Lord of Ages Alliances and Diplomacy Guide

Lord of Ages Alliances and Diplomacy Guide by laojingneo

Creating and The Makings Of A Good Alliance

If you ever want to create an alliance you need :

1) Loyal members who are always seeking to get more prestige and bigger armies.

2) Good leaders who can help you keep up with the alliance.

3) Good leadership skills.

4) Always have good players, it’s better to have 20 really good player than 100 crapy players.

5) Keep your alliance in an central area so you can easily reinforce each other.

6) Make sure everyone cares about the alliance, because some members just join for the protection and never participate in battle.

7) Keep your alliance known and attack others so more would be willing to join you.

8) When you get big enough try to start sister alliances.

That’s all you need to keep in mind.

Also remember there’s only two ways you can have a 100 members in your alliance: Ritual pact or a level 10 embassy


When your in an alliance always try to keep the same amount of allies you do as hostiles, because you always need some one there to help you out when times get tough.

If you have good diplomacy skills you would be amazed with what you can get away with.
For Example:

If you want to attack some one, because they attacked some one in your alliance and you don’t want war send the host a mail explaining why you are only attacking him. (Works 75% of the time.)

That’s it to having a good alliance.

Part V – Heroes

There are four main attribute of the hero.
They are: Attack, Defense, Speed and Flexibility. Every 10 point attribute will increase 1% ability (Attack, defense…) of your troop.

Different hero will have different growth trend of the attribute. Take two legend 40 heroes as an example:



As we can see, Warwick will have a better increase in Attack, defense, speed and load than Harold. However, Harold’s flexibility is almost twice higher than Warwick. So we know that Harold is a hero good at evading attack.

On the other hand, there maybe some hero who has a very different attributes.
This hero has a extremely high attack at the very beginning. But he may not have a better growth than legend hero.

Other info
The intelligence: It is a very important point. There are different kind of hero, including junior, intermediate, senior, famous and legend. Junior hero is the worst while legend is the best. A better kind of hero will have a better attribute and a greater growth. The number of intelligence starts from 10 to 50. It will effect the growth of a hero. The higher intelligence, the higher growth when the hero upgrade. Just try your best to find a legend 50 hero!(I have never seen one)
Have fun!

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