Dungeon Defenders Dealing with Wizards Guide

Dungeon Defenders Dealing with Wizards Guide by gothir

With an apprentice you can use the deadly striker towers to take out the wizards. The towers have really long range, shoot through the walls, and can take the wizards out before they start spawning skeletons. On hard mode you can just afk and let your towers kill them once you have it setup properly. On insane mode you will need to focus on a couple areas since you need more towers to kill the wizards with higher health. You can focus your towers on a few spawn points and just take the other ones yourself. Also, there is a pattern to which wizards become vulnerable and you should memorize this before you attempt it on the higher difficulties.

You should try running hard mode and below with a huntress if you are just trying to farm a good weapon…hard mode still drops godly apprentice weapons. 1 proximity mine can kill a wizard in hard mode…you just have to properly space the traps so the vulnerable ones walk on the traps first. I am running this map with my low level huntress to level her up since it is quick and easy….about 39k experience per run every 10 minutes.

Setup for huntress with mines:

Setup for my apprentice on hard and below was something like this:

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