Pangya General Guide

Pangya General Guide by sweatdrop

Season 3: Revolution Implementation

Q. Explain in depth how the Mascot system works.
Mascots provides small benefits for players.  They have to be
rented just like Pang Salary Caddies.  You may choose to rent these
mascots from 1, 7, or 30 days and they cost Astros.  You can only equip
one mascot in the game, and you can have as many mascots as you want in
your inventory.  You can unequip mascots at any time you wish.

Aristo– If hit Pangya, you will gain Mascot Bonus worth 10 pangs.
– You may place text on the sign in any way you want it to present.

Boo– If hit Pangya, you will gain Mascot Bonus worth 10 pangs.– Experience increase +20% at the end of the round (any decimal in your experience bonus will round down)

– If hit Pangya, you will gain Mascot Bonus worth 10 pangs.Pang
increase +20% at the end of the round (does not increase your bonus
pang & any decimal in your pang bonus will round down)

– If hit Pangya, you will gain Mascot Bonus worth 10 pangs.– +1 slot for holding items (now you may equip up to 9 items per round)

Q. I need some information and tips about the new Spike shot
Spike shot is the newest addition to be added with the other special
shots like Tomahawk and Cobras.  To perform this shot, treat it as any
other powershot and input the commands,

This shot can only be used with Wood Clubs only.  You can combine techniques such as Spike + Powercurve & Spike + Powerspin.

Now to explain how the Spike shot performs in the game.

the shot has been taken, it does a cobra like style except the ball
will rise to its highest peak at a early start.  Once that peak has
been reached, the energy from the Phoenix ball will charge up and spike
down diagonally as if someone was spiking a beach ball downwards.

it spikes down, there’s no stopping it until it hits the ground.  Use
this as your advantage against low elevation spots.  It will go further
than a Tomahawk in this case here.

shots are not made for high elevation if you want your ball to travel
far.  Even if the ball reaches its highest peak, it will not matter
since there’s not enough air time for the shot to go further.

Q. Will there be any new Character animation in Season 3?
There will be.  One will be the Super Powershot animation, and the
other is the new Hole-in-One animation for each Characters.  Hana has
an exclusive Eagle animation.  Also in your Super Powershot stance,
move your aim around and you’ll see something nice.

Q. What is Super Powershot and how does it perform?
A Super Powershot requires two power gauges and you will be able to
extend your shot distances by +20 yards.  This is treated just like a
regular powershot.  To activate Super
Powershot, hit ALT key twice.  You will notice that your character’s
stance is different.  This means you have done it correctly.

Q. Can I combine my 1 Power gauge and 1 Strength Potion to perform a Super Powershot?

Strength Potion only enables your powershot on that turn.  Now if you
use Power Milk instead of Strength Potion, then yes you may perform a
Super Powershot.
Q. Has any camera angles changed for this new season?
There will be several new camera angles in Season 3.  You may see a new
camera shot when performing a Tomahawk, or a birdie dance will be
shown in different perspective.  If you have played this game
for awhile, you may be able to catch some of these new camera
adjustments.  See how many you can find.

Q. How’s the new camera control feature?  Is it more flexible that we can move the camera around when we want?
It’s much more flexible now.  Instead of moving the camera sideways or
zooming in and out, you are able to rotate the camera around your ball
when the shot has been made with the arrow keys.  This implementation
will help move your camera around so you can keep track on where your
ball will be heading.  If you cannot see your ball in Ice Cannon, use
the new camera control for a better view.  You can also rotate the
camera around your Characters in their tee shot animation or
boTOTALLY FREAKIN’ AWESOME/par/birdie etc dancing mode.

Q. What are these white wings on the gender icon mean?
It’s a good manner icon, not Angel Wings
.  Only players with 3% or below quit rate will
obtain it. 

Q. I tried to whisper somebody but I don’t think it’s going through.  What happened?
The person you are trying to whisper has disabled the function to
receive whispers in the options menu.  While that function is enabled,
any whispers will not be transfered at all to that particular person.

Q. Is there an easy way to switch your character, caddies, clubs, etc quickly in the lobby?
Just click on the pictures above where it displays your characters, caddies, clubs, etc.

