Lord of Ages General Tips

Lord of Ages General Tips by KavikFallen

Secret Warehouse

Alot of new players to this RTS will see Secert warehosue and go cranny,hideout…etc same useless building from other RTS that does nothing for me and never look at it again or care lvl it beyond quest really if that.Secert Warehouse is good part of keeping ur self out of cross hairs of other active players.It serves as last level of protection for your resources.

At low lvl it will protect very little,it cost no coin to lvl it to lv 5.So you are good on resource there also becuz of quest.Once u get it to lvl 10 it protect 30k each resources.Which bring me to first very important Pro to this building,it protects PER resource not total like alot of games.Early on u can quickly build ur city up and stay relatively low if you know what ur doing u wont ever really have to much of one resource for long.At higher lvl past 10 it quickly increase in amount.

Below is list of amount protect per lvl as i know from my own highest lvl 17 showing next avaiable 18.There is guide shows u benfits of all buildings but not resources or time required to build.Will update that once i regain lower lvl information also..

1000=1k 50,000=50k 100,000=100k

lvl 11 50k
lvl 12 80k
lvl 13 100k
lvl 14 200k
lvl 15 400k
lvl 16 600k
lvl 17 1million
lvl 18 2million

Very benficial to keeping ur self protect if u are under constant or presistant attacks from multiple people or multiple hit through out day.There is 3x hit per city per player.So 3 hits on u and that person is done for day aganist that city.Draw back his alliance or friend can hit u still.

–Night protection–
Unforunately most of us suffer from this sickness were we lay in a bed and dont move for 6-10 hr…and u dream…its called sleeping..anways when we sleep we cant use Troop Avoidance Method and must relay on Troops and Fortication to prevent sucessfull attack..if you have Secert Warehouse it be there to protect your resource if they are beatin down over multiple hits.Best thing to do is use as much u can,wisely use not just blow it on something doesnt help u achieve ur goals for urself.Best to get ur S-Warehouse up to protect what you make while u sleep or most it.
—-buildable in each city and if u low production city of 1 resource you can move excess other resource to fill in max for ur Sercert Warehouse to max. it benfits

Invading and Conquering

Invade last 6 round and if u win fight you gain 50% total non protected resource(secert warehouse limit)

conquor last 9 round and you only get 10%

Conquoring is first attack,best to wait for ur 1st attack to land before u invade just to insure u won or killed enough so invade can win.1 trap left will result in draw at end of round 6 in the invade…you dont want that…specially if it ur 3 hit.

You have incoming attack!!!

Few choice for you at this point.

1-stand and fight ur enemy head on with ur troops,wall fortication and ur hero by your side.Hope u have the better techs,hero and troop numbers.

2- You have a high lvl Secert Warehouse and cover 100% of ur resource atm or cover ur entire warehouse max.If that is case you can simply move your army out of city and attack swamp before attack land and make sure troop our out.This will do 2 things for you.
—-A save ur troops and save u time of rebuilding or recollecting ur levy/alliance levys again
—-B Your attacker got nothing out his attack.No troop kill,No hero exp,No resource…he is dry and out food he used to march and time.Total Fail

Option 2 is better choice if u can do it.Few more choices

3- Take part of choice 2 and move ur troop out ,but u send resource to your 2nd city or so on.This will make ur city empty without Secert Warehouses and result is the same…draw back is…we all sleep.

Bully Time

You’ve just gotten out ur newb protection and ur ready for ur first taste of blood…fews tips to help insure a slaughter and not a sucide run.

1. Scouting: always questionable if worth it,personally believe scouts are worth resource early on its total number game who ever has most wins and usualy if they have 10 and u send 50 u lose 30-40.So 100+ is best option to go.If anything alot people try scout u with 10 and keeping 25-50 will keep u really safe for while and cost them some resource

2.- rainbow…remember there is dark side..the light side…and the colorfull side….you want colorfull side…send 1 worker,1 calvary,1 cataphact(heavy horsemen),1 art(atleast) with ur main Pikemen and Archer force.
—-transport and Catapult have much slwoer travel time and raise total food consumed..personal choice weather u want additional deecoys or not.

3. YOUR HERO! dont forget to send ur hero…it so easy this game maybe get into rush and forget it.Your heros are out engery well junk ur junior at start for another u get 100’s of em if u havnt already.

Your new lover..the map

Wilderness,you will come to hate it and love it.Love it for coin it bless u with but hate it when ur target is reset or hit before u can get to it.

First thing will go over is 8-16 rick as i refer to it when i inform my alliance members.Locate in Swamps and hills are 4 type soliders that will appear.Crossbowmen, boyar(horsemen) hunter and savage.These last 2 are your best friends,you love them like itch that wont go away.

