Free Realms Farming Guide

Free Realms Farming Guide by Shirra

Farming is now available in Free Realms! To give you an overview of farming, Referee Peridiot put together this handy little guide!
Hey ya’ll! Farming is here! I’m Selena, and I’ll be guiding you through all that Farming has to offer.

First, let’s meet Farmer Wug. This handsome fellow can be found just south of Sanctuary, and he’ll get you set up with the supplies you’ll need, as well as some useful information!

Now, let’s get started. Farmer Wug’s cousin, Farmer Chug, will be waiting on the farm to help us out. To get there, first open the Houses menu.

Everyone will start out with one free farm: the Wilds Farm. You may access your farm by clicking on “Houses” just like accessing one of your houses or lots.

Here’s our pal Farmer Chug! He’ll stop by from time to time to give advice, and some quests to help level up the farm.

First Farmer Chug wants us to pull some weeds, so let’s take a look at our Farm.

Currently, it looks a little crowded and unkempt. But this will change soon enough! We need to clear out some overgrown weeds to make space for planting.

Click on the weed or push the “x” button when you are near one and your character will perform the action. You will also see a progress bar that will show you when the action is done. The weed disappears after this action is performed.
If you take a look around your farm you may see some trees and boulders that might need to be cleared as well. The small trees can be cleared by using an Axe, large trees need a Chainsaw, and tree stumps will require a shovel. Small boulders will require a pick axe, and large boulders need dynamite.

Now that we have cleared out a small area, let’s plant our first seed!
Before we can plant our seed, we need to lay down some Top Soil. You can purchase Basic Top Soil from the Coin Shop.

Now that we have purchased some top soil, click on the “Go To Planning Mode” button to check out our inventory.

You should see the Basic Top Soil that we purchased earlier here.

Click on the Basic Top Soil and navigate it to a clear spot on your farm. If the top soil is glowing red, it means you cannot place it in that location. Once you have found a spot for your top soil, click again to place it. Beautiful! Now that our top soil is down, we can begin planting.

You may purchase seeds from the Marketplace, or you can create your own using samples from plants found around Sacred Grove.
Bumbleberry, Wildroot and Spiralment patches can be found on your map. Others plants are scattered around different spots.

When you find a plant, just click it or hit “X” to harvest samples.

Now that you have your samples, you can use the Farm-O-Matic that is located on your farm.

Let’s make our own seeds! Click on the Farm-O-Matic and a window will pop up as shown above.

I have one Bumbleberry Sample currently in my inventory. Click on the sample and it will be added to the Farm-O-Matic.

Click the “Go” button after you have added the specific samples you want.

Tada! Our Bumbleberry Sample was converted into 5 Bumbleberry Seeds! Now we are able to plant.

Let’s go back to our Basic Top Soil that we put down earlier and plant one of our newly earned Bumbleberry Seeds. To plant a seed, click on the top soil. A screen will pop up with a list of seeds you currently have.

There will be a count on the bottom left of each seed that will show you how many seeds you currently have in your inventory. Here it shows that I currently have five Bumbleberry Seeds in my inventory. That sounds about right.

Click on the seed you would like to plant and it will be planted in your top soil.

If you hover over the soil that is containing your seed, you will see a window pop up that shows you the name of your plant, and the time left until you may harvest it.

Now, our seeds can’t grow without the proper care! Let’s head over to our Tool Shed and pick up our Watering Can.

When you click on the Tool Shed, a similar window will pop up like when we were choosing a seed to plant.

Once we grab our Watering Can, a symbol will appear above our head showing us which tool we currently have “equipped”. This watering can is currently empty, so we will need to fill it up with some water from our well. Locate the well and click on it to fill your Watering Can up. The progress bar will show up once again to indicate when it is finished.
If you don’t water your plant within 2 minutes of it becoming thirsty, it will wither away. If this happens, we can purchase Miracle Grow in the Marketplace to bring the plant back to life.


Look at that plant grow!
You might run in to some pests while your plant is growing. These include bugs, rabbits, birds, and disease. There are a few different ways to deal with pests. To get rid of bugs you will need bug spray. Rabbits, birds and gophers can simply be scared away. Disease will require a fungus sprayer.
Thirst, pests and diseases are random effects that will sometimes pop up when you’re working on your farm. Don’t worry, though! They should never happen if a player is not on the farm!
If you want to speed up your plants’ growth, you can purchase some fertilizer in the Station Cash Marketplace. This will help plants grow 50% faster!

Looks like it is time to harvest! Click on the plant to harvest it. You will see another progress bar pop up and your character will perform a “harvesting” action.

Yay! We received five Bumbleberries. Congratulations on your first successful harvest!
Another fun thing we can do on our farm is check out the Farmer’s Market. The Farmer’s Market is a mini-game that lets players sell produce to earn coins and some very special items.

To get started, click on the cart and pick a recipe.

If you have enough of each ingredient, press the green check to sell the items to your customer. How much you sell for depends on the recipe.
You’ll also get a wheel spin as a reward, with some awesome prizes. What sort of prizes, you ask?

Potted versions of the plants you grow!

Rare and brand new clothing items in tons of colors!

Illusions and items to use on your farm!

Now, go get to it! Happy farming!

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