Q. Are there any good places to use Spike shot?
Blue Water H6
WizWiz H17
Ice Cannon H11 #1
Ice Cannon H11 #2

Ice Spa H9
(more may be added later on)

Q. How does the new power penalty work?
Everyone knows that if your power is over 20, then your control and
accuracy will drop correct?  The new Power Penalty system rewards
players with high level ranks to upgrade their power over the penalty
limit of 20 without having your other stats drop.  This highly depends
on the user’s level.  Each time you level up to a new rank title, you
are allowed one free upgrade of your power that goes over the penalty
limit without any fault to your Control and Accuracy.

Beginner E – Beginner A: 21 Power
Junior E – Junior A: 22 Power
Senior E – Senior A: 23 Power
Amateur E – Amateur A: 24 Power
Semi-Pro E – Semi-Pro A: 25 Power
and so on

Q. How come almost everyone gets a different wind angle for each players?
This new implementation allows everyone to depend on their own skills
rather than copying someone else’s shot.  The different angles for each
players are slightly off, but they are different nevertheless.  Wind
pressure will remain the same for every players in the same game.  This
function is applied towards VS, Tournament, and Approach Mode.

Q. I do not get the same exact amount whenever I sell my items in PSqaure.  How come?
There’s a 5% fee that will deduct automatically when something is
purchased from your store.  For example, you are selling Max’s hair for
80,000 pang.  Someone buys your hair for 80,000 pang and you will
obtain 76,000 pang in return. (5% of 80,000 is 4,000)

Q. What are the commands to do facial emotions and animations in PSquare?
Sit Down / Lay DownPage Down

Sit Up / Stand Up

Page Up






Uncle Bob:/chat-2


Q. How come PSquare is very laggy?
1) The lag may have something to do with your slow internet service
that you’ve subscribed.  But I highly doubt that’s the case since the
game doesn’t require too much bandwidth.

2) Or it could be the computer’s performance.  Get a up-to-date computer or upgrade your video card.
Q. Can you sell caddies like Black Papel in PSquare?
A. No!

Q. Are there any important tips that I should know in PSquare.
You can sale those 7 or 15 day club star gift boxes.  Kinda funny.  You
may also sell event items as well.  Like Reindeer nose, X-mas sweater,
Dog shoes, etc.  As long as the event items are not something purchased
with real money, it may be salable.

2) When someone is selling pang

clubs, you can right-click the item and it will display how much it has
been upgraded.  Once purchased, the upgrades will be there.

3) To add a blank name for your store, just hit the spacebar once or a few and there you go.

Once you open your own shop, you cannot shop at someone else’s goods,
switch characters, go to My Shop, My Room, etc.  It’s very limited.
Once you close your own personal shop, you are free to do whatever you
need to do.

A good way to sell your goods without having to punish yourself in
waiting for someone to buy is to go idle.  It’s always good to open
your personal shop when your taking a shower, grab something to eat, or
going to bed.  When you come back, you can check to see if anyone has
bought anything.

6) Another tip.  No need to compare prices from
worldwide Pangya servers to Albatross18.  If Japan are selling Kooh’s
wig for 600,000 pang, doesn’t mean it should happen here.  Everyone
should follow their own path without depending on something else to
achieve your goals.

7) Anything purchased will take a 5% fee from that cost on each items you buy.

8) You cannot have more than 1 of the same items in your inventory
(that’s excluding usable items like Strength Potion as we should all
know).  Items like the rares from Black Papel lotto, clothing, clubs,
Q. Is there an easy way to open up the buddy list quicker?
A. Hit the insert key to hide or reveal your buddy list and your buddy MSN-like chat box.

Q. I can’t seem to access my buddy list.  It won’t open up.
A. When this happens, it affects everyone as well.  Give the server some time until the service is back up again.

Q. What is Shuffle Bonus and what does it do?
If you set the course on
Shuffle, players will gain an additional 20% from their total pang on
that round (excluding gained bonus pang).
This will work on either VS or Tournament Mode.  In Tournament mode, you’ll gain the bonus only if you finish the round.
*It’s suppose to display a Shuffle Bonus logo on screen when you start on your first hole.  But it doesn’t*

Whenever I get BoTOTALLY FREAKIN’ AWESOME or worse, it doesn’t deduct
my pang at all.  Is this another Season 3 implementation?
A. Yes it is. 

Q. How come I see the same person listed twice in the lobby’s name list?
It’s a visual bug.  This happens whenever the player has been
disconnected from game.  If that player returns to the same server that
they’ve been d/c, their names will appear twice.  If d/c again and
visit a 3rd time, the name will appear for the third time.  Etc.  At
least I think that’s how it works.
The GMs are NOT responsible for any “trades” which occur.  If one person
happens to scam you, you will NOT get your item back and you will NOT
get your Pang / Cookies back.  If the GMs find the scammer guilty, they will
be banned from the game.

