Pockie Ninja Armory Guide

Pockie Ninja Armory Guide by Tsunashi

Okay guys,
I’m gonna talk about Armory, most of you seen it in Close Beta.

First things first, Armory is located in VILLAGE(Fire,Wind,Water,Earth and Lightning) / Angel City.

What is armory?
Armory is a place to enchance,refine,add slots, and another kind of enchanment using stone.

First off is,
If you check on your equipment you can see
Enchancement Level (0/8)
But your thinking , What’s enchanting for anyways?
Enchanting will either add MIN ATTACK / MAX ATTACK for WEAPONS
MAX HP for Equipments, but only Head,Body,Leg and Glove.

How do i enhance?
You go to the armory , click “Armory”.
Next press on the Enchance tab.Take off your equipment , either WEAPON,HEAD,BODY,LEG or GLOVE to your backpack.
Next drag your selected item to the corresponding place . Beside it there’s a small slot there.
What do i do with the small slot?
You put an enchantment talisman in it,There’s a range of Level 1 ~ Level 8 Enchantment Talisman  or you could use Coupons / Gold for it.It costs 8 Coupons/Gold.
How much will the MAX HP / MIN ATTACK,MAX ATTACK increase? It depends on what item your using, for example My “Green” Named Set Type equiment got enhance to level 1/8 , It increases 6 MAX HP but if i use a normal equipment from Item Merchant or Monsters.It raises only 4 MAX HP.
Enchanting is NOT a 100% success in every level except going from 0/8 to level 1/8 .
I am not sure how much % is decreased after each level, i will research more.
Also,Effects of Enhancement
At the moment, the maximum enhancement level is 8.
Enhancement has two effects. The first is the enhancement of basic attributes, and the second is the enhancement of additional attributes.

Next is
How do i refine?
But first, what is refine?
Refining basiclly means refining your equipment.For example your Shadow Claw got 31 CON and 35 Guard Break and 28 DODGE , The stat’s is not very satisfying to me.I’d go to Armory , click on “Armory” , go to REFINE TAB.Next take the equipment, ANY EQUIPMENTS INCLUDING PENDANT/NECKLACE and RING and put it on the corresponding slot for equipments.Now before you REFINE , you either need REFINING TALISMAN , There’s a range of Level 1 Refining talisman to Level 8 Refining talisman and you can also use COUPONS/GOLDS for this,It costs 8 COUPONS/GOLD.Put the refining talisman on the corresponding slot or just tick on coupon/gold.Now your weapon will be refined into a random stats.You can continue until you are satisfied.There’s no chance in failing , nor is the grade changing.

How do i add slots to my equipment?
Slots are those 3 CIRCLE DOTS in your weapon.For equipments like Head/Body/Leg/Glove/Belt. its only 1 CIRCLE.You can see either in your equipments/weapon it says “Unopened” it means that your slots is CLOSED and you cant use it.To add slots, you go to the Armory , Click on “Armory” Go to SLOTS TAB.Take off your weapon/equipment and put it on the corresponding slot.There is also a small slot there, You can either put Slot Creation Talisman or pay Coupons/Gold , BUT it costs 58 Coupons/Gold for 1 SLOT.Click add slot and one of your weapon or your only slot for equipment is OPENED but what can I do with this slot?You can put GEMS in your Weapon/Equipment.How do i get gems?
You can either buy it off Trade Market or use COUPONS/GOLD to buy it in ITEM MALL.
There are about 6 types of GEMS.

