D&D Heroes of Neverwinter Unique Item Locations List

D&D; Heroes of Neverwinter Unique Item Locations List by Wowo_you

Cleric unique items

Prison of Mirrors:
Symbol of Protection
Level 10 Holy Symbol
Attack Bonus +3
Spell Damage +3
+3 Healing Done
-3 Enemy Attack Rolls

Hell cube thingo:
Rebel’s Chainmail
Level 9 Heavy Armour
+8, +9 when flanked
+1 reflex when flanked
+3 regeneration when bloodied
speed penalty -1

Incursion into the Underdark
Fist of the North (final chest)
level 10 mace, unique
1d12+3, +5 vs orcs, +6 vs ogres
+3d6 radiant on crit

Path of the Chosen (Beholder quest spider optional):
Symbol of Victory
Level 8 holy symbol
+2 attack
+2 spell damage
+str to healing

Mark of the Chosen
Level 7 holy symbol
+2 attack
+2 spell damage
+wis to healing
+wis to healing received

Beholder Chest:
Acid Etched Morningstar
Level 10, 2 handed
1d10+2+3 ongoing acid
20/+2d6 acid

It Lives! (Eye Tyrant quest)
Vanguard Chainmail
Heavy armour, level 10
+8 armour, speed penalty: 0
+2 intitiative, +2 resist all

The Magic Hunters (Ruins of Illefarn)
Ring of the Lantern Bearer
Level 10 ring, unique
+5 healing done
+5 healing received
+3 resist necrotic

Symbol of the Martyr
Level 10 holy symbol
+2 attack roll, +3 when flanked
+2 spell damage
+3 healing done, +6 when flanked

Damn, I forgot where I saw these 2 …
Morningstar of Vigilance
2 handed morningstar
level 10, cleric only
attack +3, 1d10+3 damage
20/+4d4 radiant
+8 initiative

Morningstar, level 10, 2 handed, unique
Att +3, +4 vs undead
1d12+3 radiant, +5 vs undead
20/+3d6 radiant

It Feeds! (Illefarn)
+3 Lightforged Chainmail
+9 Armour Bonus
-1 Speed Penalty
+3+cha to radiant attack damage
+2+con to resist necrotic

Rogue unique items

It Lives!
Dragon Fang
short sword (rogue/fighter)
Atk Bonus- +3/+5 vs Dragons
Damage: 1d10+3/+5 vs Dragon, +2 ongoing Fire
Critical Range 20
Critical Dmg: +3d6 fire
+5 Fire resist

The Bandits Lair (possibly other locations as well?):
Vial of Deathly Ichor
Level 10 unique offhand rogue item
+3 ongoing necrotic damage

Observation Kit
Level 9 unique offhand rogue item
+3 perception

Sword Mountains
A Pirates Life:
Cursed Shortsword (also found in Big Bad Battleaxe)
+2 att bonus
1d8+3, +6 vs humanoids
20/+2d6 necrotic
+3 vulnerability

+3 seeker hand crossbow
+3 att bonus
1d10+3 damage
20 range

The Magic Hunters
Winged Helm
Level 10 helm
+1 speed

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