Pangya 7767 Guide

Pangya 7767 Guide by Pita1337


I created this guide specifically towards players who are having trouble, confused, or just do not understand what to do upon receiving a “7767” and on top of that, I was recently banned for whatever reason. I understood what having a “7767” meant onto an account but approaching it was a different story. I simply thought emailing the account admin with my email and password would help with investigating but that is not the case. I am here to show you how to approach yourselves in handling the “7767.”  This will just be a brief explanation because as a whole, it is not complicated. It is just a matter of patience. Among other things all the GM’s have to deal with when it comes to not only Project Blackout but Pangya, Trickster and Grand Chase plus other situations that the GM’s have to deal with so again, it’s a matter of patience and working together with the Account Admin GM.

Before I begin, I will give a quick explanation on what exactly is a “7767”

What is a “7767”?

Well its a bunch of numbers! Duh?!?!?!

Well no! It’s not just numbers but a signification meaning your account is on lockdown on the forums and website (meaning you can’t log onto the website = can’t recharge, post on the forums, send a 1:1, etc.) There can be countless reasons why and I wish I can give you all of those reasons but I can’t. All I can say is that “7767” can be on your side for protection based reasons.

I would also like to be clear that the “7767” is “NOT AN ERROR!”

As in “7767 Error!” It is just known as “7767.”

Now we move onto “How” to handle and approach “7767.”

How to Approach “7767”

Here’s a short and easy step by step process on how to approach 7767.

Reminder: Send your email along with the info stated in this guide first. (filled out with your info of course) It makes the process a lot easier for you and the Account Admin!

Step 1: Send an e-mail to the Account Admin

You can e-mail the Account Admin at this e-mail address ——->

e-mail the Account Admin with this information regarding 7767 with the subject line titled “7767”


1. Full Name:

2. Address:

3. City, State & Zip code:

4. Billing Type (for recharge):

5. Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):

6. Country (from which you play):

7. Account Name (Log-In ID):

8. Secret Question on the Account:

9. Secret Answer:

10. Which SGI games do you play (Grand Chase, PangYa, Trickster, or Project Blackout):

11. Reason For Contacting Us:

And also remember 1 important thing! IT MUST ALL BE ENGLISH!

Step 2: Patience

I understand that you want the “7767” off of your back so you can purchase your items and recharge or that you want to post in the forums, but you have to be patient. The Account Admin will not e-mail you instantly. Remember that all the GM’s are not robots! They have a lot of work to do among all the 4 games and other players who may have the same situation or similar that are also being helped. If you have not been given a reply within a span of 1 or 2 days, e-mail the Account Admin again and ask for an update on your account with just your Account Name. Just be patient with the GM, I can’t stress that enough. Remember! Reply back in English!

Step 3: Response

Yay! You got an answer!

If you have answered all of your information correctly, then the Account Admin will advise you about your status and why it was meant to be. Now depending on the situation, if its more than just not logging on to the forums, then you will probably have to send a few more e-mails explaining the situation you are in and why. Once the Account Admin tells you the account “insert account name here* is working again, you are in the clear and cured from the dreaded “7767!”
Log onto the forums and BAM! You are able to post and recharge again with no problems at all!


That should be everything! If there is anything that is missing in the guide that you believe should be added, post here or send a convo on the forums here. I would like to thank GM Takeda for giving me the green light to create this guide. I would also like to thank GM Syn for all the help she has given with all these account problems and also the inspiration in creating this guide. My goal was to give everyone the knowledge on what to do when the situation occurs. To lessen the confusion and all the questions that cannot be answered on the forumsor in game due to discussions in any form about accounts not being allowed on the forums  or in game. I hope this guide will help the community and makes everyone’s life, the Player and the GM’s, easier.

Thank you all for your time! I hope you all enjoy this guide and remember, “Swing for the Heavens!”

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