So essentially, don’t trade.
please do not contact our team about “trusted sellers” or “trusted
traders”.  This is what the PSquare is for.  You put an item up for
sale at a price, they buy it for that price.  No messing around.
But I’m sure players won’t listen and will still trade anyways.  Before you trade, make sure it’s someone that you can trust.

possible to trade in this game yes, but you are putting yourself at
risk.  Stay very cautious and don’t go into a trading frenzy spree.

Getting too involved in this action may result in greater consequences
in the near future.  Also it would be best to take screenshots for
evidences.  As for me, when I make trades to a vet player that I
somewhat know, I record the whole thing using Fraps.  I stay very
cautious and never lower my guard even if it’s someone that I know as a
friend.  You can never be too sure.

Tournament FAQ

Q. How come there has been an increase of Tournaments that are doing Shuffle instead of Front?
Shuffle will reward players an extra 20% bonus on their total pang at
the end of the round.  You must complete the course before time is up
to receive your 20% bonus.  You may also combine your Mascot to reach
up to 40%.  This only gives the bonus to your actual pang, not bonus

Q. Do you receive something from Tournament Awards?
Players will receive items based on how many awards they have
achieved.  Also there has to be a minimum of around 9-10(?) players to
receive items from their awards.  You will receive items like Power
Potion, Spin Mastery, etc.  You may even get lucky and get Astro items
like Duostar Lucky Pangya or Silent Wind.


Q. How does Clear Bonus work?
Bonus can only be obtained in VS mode.  Once you complete your last
hole in that round, you will receive Clear Bonus Pang.  The amount of
pang you
earn from the bonus varies on the amount of players, course difficulty,
and the number of holes played.  Here is a chart to determine the
amount of pangs you will earn when the round has finished.

*This is the list of Clear Bonus pang that you will earn from Season Two.  Now in Season Three, the amount has been doubled*

Q. What if on VS Match, my partner scored a HIO or Albatross.  Will that be recorded on my account or just my partner?
A. Just your partner.

Q. How many times can each player pause the game?
A. Each player has a limit of two pauses for 1 game.
Q. I hate when players quit on the first hole.  If that happens, it will count as game played?

A. As long as you finish the first hole before they leave, it will
count as a full
game.  If your opponent leaves before finishing the first hole, nothing
will count
and you will be sent back into the waiting room.  If your opponent
quits while taking your shot, you will return to the waiting room when
you finish your shot.

Q. How many holes are needed to past through in order to finish up my VS game alone if everyone quits out?
You need to be on the 4th hole to able to play through the whole round
if your party (excluding you) has left.  You will be given an option to
continue with the game alone, or leave the game with the amount of pang
and experience you’ve earned.  If you leave, it will not count as a
What if I decided to continue with my VS game alone, but I want to quit
a little later after that.  Will it still count as a quit though?
It won’t count as a quit.  You may leave the game at anytime even after
you were given an option to stay or leave previously.  All of the
earned pang and experience will transfer as well.

Caddies FAQ

Q. What level does my Caddies need to be to follow your ball?
A. Level 3+ (excluding Papel and Black Papel)

Q. What are the difference between  (Cookie Points) Caddies and PP (Pang Points) Caddies?
PP Caddies you have to pay with pang.  Hired PP Caddies will last for
30 real-time days until you decide that you want to hire them again for
another 30 days.  If you do not wish to hire them back, they will be on
vacation and you can hire your them some other time.  Caddies salary
costs less than when you first purchased them.

Cookie Caddies you have to pay with (real money).  Once hired, they are yours to keep forever.  No salaries, no gimmick.

Q. I need an explanation on Caddie’s level on how much experience needed to level up?
A. Level 1 = 0 EXP = Standard
Level 2 = 520 EXP = Talks to you more
Level 3 = 680 EXP = Follow ball & gives more advice
Level 4 = 840 EXP = Continues to follow ball & talks to you until it drives you crazy

Q. Does Papel do anything special when it’s leveled up?
A. Papel follows your ball and does not talk regardless of level.

Q. What’s the highest level caddies can reach?
A. Level 4 is the highest.
Q. How does your Caddie level up?
You’ll gain exp from VS or Tournaments.  Not only you will obtain
experience points for yourself, but your caddie as well if they are
Q. Which Caddie skins gives me one full power bar when you begin your first hole?
A. Lola and Quma.