1. Ruby(red)
Attribute increases: Strength
Way to obtain: Quest, Outdoor Exploration, Killing BOSS, Market or Item Mall
Synthesis: Random Ruby(any level) + Ruby(lvl 1) + Ruby(lvl 1) can synt to a higher level ruby..  Each level increase 7 strength, level 2 ruby 14, level 3 ruby 21…
Gem Levels = Stats.
Ruby Level 1 = 14 STRENGTH
Ruby Level 2 = 21 STRENGTH
Ruby Level 3 = 28 STRENGTH
Ruby Level 4 = 35 STRENGTH
Ruby Level 5 = 42 STRENGTH

2. Sapphire(blue)
Attribute increases: Agility
Way to obtain: Quest, Outdoor Exploration, Killing BOSS, Market or Item Mall
Synthesis: Random Sapphire(any level) + Sapphire(lvl 1) + Sapphire(lvl 1) can synt to a higher level Sapphire..  Each level increase 7 agility, level 2 Sapphire 14, level 3 Sapphire 21…
Sapphire Level 1 =14 AGILITY
Sapphire Level 2 =21 AGILITY
Sapphire Level 3 =28 AGILITY
Sapphire Level 4 =35 AGILITY
Sapphire Level 5 =41 AGILITY

3. Emerald(green)
Attribute increases: Speed
Way to obtain: Quest, Outdoor Exploration, Killing BOSS, Market or Item Mall
Synthesis: Random Emerald(any level) + Emerald(lvl 1) + Emerald(lvl 1) can synt to a higher level Emerald..  Each level increase 0.6% Speed, level 2 Emerald 1.8%, level 3 Emerald 2.4%…
Emerald Level 1 =1.2%
Emerald Level 2 =1.8%
Emerald Level 3 =2.4%
Emerald Level 4 =3%
Emerald Level 5 =3.6%

4. Topaz(yellow)
Attribute increases: Stamina
Way to obtain: Quest, Outdoor Exploration, Killing BOSS, Market or Item Mall
Synthesis: Random Topaz(any level) + Topaz(lvl 1) + Topaz(lvl 1) can synt to a higher level Topaz..  Each level increase 7 endurance, level 2 Topaz 14, level 3 Topaz 21…
Topaz Level 1 =14 Stamina
Topaz Level 2 =21 Stamina
Topaz Level 3 =28 Stamina
Topaz Level 4 =35 Stamina
Topaz Level 5 =42 Stamina

5. Diamond
Attribute increases: Attack
Way to obtain: Quest, Outdoor Exploration, Killing BOSS, Market or Item Mall
Synthesis: Random Diamond(any level) + Diamond(lvl 1) + Diamond(lvl 1) can synt to a higher level Diamond..  Each level increase 0.6% Attack, level 2 Diamond 1.8%, level 3 Diamond 2.4%…
Diamond Level 1 =1.2%
Diamond Level 2 =1.8%
Diamond Level 3 =2.4%
Diamond Level 4 =3%
Diamond Level 5 =3.6%

6. Agate
Attribute increases: Max HP
Way to obtain: Quest, Outdoor Exploration, Killing BOSS, Market or Item Mall
Synthesis: Random Agate(any level) + Agate(lvl 1) + Agate(lvl 1) can synt to a higher level Agate..  Each level increase 0.6% Max HP, level 2 Agate 1.8%, level 3 Agate 2.4%…
Agate Level 1 =1.2%
Agate Level 2 =1.8%
Agate Level 3 =2.4%
Agate Level 4 =3%
Agate Level 5 =3.6%

Equipment Enchantment
“I thought you already talked about this” , No actually this is another thing.
In your equipment, and yes all the equipment, There’s this thing called Enchantment.
This is what I’m talking about, How do i get this “ENCHANTMENT” , You go to any village/Angel City and go to your Armory and click on another tab called “Enchantment”,In this enchance you need Enchantment Stone.There are diffrent types of Enchantment stone, Each stones correspond to their own equipment.
But , you also need the ENCHANTMENT TALISMAN with the stone.It is abit more harder than others but it is worth it.I also think its possible if you use GOLD/COUPONS For this ENCHANTMENT.

Remove is actually removing your gem.You know what i said at Slotting ? If you wanna take it out and change it , Go to Armory ,Click Armory and go to Remove,Put your equipment and choose the gem you want out.Once confirmed it will be removed.You can equip your new GEM now (:

This is all for my guide.If there is anything please comment below (:
Just a little information
How do you get stats in your equipment?
Appraise it,it randomly gives stats and random goes either 1~3Stats equipment.
Thank you
A little credit to 3zycupid and PockieNinja :D

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