Free Realms Pets Guide

Free Realms Pets Guide by kitten

This guide is for players who have many pets, none or just have a few.

There are lots of pets. There are cats, dogs, dragons, t-rexes, penguins, pigs, reindeers etc.
Naming your pet – First when you buy a pet pal or pet from SC/Coin Shop you will recive it and its name straight away if you click use it now. Just go to the Pet Diary (Paw) to get it out. When you go to the Pet Diary Paw to get a pet out you will get your pet. If you click it’s little pic on the side of the screen you can change its name. Although make sure it’s NOT minimized. Click the pencil looking like it’s drawing on the screen and choose it’s name.  You have to have a name. You can have 2 names. If you just want one you can you can just click the space on the one where its a extra name. Or if you are already happy with its namethats fine you don’t have to change it. Thats your choice SMILEY. The Pet Paws has a Pet Diary called About Me. Some of the types of pet’s names are all the same at first, like the T-Rex. But not the cats and dogs.

Pet Diary Paw – On the bottom of the screen you will see a Pet Paw with brown outlining. This is the Pet diary paw. I usally call it Pet Paw. Anyway, make sure you have your full screen open. It’s on the bottom right in the middle next to the Game Guide and House.  ^_^. When you click it it will come up with a pet square with all the pets you have. To see the rest go to the next page. Once you see the pet you can get it out. If you have it out and want to not have it out click the Mini Red Cross next to its name.

Extras – If you’re on a bouncy thing such as bed or launch pad your pet can’t jump and follow you. It will go back. Don’t be worried, it will go back to your home SMILEY. If you try putting rugs on your bed or launch pad it still won’t work. I love animals; I have a dog Bella the Boxer irl.  In Free Realms I have about 80 pets lol! A lot of pets! Every type. Soon I’m getting the charity pet. There are heaps of pets in Free Realms.

Tricks – Each pet type has different tricks. All pets exscept for cats and dogs have 3 tricks each. Cats and dogs have around 8 or 9 tricks.  Some of the tricks the animal types have are:

Cats: Speak, Jump, Dance, Box.
Dogs: Sit up, Dance.
T-rexes: Rasberry.
Pig: Fly.
Reindeer: Skate.
Pegiun: Fly.
Duckballs: Splits.

They have lots more but you’ll have to see in game when you buy them. Pet pals cannot do tricks . Only SC pets can. To do tricks when you’ve got your pet out on the side near the picture click the paw but the different to the paw were the Pet Diary is. EXACT same color as the X (cross).

Pet Pals – Pet Pals are a bit boring but still fun. They are mainly from coin shop.  In coin shop click Pet Pals and scroll down to see them all. At SC click on pets and click on Pet Pals.

Normal Pets – These are diffrent to Pet Pals. They can do more and you can only buy them from SC. Maybe if the Vault comes back we could have a Chest for pets? These are the ONLY pets that can do tricks.

Feeding/Brushing – To feed your pet go to the Pet Pawand click it and click the food you want to feed it. To get food go to the coin shop and the same thing for bowls which you will need to feed your pet as well. There are different colors for bowls and brushes. There’s simple pet shampoo with it 45 coins and 90 for the extra simple one.  When you feed your pet it will sit. Say good girl/boy to it! Click the bowl icon first and and click Feed. To brush it do the same thing exept click on brush and then you scrub the pet to get it clean.

Thanks! I’ve tried hard on this.

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    I need NAMES of the pets. The names that you name them with like Lake, Max, or Ski. TELL ME THE OTHERS!

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