Pockie Ninja Slot Machine Solo Mode 99% Win Rate Fast Money

Pockie Ninja Slot Machine Solo Mode 99% Win Rate Fast Money by Raven00

Solo slotmachine is probably best method for became rich upgrade your gears in no time but how to beat slot machine?

its SIMPLE but you need correct skill build and avarage stats my method  is good for slot machine over lvl 31( remember you must run your level slot machines not low level slot machines or your drop rate will suck) but probably it work also for lower lvl

hard opponents in slotmachine solo mode are 4 Gaara,Naruto,Rukia,Matsumoto ichigo can be hard to beat if he cast lotus first skill but we can still pown him with my method


SLot machine solo mode


attackyour main stat must be high with a low attack you cant deal enought damage and you waste to much chakra if you run out of chakra you have a high chance of lose
speed > 1.25
stamina/hp increase it help a lot specially against gaara rebound !@ing damage a little bit stamina can save alot of games(its useful also in pvp/pve)


ok this part is VERY important a wrong skill set in slotmachine is almost a 100% chance lose

Static Field this is most important skill you must have for solo slotmachine it save your ass against Naruto and specially gaara ,thundergod damage is extremly high but with static field up u power up your field for every your action,static field also REMOVE thorn (rebound damage for each ur attack)ability of Gaara ,

Curse sealwhy?its cheap use no chakra and boost up ur attack alot on second and specially third opponent your hp will be low so you will have a big advantage with this skill

Claybombimportant for burst damage you must kill your opponents FAST or they will remove all ur chakra or will kill you so this skill must be in every solo slotmahcine build

Bomb/Chidori/great strenght/assassinatedepend on your character outfit

Quickstepvery important for power up your claybomb extra turns save up your ass often

Gale palm/thunderfall/dead Demonif your character is extremly squishy put in a dead demon it use alot of chakra but can save you if you are a strong speedster or attacker with decent hp use galepalm thunderfall it increase your burst damage

important=DONT use crystal blade slot machines opponent use 8 trigram palm that double your chakra use crystal blade is a 115 chakra skill you risk of be chakra less on first round

how to complete slot machine games fast?

its simple when you start battle refresh your page and your battle will be over…it isnt a bug so use it everytime save alot time you can complete 1 battle in around 10 seconds depend on ur net speed,you still get ITEM and chance of slot machine prices so dont worry

do you get more drops in a full party?

its a fake rumor you get same number drops its all luck based but you can get 1-3 orange each 30 battle

Can i use low lvl slotmachine?

you can use low lvl slot machines but your drop rate will be horrible…if you are lvl 31 you must run lvl 31 slot machine if you are lvl 46 you must run lvl 46 slot machines with my guide isnt a issue to beat it

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