Asda 2 One Handed Sword Build Guide

Asda 2 One Handed Sword Build Guide by TintaTesoura

I decided to make a personal guide for tankers.
This is my build for second job so far.
I didn’t make a 1st job guide because I didn’t remember to start a guide back then lol.
If something is wrong, please correct me 8]


Level 30
Repeated Hit 1/7
Strike down 1/7
One-hand sword traning 1/5
Increase Stamina 1/7

Level 31

Level 32
Strike Down 2/7
Increase Stamina 2/7

Level 33
One-hand sword traning 2/5

Level 34
Strike Down 3/7
Increase stamina 3/7

Level 35
Mass provoke 1/1
Heavy Crasher 1/1
Endurance 1/3
Threat 1/2

Level 36
One-Hand sword traning 3/5
Splinter 7/7

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