Q. What does Caddie skins do?

When buying a caddie skin, the time will be deducted
everyday.  You have a choice of getting the skins for a period of time.

Also, every skin gives a boost on your power guage. This gives a
little more of an advantage to being able to use a power shot early
within the game.  Once your caddie skin runs out, your caddie will be
back to its original way when you first purchased it.

I’m tired of having to repurchase my caddie skins when it runs out.  Is
there any way where it can last for more than a month?
A.  You can buy multiple 30 days worth of skin and they will stack on top of each other.  Try that.

Black Papel Shop FAQ

Q. Is Black Papel coming back into the Papel Shop Lotto?

A. Who knows.

Q. I win a rare item for a character.  How do I know which character I won it on?
A. Look at the parenthesis beside the item’s name.  If it displays (A), that means it’s for Arin.

(N) – Nuri
(H) – Hana
(AZ) – Azer
(C) – Cecilia
(M) – Max
(K) – Kooh
(A) – Arin
(KZ) – Kaz
What if I did the Papel Lotto, and the only Character I have in my
account is Nuri.  Does that mean any won rares will be awarded to

A. Any rares won from the lotto
will be given to any of the 8 random characters in the game.  It won’t lower the chances even
if you have two or three Characters in your account.  Sometimes, you
may win a rare item for a Character that you do not own. 

Q. What if I won a rare item for a Character I don’t have?
It will be located on the “Etc” tab under “My Room.”  In order to equip
it, you will need to purchase the Character.  You may also sell the rares if you want.

Q. Can you win more than one of the same item that are listed at the bottom?
A. No.
Q. I heard rumors about lower rank players can win rares easily in the Papel Shop Lotto.  Is that true?
Enough of this.  Sometimes, there are people that wants to spread this
false rumor because everything didn’t go right with that person.

Lottery simply means, “lower chance of winning.”

Q. Can you list all the rares that we’ve seen so far?  Also what does these rare items from Black Papel Shop do?
1st Set Rares

Chaos Horns
Curve +1/Slot 1
Accuracy +1
Available for every Characters (excluding Kaz)Wear: Head

Seraph Halo
Spin +1/Slot 1
Accuracy +1

Available for every Characters (excluding Kaz)Wear: Head

Black Papel (Caddie)
Control +1
Spin +10

———————–2nd Set Rares
Illusion Specs
Curve +10
Available for every Characters (excluding Kaz)Wear: Cheek (does not overwrite any face paint items)

Pink Blush
Accuracy +1
Available for every Characters (excluding Kaz)Wear: Cheek (does not overwrite any face paint items)

Rosy Cheeks
Accuracy +1
Available for every Characters (excluding Kaz)Wear: Cheek (does not overwrite any face paint items)

3rd Set Rares

The Blaze
Accuracy +1
Wear: Head
Equip to Scout only

The Crescent
Accuracy +1
Curve+1/slot+1Wear: Head
Equip to Hana only

The Razor
Accuracy +1
Curve+1/slot+1Wear: Head
Equip to Uncle Bob only

The Scissor Cut
Accuracy +1
Curve+1/slot+1Wear: Head
Equip to Cecilia only

The Sports Cut
Accuracy +1
Curve+1/slot+1Wear: Head
Equip to Max only

The Cutlass
Accuracy +1
Curve+1/slot+1Wear: Head
Equip to Kooh only

The Siren
Accuracy +1
Curve+1/slot+1Wear: Head
Equip to Arin only

The Noble
Accuracy +1
Wear: Head
Equip to Kaz only (Never to be released)
Set Rares

Romeo Mask
Accuracy +1
Available for every Male CharactersWear: Glasses Slot
Effect: Item Drop rate increases

Casanova Mask
Accuracy +1
Available for every Male Characters
Wear: Glasses Slot
Effect: For every Pangya that you hit will reward you 3 Bonus Pang. Missing Pangya will result in 2 Bonus Pang.

Juliet Mask
Accuracy +1
Available for every Female CharactersWear: Glasses Slot
Effect: Item Drop rate increases

Victoria Mask
Accuracy +1

Available for every Female CharactersWear: Glasses Slot
Effect: For every Pangya that you hit will reward you 3 Bonus Pang. Missing Pangya will result in 2 Bonus Pang.