If you find swamp with hunters and savages only you can attack it with 8 pikemen no hero and win with no loss.yes no troop loss,no archers used.best words any RTS-er want to hear.This becuz they have 5 attack each and are just dummeis for ur pikemen to plow over.

repeatable on Hills with 16 pikemen becuz of higher number of savages and hunter in them.Works all the same and is so much better.

Ok cover the easy way to attack wilderness….sadly if swamp or hill has crossbowmen in it..its just a pain.persoanl advise unless ur really tight on coin to hit hills with boyar/savage or boyar/hunter and hunter/savage..just avoid hills with archers.That will be bit later,right now we focus on Swamps.

Swamps have same troops as Hill.

Boyar/crossbowmen Crossbowmen/hunter Crossbowmen/Savages savages/hunter hunter/boyar savage/boyar

they will come in low number around 3-4 each to around 10-11.object you want to do is outnumber defender x2

example if Swamp A has 5 boyar and 6 crossbowmen, you want to send total troop above count of 22. 5+6=11 defender x 2=22…now it best to send extra 5-10 just case they evade few of ur hit.Now you want to Send 27ich neighbor of pikemen and arhcer.If there are range unit u send urs

if were no crossbowmen,u could send 25 pikemen and clear it out easy.Pikemen are defender aganist Calvary unit(horsemen) and do lil better damage and defense agansit them so usualy suffer 1 lost on them.You gain pikemen like candy on halloween.

CAUTION:people with bad luck such as myself have send higher loss then this …evade constant and just hit you over and over…lol karma is a pain

Hills are harder they increase troop size.
Best to use 100 pikemen 100 archer if are no range units to make sure you kill them with as little loss possible usually 2-5 with this setup.NO ARCHER LOST!

If there are longbowmen it best to Send 200 Archer 1 pikemen 1 worker 1 transport.If they evade u suffer maybe 1-2 archer lost usually archer are so over powering that that doesnt happend.

Swamp give 20-60 coin : 300-1400 resource if has trophy as resource.Gems you get pearl,Saphire,Garnet,Silver deb.,Beads.best hero u wil get is junior from swamp.Lowest lvl and starter hero.

Hills give base of 70-160 coin : resources 1.5k -3k you get atleast 1.5k if it has resource as trophy Gems are same as Swamp just bigger numbers you can get next lvl hero above Junior though Imed. Hero lil better but not common on hill.Tend get alot junior still like swamp

Heros…have classifcation Junir and Imed what u need worry about at start unless u are G- Cash user then well u get some perks and probably not new or read forum before even touching game and know what to do :p.Junior hero is weakest in starting stats,Int Stat refer to how much they gain in higher lvl toward there stats.High Int better stats they have at higher lvl up….lvl 100 junor 50 have insanely better then Int 10 would is point :P u wont get lvl 100 i hope…quick bit on heros.

training lvl 0 hero at lvl 0 cost 96 coin for 8hr training and get that hero to lvl 9 with increase in engery per lvl up for little coin.It goes up per lvl.Invest at lvl 0 go gain free engery cheaply.ENGERY DOES NOT REGEN!!!USE YOUR HERO WISELY.

hero only used on Forest up attack,not covering now maybe later post or player vs player attack.

Now this be topic of HUGE agurement benfit of attacking Swamp and hills in large number vs forest…Forest is ur first big target u get good hero exp and train them for next wilderness.

They take 500pikemen 500 archer 500 art to take down or 1k archer with good hero,cant emphaise how much hero effect it with 1k only.Safe bet if all archer is 1.5-2k archer.–rainbow use in both attack…Always be rainbow when attacking Forest,cave,and valleys

arts eat 12food per hr with base attack 140
Archer eat 6 foodp er hr with base attack 100
—2 archer have same consumption but 200 attack.

Anyways if u hit 1 forest it take roughly 1k 500 pikemen 500 archer 500 art lets say.

500 pikemen 500 archer used on swamp will attack min of 10 swamps.
Swamps give 20 coin-60 coin

so u gain 200-600

forest Give base of 300-600 coin.Cost far higher number of troops.It sent in 1 attack with 500 art…..

Now forest also give resource 5k-11.2k
Swamp give 300-1400
300x 10=3000
so u could get 3k-14k during that pull.

Draw back is possiblity of less resource but higher resource pull.You can get equipment hits of swamp as well.Forest is promise to be resource trophy,plus forest are rarer and further out then swamps..they are all over place.Let you pick which u see most benfitical to hit.

—it offer no exp for heros
—–it can be done with Hills once u aquire more pikemen to deal with boyar increase.

Ok will crack my head open for G cash chance in few hrs…..sadly i have no life but still require sleep.So will hollar back at yall later on.

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