Lord of Ages Equipment Guide

Lord of Ages Equipment Guide by laojingneo

Image Bascinet(lv.0): Defense+5
Image Bevor(lv.10): Lead+4 Speed Up+5
Image Coif(lv.30): Defense+11
Image Couter(lv.40): Denfense+31 Speed Up+21
Image Visor(lv.60): Defense+41 Speed Up+25

ImageAhlspiess(lv.0): Attack+5
ImageArming Sword(lv.20): Speed Up+11
ImageBardiche(lv.40): Attack+31 Speed Up+21
ImageBaselard(lv.50): Attack+31 Anti-Scout:+11
ImageBec-de-corbin(lv.60): Attack+45 Leader+45

ImageBreastplate(lv.0): Leader+5 Speed Up+6
ImageGarde-rein(lv.10): Attack+4
ImageHauberk(lv.30): Attack+11 Load+5
ImagePauldron(lv.40): Attack+31 Speed Up+21
ImagePlate Mail(lv.50): Speed Up+21 Load+11
ImageScale Armor(lv.60): Speed Up+26 load+15
ImageSurcoat(lv.70): Attack+41 Load+15

ImagePoleaxe(lv.10): Defense+6
ImageRunka(lv.30): Defense+13 Anti-Scout+5
ImageShield (lv.50): Defense+33

ImageGrand Guard(lv.10): Defense+5
ImageLongbow(lv.40): Defense+33 Anti-Scout+11
ImageLuceme Hammer(lv.50): Defense+33 load+11
ImageMorningStar(lv.70): Defense+46 Anti-Scout+12

ImageCaltrops(lv.10): Attack+4
ImageClub(lv.20): Defense+13
ImageCodpiece(lv.30): Attack+11 Defense+11
ImageFalchion(lv.50): Defense+33

ImageBracer(lv.0): Speed Up+6
ImageChausses(lv.10): Attack+3
ImageElbow Gauntlet(lv.30): Attack+11 load+8
ImageGreave(lv.40): Attack+31 Speed Up+21
ImageGauntlet(lv.50): Leader+31 Speed Up+21

There are some other equipments which have special used. For example, increase load can be used when you’re invade others. and anti-scout can be used when someone is going to scout you.
This is all of the equipment part. I hope everyone can have the best equipment and best hero. Thank you. Have fun together!

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2 Responses

  1. The Aerie server fixed the glitch that allowed heroes to wear equipment above their grade. It won't force them to take it off but if you do, they can't put it back on.
    You can find blue equipment in the higher wilderness like Ruins on up. So far, purple equipment is still in the colosseum.

  2. You can't tell by looking at them, but the famous and epic equipment is wearable by senoir and intermediate heroes. They just need to be at or above the needed level.
    There is an anomoly in the game on at least the Aerie servers, where the L25 common armor has higher stats than the L30 and L40 armor. That's because it is actually L50 armor. So don't bother upgrading your hero with L30 or L40 armor. From L25 the next step is the green stuff, uncommon armor, which is found in hills and valleys. If you are lucky, you can get blue armor (rare) in the tower and famous armor if you are very lucky. You have to make it to L50 in the tower to see these in the lottery.

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