Accuracy +1
Available for every Characters
Wear: Cheek (does not overwrite any face paint items)
Set Rares

Antigas Mask
Spinslot +1
Available for every Characters
Wear: Glasses Slot
Effect: For every Pangya that you hit will reward you 3 Bonus Pang. Missing Pangya will result in 2 Bonus Pang.
Set Rares (Current Set)
Spin +1
Available for every Character
Wear: Headgear
Effect: Item Drop rate increases
(Change colors using Brie’s Cauldron)

Curve +1

Available for every Character
Wear: Headgear
Effect: Item Drop rate increases(Change colors using Brie’s Cauldron)

Available for every character
Wear: Headgear
Effect: when you successfully get pangya
you will receive 3 bonus pang
and even if you fail you get 2 bonus pang

*Only the rares from the current set can be won in Black Papel Shop.
Q. What if I accidentally hit “close” when I haven’t clicked all the Dolfini balls in the Papel lotto shop?
A. You will have a pop-up menu showing what was contained in the Dolfini balls and those items will transfer to your account.

Q. Why do I see this Red Papel popping up in the Papel Lotto shop?
A. If you see Red Papel, you have a chance of winning a rare item.

If the Dolfini ball selects Red Papel, it will turn white.  That means you have won a rare item.

Q. If I see Red Papel, does that mean I win a rare item with 100% success rate?
A. Sadly, no.

Q. How come I didn’t win 100 Pang Mastery in Black Papel Shop?  I only got just a handful of them in my account.
You can only obtain around 1-3 of that particular item (except rares,
but that
would be nice).  Meaning you could obtain 2 Power Potions, 3 Pang
Mastery, 2 Duostar Nerve Stabilizer, 1 Silent Wind, or 2 Love Love
Phoenix.  Look closely at the numbers on each item you win and it’ll
show how many you won.  If the number is not present, you only won 1.

Q. I accidentally clicked on Black Papel multiple times and lost quite a bit of pang.  How does this happen and how can I prevent it?
Be sure to click Black Papel only once.  Sometimes the server will lock
up for a few seconds.  If that’s the case, do not risk and click Black
Papel again.  Instead, wait a few seconds or click on the Total tab on
the bottom right corner.  That usually works for me and causes your
connection to wake up and then Black Papel will go through.
  Right now, I do not know if they’ve fixed this bug yet.

Q. What is that red number next to the 50 limit play per day?
A. That red number is Bonus turns.  For every 30 minutes played, you will receive 10 bonus turns. 
The limit is up to 50 extra turns per day.  You will still have to pay 500 pang for the bonus turns.

Q. How come Kaz doesn’t have Black Papel rare Set ranged from 1-3?
That’s because Kaz came out way later on Albatross18 when we still had
the lotto system implemented.  Kaz came out at the same time when Black
Papel Set changed to the 4th set.

Mr. eCard FAQ

Q. Can you list the rares and also explain what the E-Card rares do?
1st Set Rare
Magic Sceptre Set
Power: 8+3
Control: 3+9
Accuracy: 3+7
Spin: 1+2
Curve: 3+3
Specialty: You’ll see magical glitter when the club has been swung.  Pangya Logo displays differently when hitting pangya.
Visuals: Picture,

2nd Set Rare

Umbrella Club Set

Power: 10+3

Control: 5+7

Accuracy: 3+6

Spin: 1+2

Curve 2+0

Speciality: Rainbow effect appears when club is swung.  Water Bubble
effect partially displays when the club makes impact on the Phoenix


3rd Set Rare

Crimson Ring
Effect: +4 yd
distance on every wood, iron, and wedge clubs.  Putt clubs will remain
normal.  No penalty will be made on your Control and Accuracy either.
Infinite uses and can be equipped to any Character.
Speciality: It displays a very flashy starburst effect on your finger.
Visuals: Picture 1, Picture 2

4th Set Rare (Current Set)

Air Lance 3 SetPower: 9+4
Control: 6+6
Accuracy: 6+6
Spin: 4+2
Curve 1+1
It glitters when club is swung and shows a bluish blur as well.  When
impact on the phoenix ball, you can see a burst effect before the ball
Visuals: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3,
*Only the rares from the current set can be won in Mr. eCard.

Q. Sometimes when I’m about to start scratching, it freezes.  Does it use up my ticket?!
The only thing I’ve tried was logging out and then log back in.  Then
it worked fine for me.  Give it a shot.  Maybe there’s another way to
remedy that problem, but this is the only one I know so far.  And no,
it won’t take away your ticket if it freezes on you.

