Lord of Ages Jewelcrafting Guide

Lord of Ages Jewelcrafting Guide by Whackamole

Everything you hopefully need to know about jewelcrafting:

Jewels can be found in item wilds, the Colosseum Tower, by attacking the dragon (very rare), possibly in items/advanced items chests, and in fortune roulette. They can also be purchased in the store (under the items tab, or you may go into your workshop under transmute and click the buy jewel link on the right). Level 2 jewels cost 10 g-cash, Level 3 jewels cost 40 g-cash. The highest level jewel is level 5, but anything beyond level 3 can only be created by transmuting.

To transmute jewels, you must have 4 of the same type of jewel (4 level 1 attack jewels, for example). Click your workshop or hero button while in City #1. Click the workshop tab at the top. Then click the transmute tab. If you have four of the same jewels, you will see the four jewels squared around a picture of the jewel you will obtain. When transmuting, understand that you are taking a gamble that your 4 smaller jewels will transmute into a singular better jewel (but it can go down in strength). When ready, click the highlighted transmute button.

To add a jewel to your gear, click the workshop or hero icon while in city #1. Click the Drill & Inlay tab. Your gear will need a socket drilled. The first socket requires 40 beads and 20 garnet. The second socket requires 20 pearl, 20 crystals, and 20 silver debris. The third socket requires 20 gold debris, 10 diamond, 10 ruby, and 1 gold drill. (gold drills may be won in the colosseum, on fortune roulette, and purchased in the store for 40 g-cash).

Click the drill button then the okay button when you have the necessary components.

Click the inlay button after it appears and then choose the jewel you wish to inlay. Remember that if the jewel cannot be selected (it’s greyed out) then you cannot place that jewel in that type of gear. For example, I cannot place an attack jewel in a helmet. You cannot click the bubble – you must click on the green writing to choose, then press okay.

WARNING: Once you inlay a jewel, you cannot remove it without destroying it. So, be sure that the gear is high enough quality for your standards before inlaying a jewel.

Here are the ranges for each type of jewel:
Attack has 15-45 attack
Level 1: 15, 30, or 45 attack
Level 2: 30, 40, or 75 attack
Level 3: 110, 150, or 230 attack
Level 4: 190, 230, or 310 attack
Level 5: 290, 350 or 430 attack

Defense – can be used on head, armor, and shield
Level 1: 15, 30, or 45 defense
Level 2: 30, 40, or 75 defense
Level 3: 110, 150, or 230 defense
Level 4: 190, 230, or 310 defense
Level 5: 290, 350 or 430 defense

Speed jewels – can only be used on horses
Level 1: 4, 6, or 15 speed
Level 2: 13, 16, or 30 speed
Level 3: 24, 30, or 55 speed
Level 4: 33, 41, or 75 speed
Level 5: 43, 53, or 100 speed

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