around lvl 23-25 if you did things
correctly ;)

FOLLOW this guide, EVERY DAY
and you too will be awsome!

Hope you enjoyed this guide, and i hope all of you use it!
DONT get sidetracked listening to the world chat about players ranting, it will only slow you
down! FOCUS on your levels and your game, so when your high enough lvl 50+ than you can get into
the politics of the game!

– DamageInc, DragonTame Server

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