Q. Can you sell eCard Rares in PSquare?
A. No

Q. What are the stuff that you can earn in Mr. eCard?
A. By using 1 eCard ticket, you may win one of the following:

  • 2-3x Replay Tapes
  • 2-3x Silent Winds
  • 2-3x Duostar Lucky Pangya
  • 2-3x Duostar Nerve Stabilizer
  • 2-3x Power Calipers
  • 2-3x Mulligan Rose
  • 1x eCard Rare (lower chance to obtain than the list above)

Q. Can you earn more than 1 of the same eCard rare?
A. No. 

What if a new rare was introduced in the eCard lotto system and I still
have some leftover eCard tickets with me.  Will I be eligible to win
the new or the old rares?
A. You can only obtain the rares from the new & current set even if
you have several eCards left overs for a long time.  The current rares
that are in the eCard lotto system is what counts the most, not the
date of purchase of those tickets.  This method is the same as Papel
Coupons and Black Papel Shop.

Q. How can I see how many eCard tickets that are available in my account?
A. Here or here.

Q. Are all eCard rares are going to be clubsets only?
A. No.  There will be some surprises later on.

Brie’s Cauldron FAQ

1st Tab – Beginner

2nd Tab – Intermediate

* Duostar PS, Duostar SS, and Duostar LS requires a level of Junior A to create these items

3rd Tab – Advance

* Power Ring requires a level of Senior C to create this item

* Control Ring requires a level of Amateur A to create this item

* Accuracy Ring requires a level of Amateur E to create this item

* Spin & Curve Ring requires a level of Senior E to create this item

* Luck Ring requires a level of Junior E to create this item

4th Tab – Special

Event duration: 2/14/08 ~ 2/28/08

5th Tab – Event

Event duration: 12/13/07 ~ 1/9/08



Miscellaneous FAQ

Q. What does Pangya mean?
A. Pangya is an onomatopoeia word for, “BANG!” in Korea.

Q. What are some important terminology that are used in this game?
A.  BI – “Beam impact”
BS – “Backspin”
D/C – “Disconnect”
Dunk – When the phoenix ball goes straight into the cup without any bounce
GL – “Good luck”
HF – “Have Fun”
GG – “Good game.”
NP – “Nice putt.”
NS – “Nice shot”
NT – “Nice try”
HIO – “Hole-in-One.”
Nike – Whenever the ball rolls toward the cups and lips the edge that appears somewhat similar to a Nike swoosh.
PPIC – Failed to hit Pangya
Tailwind – Wind direction blowing forward from your position
Facewind/Headwind – Wind direction blowing toward you from your position
Break Points – The black lines on your ball slope.

So you get an extra bonus pang for each bounce with the Water Phoenix.

So what’s the maximum that you can get from the bounce bonus?
A. 20 bounce = 20 pangs.  It won’t go any further than that.

Q. Silvia Cannon does not replay my shots during VS mode. Why?
A. Not sure. It may be part of not disrupting the cannon fires pattern.  You may use replay tapes to replay your shot if needed.

Q. I’m a Beginner D with Scout. If I purchase Arin, will she be Rookie F?
A. Your rank is determined by you the player. Characters are not handled like Final Fantasy games.

Q. Is there a way to make a homemade Papel for myself?
A. Click here.  No instruction is needed, it’s self-explanatory.
Q. I heard this weird unusual Pangya SoundFX coming from a player that is equipped with a giant afro.
When having the Afro equipped, the Pangya sound is different.  There
are 4 different sounds coming from the item.  The item is currently not
on sale at this time.  To
hear what all 4 of them sounds like, click here.

Q. How come I cannot choose my first character?
A. You start off with either Scout (M) or Hana (F).  If your chosen gender is male, you have Scout, and etc.

Q. I received Necklace of Good Fortune.  What does that do?
The necklace is given to all players who starts out as Rookie F.  The
item only takes effect if you remain a “Rookie” level and gives you
maximum Accuracy stats.  Once you past that level, the item loses its
Q. How does bad weather occur and what does it do?
Bad weather will occur randomly. When the sky darkens, that means it’s
a sign of bad weather that will appear on the next hole. Once bad
weather starts, you will notice that Ground Property is 98% instead of
100%. Meaning the ball will travel & roll just a little less.
Remember to putt with more strength as well. Recovery Bonus will also
appear as well to multiply your earned pang by 2x on that hole. It will
last for only one hole, then weather will return normal.

