Asda 2 Full Healer Mage Skill Guide

Asda 2 Full Healer Mage Skill Guide by ajkorookie

This are my skill guide for a full healer mage.(beta version)1st

Magic Blade 3
Lightning 7
Minor Heal 5
Study Minor Heal 3
Ress 1
Eagle Eye 1
Int 7

– total of 26/31 skill points, Its up to you to where you want to add the rest 5 skill point


Recover 5
Ice 1 (Optional this helps a lot when you are in danger. Can save your life)
Heal 5
Study Healing 3
Art of Intelligence 5
Staff Training 5
Dispell 1
Stamina 5

– total of 30/30 skill points

-I do not recommend you to add Study Light Magic because it doesn’t add that much to the heal and it’s a waste of skill point
-I prefer adding the rest to stamina because we all know how mages hp are low


Advance heal 5
Study Recovery 3
Quick heal 5
Party Heal 1
Sacrificial Contract 1
Study Advanced Healing 3
Boost Climate Magic 5
Study Quick Healing 7

-total 30/30 skill points

Any suggestions/violent reactions are welcome

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  1. SomeOHS says:

    Getting the passive stamina increase is you’re a mage is not very smart. First of all, you have low HP and stamina to begin with, so with 2000 HP, a maxed Increase Stamina buff would result in an increase of around 200 HP. If you had nice HP, then getting the buff would be useful.

  2. Hey do you think you could add advise on what sowels and gear to use? Thanks :)

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