Q. What is Recovery Bonus?
Recovery Bonus only shows up in bad weather (rain/heavy snow). Every
shot and putt will display Recovery Bonus x2 on the screen. What pang
you earn in that hole will be multiplied by double, just like a freebie
Pang Mastery.

Q. What happens if I purchase a Character package, but I already own the character?
You will receive the clothing set as normal. Then you will be rewarded
pangs based on how much that character is worth alone.  If you
already have Kooh, and you purchase the Fox outfit Character Package, you
will receive the items, plus 29,000 pangs since you already have Kooh
and that’s how much she cost in pangs.

Q. What happens if I gift a Character to someone that might already have it?
A. The message will say that they currently own the character, and it cannot be sent.

What happens if I gift someone a character set. If they already own the
character, will they receive both the outfit set and the bonus pangs?

You would think they will receive bonus pangs because they already own the
character. Sadly, the answer is no. They will just receive the outfit
set with no bonus pang. The only way to obtain the bonus is to purchase the
character set yourself.

What happens if someone gifts two Pang Masteries to me?  Would both of
them be combined together in my gift section or separated?

No it separates them.  Just like if the GMs are awarding 10 free
phoenixes per day, it will not stack on top of each other.  Abuse this trick by releasing one at a time, and not
claim everything just yet.

Q. How can you change your Username?
You can’t. However, you can change your nickname by paying 15 Astros.

Just remember that once you change your nickname, you’ll still need to
use your primary Username to login the game.
Q. Can I use multicolor text in the A18 game?
You are not allowed to use colored text. Using colored text is a
bannable offense. I wouldn’t try or even attempt doing it.  If you see
someone doing it, be sure to report them right away.  If you see
someone name Supportxxx typing in blue text, don’t report.  You
wouldn’t want to report a GM would you?

Q. If I get disconnected, do I get the pangs I’ve earned in that round or is that gone?
A. Sadly, you won’t get any pangs.  However, if you made a HIO or Alba, it’ll will count in your account.

Q. How many levels are there and how much experience is needed to level up?

Q. How does Game Combo work?
+1 Game Combo if completed the round successfully.
-3 Game Combo if you quit, disconnected, time out, or booted from multiple of give ups.

Let’s pretend you have a clean Game Combo stat of 0/0.

1a) Played 7 games and completed the whole round.
1b) 7/7 Game Combo

2a) You got disconnected or decided to quit.
2b) 4/7 Game Combo

3a) You decided to play 1 Tournament Round and finished
3b) 5/7 Game Combo

4a) You got disconnected again.
4b) 2/7 Game Combo

5a) Now you decided to do a 3 hole game to bring your combo back up.  You played 6 VS games.
5b) 8/8 Game Combo
Q. What is the maximum number of friends you can have on your buddy list?
A. 50

Q. Will my putting rate % lower if I putt outside of the green?
It will.  I have already tested it.  If you want to move your ball to a
certain location for better ball slope, it would be best to use a
wedge.  That way, you will hit an easy pangya, increase your powerguage
a bit, and not lowering your putting rate.

Q. What items does not increase your powerguage bar when making the shot?
Generic Lucky Pangya, Duostar Lucky Pangya, Duostar PS, Duostar LS and Strength Boost.

Q. How can I make the ball skip on the water?
Add forward spin on your ball and then hit Pangya for PowerSpin.  It
will work on any clubs.  Remember, you can let the ball roll into the
water instead of hitting the water on the first bounce and it’ll still
skip the ball, but in very low elevation.  You can also do Cobra +
Frontspin to skip the ball as well. 

Q. Sometimes in the game, I see “Nice Recovery” on screen.  What does it mean and how does it work?
Nice Recovery is caused by a power spin shot being done on
Rough/Sand/O.B./Ice.  Getting Nice Recovery is only given if
that spin manages to go out of the mentioned area and stop on some part
of the fairway or green.

It is also more likely that
you will have a chance to get this bonus if you have very high spin or
use a spin mastery.  Nice Recovery isn’t something that you can gain commonly.

you have succeeded in getting Nice Recovery, you will be awarded with
minimum pang as a bonus.  If you spin off from Rough, Ice, or Sand, you
will get 10 pang.  If spins off from OB, you get 15 pang.


Tips & Tricks FAQ
Q. How do I take a screenshot?

A. F11 or use Prt Scrn.  (Prt Scrn, you’ll have to paste it on a paint program or something)
Q. I have someone that is begging me to gift him/her.  He/she won’t stop either, what should I do?
Harassment is against the rules of the game.  If a player is begging
you for something, or spamming over and over, go ahead and hit that
report button.  Begging is a form of harassment when it gets to the
point of frustration.  Of course, it’s recommended that you ask not to
beg you first, and if they still persist, report them.  The GMs will
take care of the rest.

Q. What is the maximum spin that I can use for tomahawk + power backspin & spike + power backspin without popping the cup?
7 spin is your best bet.  Anything higher than 7 will have a good
chance of popping it.  Especially if the phoenix catches the beam or
spins close to the hole.

Q. What is the maximum spin that I can use for cobra + power backspin & regular power backspin without popping the cup?
A. 9 spin is your best bet.  Anything higher than 9 will have a good
chance of popping it.  Especially if the phoenix catches the beam or spins close to the hole.

Q. In putting mode, is there any way for making the Character transparent?
A. hit the ALT key

Q.  Can you list some Chat Commands for this game?
A.– Keys / Keys combinations –

F11: Takes a screenshot.
H: Turns off/on the location of the other players and your own ball placement.
Ctrl+C: Hides/Shows the chat box.
Ctrl+E: Shows smileys, hold shift to invert it.
Ctrl+H: Hides/shows game interface.
Ctrl+0 (#): Full top viewer camera, u can see all the course.
Ctrl+R: Start game (host) or ready/unready.

Q. What do I do if the GM ask me for my Password?
The GMs will never ask for your password.  These would be fake GMs that
are aftering your account for their personal benefits.  If you see
someone that is asking for your password, be sure to report the person
right away to avoid any more victims on having their accounts stolen.

Q. How do I make the camera stay still when the shot has been taken?
When it’s your shot, press and hold the spacebar down when you hit the
ball.  Letting go of the spacebar will shift the camera back to
following your ball as normal.  You can also do the same during your
opponent’s shot as well.  Just be sure you have the space bar held down
before the shot has been taken.

Q. How do you perform a “Silent” Shot and what’s so special about it?
Powershot mode and perform any of the special shots hitting exactly
on the 80% power mark.  Must use wood clubs only.  It’s nothing too
special, but it does
change how it displays.  Example: Tomahawk doesn’t show the flaming
path when it flies in the air and it doesn’t make an explosion when it
impacts on ground.

Q. Is there an easy way to see if my ball is set to 7 or 9 spin?

^ You have to be very accurate on setting the spin correctly.  A pixel off can make a difference.

Q. Does Power stats have any effect on Iron or wedges even though it displays the same distance for every players?
It does, strangely.  If two or more players do not share the same
power, then both distance and aim will be different.  Here is an
Kooh’s Shot
Kooh’s Shot finished
have Kooh with 20 Power.  I do 2I Max power Tomahawk.  The distance
went 186.35 yards.  I did not move my aim from tee shot, put spin on
ball, etc.
Max’s Shot
Max’s Shot finished
I have Max with 25 Power.  I do 2I Max Power Tomahawk.  The distance went 187.62 yards.  Again,
I did not move my aim from tee shot, put spin on ball, etc.

Q. What is a Hero Shot?
Hero shot has been around for a very long time.  It requires minimum
skills & decent aiming.  You basically do a 6I Tomahawk + Backspin
close to the pin and once it impacts the beam, it’ll roll into the
hole.  Just hit between 80 – 100% Power.  It’s recommended to not use
Hero Shot if your distance is too far away.  It may result in missing
the beam or the ball catches the beam, but not enough spin to carry
into the cup.  Aiming does not require too much since the pin is close
enough where the wind won’t have that much of an impact. 

Q. How does the item drop rate work?
A. The default rate for item drops in VS mode is 100% (x1 multiplier).  You may add items to increase this rate even higher.

Q. How much pang does it cost to upgrade either your Characters or Club Sets?

upgrade section will multiply the cost depending on how many times you
wish to upgrade that same category.  For example, if you want to
upgrade your Power 3 times on your Character, then the first upgrade
will cost you 2100 pang.  2nd upgrade will be 4200 pang.  Lastly the
third upgrade will be 6300 pang.  So you will spend a total of
2100+4200+6300 = 12600 pang.

Q. How accurate does the Pangya Powerguage work?

– 1 powershot charge is 33 units.
– Hitting Pangya awards 12 units.
– Missing Pangya (PPICing) awards 4 units.
– Using powerspins awards 2 extra units upon success. Failing will not award any units.
– VSing higher ranks than yourself awards 3 more units per Pangya
and 1 more unit per PPIC per rank.

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